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UK tier 2 visa

UK Start-up Visa: Ideal Route for Persons Looking to Set up a Business

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UK Start-up Visa is a Boost for Entrepreneurs A new immigration route was introduced by the government of the United Kingdom earlier this year for those who intend to set up their business (es) in the country.

This immigration route is the Start-up Visa. It is one of the newest routes, as well as the innovator visa, set to replace other immigration routes which were under the Immigration system based on points.



Who can apply for the Start-up Visa?

This visa can be applied for by non-EEA citizens who intend to start up a business in the country. But, an authorized body must endorse it.

A list of endorsing bodies has published the Home Office, consisting of business organizations and UK higher institutions, which have the history of giving support to UK entrepreneurs.

How the Start-up Visa works

A successful applicant gets a two-year stay in the country. More than two years extension is not possible. Unfortunately, the two years also consists of the time spent by an applicant on a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa in the country.

Indefinite Leave to Remain is not included in the visa. But, switching from Start-up visa to innovator visa is possible; so long the person is qualified. However, application for Indefinite Leave to Remain is possible through the innovator visa.

Some advantages of the Start-up Visa

  • The main applicant can be accompanied by his/her dependents (partner, children under 18 years and spouse) and family members.
  • The applicant is permitted to have another job, even with the Start-up business.
  • Involvement with a UK employer or requirements for investment is not needed.

However, it is required that the applicant proves that his personal savings are enough to sustain them throughout their stay in the UK. It is required that, for ninety consecutive days, at least £945 is available in the applicant’s bank account before applying. However, for every family member or dependent accompanying, additional £630 for required.

Who can switch to the Start-up Visa?

The following people can switch to start-up visas if they are already in the country and are holders of the following visas:

  • Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur
  • Tier 4 General student visa
  • Any Tier 2 visa
  • Those with standard visitor visa in the UK, in order to receive supporting letter and funds from an endorsing body.

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Indians to Benefit as UK Lifts Limit on PhD-Level Work Visas

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Indians to Benefit as UK Lifts Limit on PhD-Level Work Visas With the limit placed on the PhD-level work visas to be lifted, it is viewed that Indians are one of the most significant professional migrants which will benefit most from the plan.

In a budget update (also called the Annual Spring Statement) announced on Wednesday by the UK Chancellor, Mr. Philip Hammond, there will be no limit to the number of migrants with high qualifications that can apply to work in the UK.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr. Hammond said the major pillar of the plan is to make sure that Britain remains at the top when it comes to technology revolution as this is what is needed in transforming the economy. As such, to achieve this, Ph.D. level roles will be exempted from visa caps beginning from this autumn. He also added that the rules of Immigration on 180-day absences will be updated so that there will be no penalty for fieldwork researchers who wish to stay in the country.

Indians leading the race

From the current data in the UK Home Office, last year, Indians who were granted the Tier 2 visas increased by 3,023, a 6% increase when compared to the year before.

The universities in the United Kingdom appreciated the exemption of the PhD-level visa by the UK government as they are major employers of foreign researchers.

According to the Director of Universities UK International, Vivienne Stern, the news is much-welcomed news for the Indian researchers who would love to work in the UK and also for the universities as well. She also stated that most of the leading researchers in the UK are Indians.

This announcement follows after the Healthcare workers were removed from the visa cap to address the shortage of workers in the state-funded National Health Service (NHS) last year.

Currently, visas issued every year under the Tier 2 skilled worker section are very limited. As such, this current announcement shows that when a new immigration system is in power, there will be a removal of the visa cap completely for skilled workers in 2021.

Following a Migration Dialogue with the Indian government officials earlier this year, the UK Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes said that she was delighted that Indians students come to the UK to study and also that they are granted more visas than other countries combined.

She further said that she still hopes for the best from Indians who would love to live and work in the country, when the new system comes into operation from 2021.

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Migration from India Soars as Businesses Plan for Life Beyond Brexit

in UK Immigration by

Migration from India Soars as Businesses Plan for Life Beyond BrexitLast year, the quantity of South Asian migrants like Indians working in the UK increased by 30% as a result of non-EU workers being sought after by businesses, especially the IT and health care sectors.

The number of registration for National Insurance (NI) by migrating Asians which include India, Pakistan and the Philippines also increased to 68,381 as at 2018 compared to the 53, 594 in 2017.

Indians alone had a 43% increase in the registration for the NI, accounting to more than 45, 000; thus making it the third major source of new immigrants.

The figures show that businesses are beginning to appreciate foreign talent especially a reduction in available skills looms after Brexit. However, the number of EU nationals working has increased twice than the non-EU nationals in 2018, and the fall of EU workers by 78,409 also dwarfed the increase of 28,010 non-EU nationals in the UK workforce.

Over the year, NI registration from the EU countries fell by 16% with the EU8 countries leading in the fall.

Businesses Appreciate the Non-EU Migrants

The news was received at the time where new negotiations are expected to be reached concerning Brexit with the possibility of going through a no-deal Brexit or probably an extension of the process.

The Senior Labour Market Analyst at CIPD, Gerwyn Davies said that it won’t be surprising if the IT sector is increasing, as he has seen through the latest statistics gotten from the Works and Pensions Department, which also corresponds with the survey of CIPD on the shortage of skills in the UK and other official data. This is due to the number of individuals employed in 2018.

According to him, the limited number of EU workers in the UK has prompted the use of intra-company transfer scheme, which is a part of the Tier 2 visa regime, to bring in the non-EU citizens and this has been helpful to the IT and Healthcare sectors.

A Senior Immigration consultant at Migrate UK, Karendeep Kaur also pointed out the increase in the non-EU workers from Asia through the intra-company transfers.

She further said that despite the gradual fall in the Migration of EU, as shown by the National Audit Office last week, the increase in the Migration of non-EU citizens to the country is a positive sign. She said that it can be seen that in as much as Brexit has stopped the EU citizens from coming to the country, the non-EU citizens are still coming.

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Tier 2 visa opportunities for students in UK

in Featured/Student Visa News/UK Immigration by

Tier 2 visa opportunities for students in UKUK immigration has unveiled an all-new tier four visa pilot program for a duration of 2 years recently. This program will pave the way for non-European scholars who are pursuing Masters degree program for thirteen months or less from 4 best universities in the United Kingdom to stay back in the nation. They can stay for a maximum of 6 months once they have successfully completed the master’s degree. This would let them to get hold of good job opportunities in the United Kingdom through the visa scheme. The government has put forth this plan for the best 4 universities in the United Kingdom as the visa refusal level is too low for these universities. It is expected that this scheme if successfully implemented could speed up the process of applying for tier 4 visa.

The students from the following universities alone can be part of this scheme – Imperial college, London University of Bath, University of California and University of Cambridge.

A spokesperson from the Home Office stated that: “Individuals who wish to learn at the finest educational organizations in the United Kingdom have the most favorable opportunities now. This prudently envisaged visa program will make sure that the universities are reliably competitive and capable to entice the smartest and finest scholars across the globe.” She further states that all of the scholars who are partaking in this program has to meet all the standards as per the immigration rules established by the United Kingdom Home Office. All of the scholars need to meet suitable security and identity checks. Any request that doesn’t meet these immigration rules would be declined.

It is expected that the Home Office will carefully scrutinize this visa pilot program during 2- year period. The government would also perform an official assessment of the Tier four program once it gets to its conclusion. This would help to make any tweaks in the program if needed.

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