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UK Immigration

UK Has Major Skills Shortage in Engineering and Medical Sector

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United Kingdom’s engineering and medical sector is suffering from a significant skills shortage, and it is only getting worse because of tier 2 visa system’s monthly and yearly caps. According to a research conducted in January 2018, the United Kingdom has a domestic labor shortage of 20,000 engineering professionals, which can only be filled up by foreign-born highly skilled workers. After Great Britain exited from European Union, the country saw a decrease in EU workers, one of the reasons why there’s an increase in tier 2 visa applications.

Engineering UK reported that the country will see a shortage of more than 180,000 engineering professionals by 2020. It is a growing cause of concern among migrants in the United Kingdom as they are choosing to find employment in some other country. Every year the British government publishes the United Kingdom Shortage Occupation List that contains occupations that are short staffed. While the list contains hundreds of occupations, 53 of them are engineering occupations. Some of the top short staffed engineering jobs are an automotive engineer, a chemical engineer, control and instruct engineer, geotechnical, integrated circuit test, mechanical, power system, and product design engineer.

How does the tier 2 visa work?

Before hiring a non-European Union skilled worker, the British employer needs to advertise the job opening for a minimum of 28 days in European Economic Area and the United Kingdom. The tier 2 visa lasts for up to three years, and if the skilled migrant worker applies for a job from the Shortage Occupation List, you get a discount on the application fee. If the person continues to work at the same firm, he will get the visa extended by two years.

If EU workers want to work in the UK, they need to obtain the EEA Residence Card that allows them to switch employers while working in the United Kingdom.


Distorted Facts – Are International Students Overstaying In UK?

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international students

International Students in UK have managed to enjoy benefits of top quality education and a fantastic learning environment for years. Until 2012 to be exact. That is when the anti-immigrant poison seeped in and ended the prospects of better education for millions of students. The previous government had reported that many international students had stayed in the UK beyond the expiry of their visas. The damage done was catastrophic as the PSW came down and hostility towards those students increased.

international students
Source: The Sun

However, in a recent study, it has come to light that about 97 percent of the students left the country and only about 6 percent returned back. Under the supervision of the MAC (Migration Advisory Committee) the (ONS) Office for National Statistics has refuted the claims of the previous government. In their report, The ONS found an alarming number of discrepancies.

The previous report was based on International Passenger Surveys (IPS) carried out by the Immigration Department in every flight. But this time, officials had access to the ‘exit checks’ data. The arrival and departure dates of students revealed a completely different scenario. The ONS conducted a report on 1.3 million visas granted to nationals outside the EEU. It concluded that there was a lack of evidence supporting the claim that there was a problem with non-EU students overstaying beyond their visa expiry.

Diane Abbot, Home Secretary of the Labor Party sharply criticized the government for its unfounded opinion about international students, resulting in a gross fallacy. She also appreciated the fact that some officials had started to see through the veil and recognize the contribution of international students to the UK. It may reflect a positive change, indicative of a silver lining. It may take some time to propagate the sentiment across the parliament.

But the damage has been done.

Tier 2 Visa Losing Fame – Indians Reluctant To Move In UK

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First H-1B in US. Now the Tier 2 visa in UK. What next? Changing immigration policies are hitting hard and fast.

The latest to get embroiled in the anti-immigration outburst is the Tier 2 visa from UK. The Home Office has revealed figures for the number of Tier 2 applicants recently. If their records are accurate, there is a decline of about 4 percent in the number of applications in the year ending in June 2017.

Tier 2 is the mainstay of the tech industry in UK as is the H-1B for US. But with radical changes about to happen in immigration policies for both nations, the panic is already spreading.

Up until now, Indians constituted a large majority of the applicants vying for the Tier 2 visa. And even after this decline, they continue to be so. However, the reduction in number may indicate a change in the trend.


Surveys suggest that the complicated application process for both the employer and the applicants are the primary reasons for this. The labor market test for UK-based employers makes it hard for them to find the right candidate in UK and EU. Compounding this effect is the anti-immigrant sentiment rampant in the western civilization. This is despite the fact that Indians have an exit rate of 97%. Considering the fact that these figures showcase more than 96% compliance according to Home Office themselves, one would expect the Tier 2 to be simplified for the better. Tough luck, it seems, is prevalent even after pleas of ‘favorable visa terms’ for Indians from British Asian Lord Jitesh Gadhia.

Uncertain Future?

Not quite. Things are certainly on a positive track. Very recently, a leaked Home Office document revealed UK’s plans to introduce restrictions on EU nationals entering the UK for employment. This ought to make the labor market more competitive, giving a boost to job seekers from commonwealth countries. Until then, Indians seem to maintain a judicious approach.

UK To Impose Caps On EU Nationals Post Brexit

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UK thinking about tightening its borders for EU nationals. Leaked document reveals changes in immigration policy post Brexit.




The UK Home Office is gearing up to tackle the influx of migrants, particularly from the EU. The details in those documents are in congruence with the long standing pledge of reducing the net migration in the UK under 100,000. This event has brought about mixed reactions from the people.

At present, the UK has to allow EU nationals the privilege of free movement within its borders, being a part of the European Union itself. But after Britain leaves the European Union, the EU nationals will lose that privilege.

The new system will consider EU nationals as immigrants to segregate them into low skilled and high skilled workers. The low skilled ones will have stringent time limits allotted to them. Regardless of their skill level stringent time limits will be allotted to the EU nationals coming in to work in the UK. The low skilled migrants will have a maximum limit of two years, while the high skilled ones will be granted a period of three to five years under this scheme. Furthermore, the document contains regulations that will put restrictions on their right to settle and bring in family members.

The new proposals will also require the EU nationals to be treated as citizens from other countries at border control. They will be required to carry their passports and issued biometric residence permits, along with being subjected to identity checks as is standard for non-EU nationals.

It can be perceived that this move is aimed to solve two problems at once. The first one will enable the UK to end preferential treatment for EU nationals for security purposes and put them in fair competition with ones from other countries. The second problem solved, albeit an indirect one at that, will allow the  UK to open up its labor market to commonwealth countries without EU restrictions.

Huge increase in immigrants to the UK

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Huge increase in immigrants to the UK According to the recent statistical reports revealed by the The government OF United Kingdom, the number of immigrants in the country reached as high as 650,000 when the Home Secretary was Theresa May last year, which broke all the records of previous years. Most of the immigrants are arriving from both the EU and non-EU countries before the referendum for Brexit was held. UK welcomed approximately 284,000 EU nationals before the referendum was held in June.

The government claimed that the rise in immigration levels was due to the EU laws for liberal movement. Previously, around 289,000 non-EU nationals were deprived of any such rights. This sudden increase in the number of immigrant numbers has now raised several doubts over the decrease in immigrant numbers that was previously claimed by the Brexit champions.

During the tenure of Theresa May total immigration figures reached at 335,000. These latest report revealed by the National statistics office have made the government to frame a target of reducing the number of immigration by tens of thousands.

The chief of the National Office for Statistics, Nicola White explains that the latest information on immigration revealed that the number is at an all time high levels. Particularly  the strength of EU nationals was at an utmost level which was a record set historically.

Last year the highest numbers of immigrants mainly were origins of Romania. The second highest number of immigrants were from China with 44,000 migrants and the third highest were from Poland with 38,000.Indian immigrants were around 36,000. However, out of 189,000 of European nationals who arrived in the UK, only 108,000 had an offer of employment with them.

The chief executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants’, Saira Grant  blames the UK government of forming such policies that would actually make it extremely tough for the immigrants to survive.

Visa procedure for Malaysian travelers hastened by UK

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Visa procedure for Malaysian travelers hastened by UKUK Home Office declared that Malaysians heading to the UK will now be able to make an application for the Registered Traveler Service of the United Kingdom. The Rakyat Post quotes that British High Commission has declared that  the travelers from Malaysia are now permitted to use the service to get a hastened clearance via the UK immigration.

Approved citizens will get a faster entry at the British border via  the ePassport gates (for those holding an ePassport) or the United Kingdom /European Union passport lane so additional landing card is not required for them.

The British high commissioner, Vicki Treadell said to Malaysia, that 176,000 visitors from Malaysia entered the UK in 2015 which is a rise of 12 percent from the previous year. Southeast Asian country’s citizens will now savor all the treats Britain offers due to the hastened entry at the UK border.

The Registered Traveler Service gives hastened clearance via the UK border only to the sanctioned members whose advanced security procedure has taken place. This service will be made available from 21 November to Malaysian travelers.

Robert Goodwill, who is the migration minister of the United Kingdom is glad that their country welcomes new  business and also expressed his excitement  to share the benefits with Malaysian travelers. Adding that the scheme was also available to many other countries, he said that he was happy to welcome Malaysia to the community of Registered Traveler.

Eligible for this scheme are those Malaysian travelers, who have a valid passport, either possess a visa or entry clearance or have travelled to Britain a minimum of 4-time in last two years. The applicant  will receive a provisional letter of acceptance after the application is approved by the authorities followed by the important and detailed background checks.

The membership is confirmed and certified only if the applicants present themselves to the designated officer when they  land in the UK where their membership procedure would be finalized.

UK changes visa rules for non EU citizens

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UK changes visa rules for non EU citizensThe British government has declared few changes in visa rules for citizens of non-European countries which were effective from 24 November. The new rules and regulations are expected to affect a lot of Indians and workers working in the field of technology. The UK Home Office quoted that the first two revisions to Tier 2 in March after a review by the Migration Advisory Committee will impact applications made from 24 November onwards.

The latest rules announced by the UK Home Office, expects applicants of Tier2 ICT (intra-company transfer) category to have a salary of at least £30,000 per year which is an increase from the earlier income requirement of £20,800 per year. The Indian technological companies in the United Kingdom often refers to the ICT and according to the findings of Migration Advisory Committee of United Kingdom in early 2016, nearly 90 percent of Information technology workers from India made up to visas issued under this category.

Additionally , the Tier 2 (General) salary threshold has hiked for experienced workers to £25,000.Also the Tier 2 (ICT) graduate trainee earning salary threshold has been fallen to £23,000 and the number of places has raised to 20 per company every year.The skills transfer sub-category of Tier 2 (ICT)  has been closed.

Reportedly the non-EU nationals including the Indians will also be affected by the latest rule announced by the UK government. Owing to the new English language requirements when the applicant applies for the settlement as a family following two and a half years of stay in Britain on a five year path to residential  settlement in the country. The new rule would be applicable to both partners and parents of applicants whose current leave to remain in Britain under the family immigration rules will be expiring from 1 May 2017 onward. The applicants are expected to follow the latest rules to apply for visa.


Prospects for increased visas for Indians in the UK

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Prospects For Increased Visas For Indians In The UkTheresa May, Prime Minister of UK has given indication that Indian Visas may get increased if the Indian Government support them on the issue of migrants staying more than the period of their visa. It should be taken into account that the Indian Student Fraternity has been facing a lot of problem regarding the processing of their visas to the UK. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the British Government to take immediate actions for the immigration of Indian students to the UK.

In the Business Leaders Summit held in New Delhi, UK industrialist Sir James Dyson has favored and backed the smoother visa process of Indian visas to UK. British Premier’s visit to India for three days also concentrated on the same issue. Easy policies for bilateral trade between these countries post Brexit policy was also the focus of this visit.

Theresa May, however, assured that nine out of ten Indian students are being approved for the UK visa. India demanded for the lessening of eligibility criteria and rise in number of visas approved. Britain also agreed on cost deduction which will surely ensure the increased number of visa processing for the UK.

In return of these favors, India would have to help UK for the return of Indians who do not have legal Visas. Indian PM Narendra Modi revealed that the current visa policy of UK resulted in 50% decrease of Indian students approaching the UK.

Chief of Cobra beer, Lord Bilimora has also demanded of multiple entry visa of less than £100 should be extended to Indians too. Sir James also informed that it would reflect in the shortage of engineers in UK by almost one million. UK has only one third of the engineers which means there is a huge transformation required for the Visa policies, and make the visa process even more amiable for students from India to attract better talents.

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