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UK Immigration News

Indians to Benefit as UK Lifts Limit on PhD-Level Work Visas

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Indians to Benefit as UK Lifts Limit on PhD-Level Work Visas With the limit placed on the PhD-level work visas to be lifted, it is viewed that Indians are one of the most significant professional migrants which will benefit most from the plan.

In a budget update (also called the Annual Spring Statement) announced on Wednesday by the UK Chancellor, Mr. Philip Hammond, there will be no limit to the number of migrants with high qualifications that can apply to work in the UK.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr. Hammond said the major pillar of the plan is to make sure that Britain remains at the top when it comes to technology revolution as this is what is needed in transforming the economy. As such, to achieve this, Ph.D. level roles will be exempted from visa caps beginning from this autumn. He also added that the rules of Immigration on 180-day absences will be updated so that there will be no penalty for fieldwork researchers who wish to stay in the country.

Indians leading the race

From the current data in the UK Home Office, last year, Indians who were granted the Tier 2 visas increased by 3,023, a 6% increase when compared to the year before.

The universities in the United Kingdom appreciated the exemption of the PhD-level visa by the UK government as they are major employers of foreign researchers.

According to the Director of Universities UK International, Vivienne Stern, the news is much-welcomed news for the Indian researchers who would love to work in the UK and also for the universities as well. She also stated that most of the leading researchers in the UK are Indians.

This announcement follows after the Healthcare workers were removed from the visa cap to address the shortage of workers in the state-funded National Health Service (NHS) last year.

Currently, visas issued every year under the Tier 2 skilled worker section are very limited. As such, this current announcement shows that when a new immigration system is in power, there will be a removal of the visa cap completely for skilled workers in 2021.

Following a Migration Dialogue with the Indian government officials earlier this year, the UK Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes said that she was delighted that Indians students come to the UK to study and also that they are granted more visas than other countries combined.

She further said that she still hopes for the best from Indians who would love to live and work in the country, when the new system comes into operation from 2021.

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Theresa May’s No-Deal Brexit Plan Rejected by Lawmakers

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What a no-deal Brexit means for the UKOn Wednesday, 13 March, British Parliament said no to Theresa May’s no-deal Brexit as exit deadline looms. You will recall that the MPs had on two different occasions rejected the Prime Minister’s plan for the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Mrs. May had earlier supported a non-binding motion stating the MPs rejected a no-deal exit 29 March, but the PM’s wishes were surprisingly denied as 312 to 308 votes were cast by Parliament to amend the motion to oppose a no-deal Brexit at any time.

Parliament also won in upholding the motion by 321 to 278 votes following the government’s attempt to get the lawmakers to defeat the motion entirely.

UK’s decision to exit the EU began about 2 years, but things did not move as fast as anticipated. Desperate urgency is now in full gear as deadline looms.

The eventualities of no-deal Brexit

There have been serious concerns across several quarters in the UK and beyond about the complications that could come with a no-deal Brexit which has made it a more unlikely outcome.

If no-deal Brexit goes through, some goods from the EU will have tariffs for the very first time while some products from non-EU countries will be without tariffs for the first time as well.

Following this latest rejection, the Parliament is expected to seek an extension to Brexit deadline in a vote slated for Thursday, 14 March.

The deadline of any Brexit extension will be May 29, according to the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Some others think it could be extended as far as the end of June.

It is unsure if any short extension will help resolve the challenges faced so far.

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Official Figures in the UK Reveal a Record High Number of non-EU Workers

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Official Figures in the UK Reveal a Record High Number of non-EU Workers

Official Figures in the UK Reveal a Record High Number of non-EU WorkersAccording to the latest official figures, the number of non-EU workers in the UK took a huge leap by adding above 100,000 in the last quarter of 2018, a record high in the country.

This giant leap in migration from non-EU countries is concurrent with a fall in the number of EU workers in the UK hence many are of the view that the leap seeing in the number of non-EU workers is as a result of the lower supply of labor from the European Union.

Over the last quarter of 2018, about 1.29 million workers entered the UK from non-EU countries representing an increase of 130,000 compared to the same period in the previous year and mark the highest since 1997 when the record started.

The non-EU workers include 593,000 from Asia, 299,000 from America and Oceania, 277,000 from Africa and the remaining 126,000 are accounted for by European countries that are not EU members. All these categories saw a year-on-year rise.

Over the same period, the last quarter of 2018, the number of EU workers in the UK fell by about 61,000 compared to the previous year, totaling 2.27 million workers. This decrease is said to be a result of lower migration from the eight European countries that became members of the Union in 2004. The countries are Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Latvia, and the Czech Republic. These countries contribute 869 workers to the UK in the last quarter of 2018 representing an 89,000 fall compared to the previous year and 184,000 lower than the highest they have ever contributed, 1.05 million in July to September 2016 according to the office of national statistics.

Brexit is the Culprit

Uncertainty and insecurity surrounding Brexit are making UK a less attractive place to live and work for EU citizens, said a professor of economics at King’s College London – Jonathan Portes.

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MPs Condemn the Use of Android-only App in Getting Settled UK Status

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MPs Condemn the Use of Android-only App in Getting Settled UK StatusUK Home Office has been accused of digital discrimination for the creation of Android-only app for settled UK status application for EU nationals.

Sajid Javid, the home secretary, received an open letter – from top Labour MPs and MEPs – stating that the Android-only app system does not represent the fair treatment of all EU nationals.

Need for Trust

The MPs stated that the settled scheme for EU nationals must not be allowed to be bedeviled by public distrust because the public unprecedentedly observes the administrative obstacles and difficulties facing UK’s immigration system since the Windrush scandal. Unfortunately, the Android-only app system does not give the public, including EU nationals, the much-needed confidence, they said.

Beginning from January 21, EU nationals living in the UK started the application for settled status with the aid of the Android-only app designed by the Home Office. All EU nationals in the UK are required to confirm their identity using the app after which they are to visit the government website for the final part – provision of evidence that they have been in the country continuously for at least five years.

Individuals who do not have capable phones are required to visit any of the 13 centers in the UK for their verification. This has led to criticism from many of the group who have to embark on long journeys to get to the closest center.

The number of centers is expected to increase to 50 by March 30, a day after UK leaves the EU. The current system is only a test, and it is entirely voluntary, said the Home Office.

The MPs do not agree with the Home Office on this stating that the system is causing distress and promise of more centers in the future cannot give anybody certainty or confidence. What stopped it from being right from the start? They asked.

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UK Immigration Plans Mark Another Failure on the Path to Brexit

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UK Immigration Plans Mark Another Failure on the Path to BrexitIn yet another turn of event in a whirlwind of situations rocking the UK, the long-awaited immigration paper has been finally unveiled by the government.

The Whitehall has been through a handful of tumultuous situations in recent weeks, including more cabinet splits, alleged sexist comment about Theresa May by Jeremy Corbyn as well as Conservative ministers’ threats to leave the whip, in case no deal Brexit becomes government policy. The white paper is the latest.

The White Paper

Free movement of workers between the UK and the US will be hampered as the immigration white paper is aimed at reducing immigration level by ending free entry of workers between the two countries.

As from 2021, generalist workers can enter the UK without already having a job offer and remain in the country for up to a year seeking work. At the end of these 12 months, they must leave the country as part of what is called ‘cooling off period’ after which they can enter the country again. This transition period will be between 2021 and 2025.

People who use this system are:

– Required to pay for their visa,

– Not allowed to take advantage of public funds (e.g., health care) and

– Barred from using another visa route.

These proposals have been tagged problematic. Josh Hardie, CBI Deputy Director-General, described the issue as follow: firms would be encouraged to hire different personnel per year by the temporary 12-month visa route for immigrant workers that receive below £30,000. This results in unnecessary cost hike as well as discouraging migrants from being part of local communicates which is a pertinent social concern. He described the situation as good for neither business nor the public.

The limitations on skilled workers will be removed, and due consultations will be made regarding the proposal of £30,000 minimum salary requirement for skilled migrants. No immigration target will be set for each calendar year through Home Secretary Sajid Javid said they immigration will be maintained at levels considered sustainable.

Removal of such caps should ordinarily have signaled positivity as businesses will be able to access their required foreign talents more efficiently, but this move will most likely end in a considerable rise in cost and administrative burden of getting these migrants because of the end of the free movement. With free movement, employees can be sought at much lower costs from the EU.

It is crystal clear that this white paper is a representation of the government’s toxic approach to immigrants and holds no promise of better days post-Brexit.

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Huge increase in immigrants to the UK

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Huge increase in immigrants to the UK According to the recent statistical reports revealed by the The government OF United Kingdom, the number of immigrants in the country reached as high as 650,000 when the Home Secretary was Theresa May last year, which broke all the records of previous years. Most of the immigrants are arriving from both the EU and non-EU countries before the referendum for Brexit was held. UK welcomed approximately 284,000 EU nationals before the referendum was held in June.

The government claimed that the rise in immigration levels was due to the EU laws for liberal movement. Previously, around 289,000 non-EU nationals were deprived of any such rights. This sudden increase in the number of immigrant numbers has now raised several doubts over the decrease in immigrant numbers that was previously claimed by the Brexit champions.

During the tenure of Theresa May total immigration figures reached at 335,000. These latest report revealed by the National statistics office have made the government to frame a target of reducing the number of immigration by tens of thousands.

The chief of the National Office for Statistics, Nicola White explains that the latest information on immigration revealed that the number is at an all time high levels. Particularly  the strength of EU nationals was at an utmost level which was a record set historically.

Last year the highest numbers of immigrants mainly were origins of Romania. The second highest number of immigrants were from China with 44,000 migrants and the third highest were from Poland with 38,000.Indian immigrants were around 36,000. However, out of 189,000 of European nationals who arrived in the UK, only 108,000 had an offer of employment with them.

The chief executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants’, Saira Grant  blames the UK government of forming such policies that would actually make it extremely tough for the immigrants to survive.

Visa procedure for Malaysian travelers hastened by UK

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Visa procedure for Malaysian travelers hastened by UKUK Home Office declared that Malaysians heading to the UK will now be able to make an application for the Registered Traveler Service of the United Kingdom. The Rakyat Post quotes that British High Commission has declared that  the travelers from Malaysia are now permitted to use the service to get a hastened clearance via the UK immigration.

Approved citizens will get a faster entry at the British border via  the ePassport gates (for those holding an ePassport) or the United Kingdom /European Union passport lane so additional landing card is not required for them.

The British high commissioner, Vicki Treadell said to Malaysia, that 176,000 visitors from Malaysia entered the UK in 2015 which is a rise of 12 percent from the previous year. Southeast Asian country’s citizens will now savor all the treats Britain offers due to the hastened entry at the UK border.

The Registered Traveler Service gives hastened clearance via the UK border only to the sanctioned members whose advanced security procedure has taken place. This service will be made available from 21 November to Malaysian travelers.

Robert Goodwill, who is the migration minister of the United Kingdom is glad that their country welcomes new  business and also expressed his excitement  to share the benefits with Malaysian travelers. Adding that the scheme was also available to many other countries, he said that he was happy to welcome Malaysia to the community of Registered Traveler.

Eligible for this scheme are those Malaysian travelers, who have a valid passport, either possess a visa or entry clearance or have travelled to Britain a minimum of 4-time in last two years. The applicant  will receive a provisional letter of acceptance after the application is approved by the authorities followed by the important and detailed background checks.

The membership is confirmed and certified only if the applicants present themselves to the designated officer when they  land in the UK where their membership procedure would be finalized.

UK changes visa rules for non EU citizens

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UK changes visa rules for non EU citizensThe British government has declared few changes in visa rules for citizens of non-European countries which were effective from 24 November. The new rules and regulations are expected to affect a lot of Indians and workers working in the field of technology. The UK Home Office quoted that the first two revisions to Tier 2 in March after a review by the Migration Advisory Committee will impact applications made from 24 November onwards.

The latest rules announced by the UK Home Office, expects applicants of Tier2 ICT (intra-company transfer) category to have a salary of at least £30,000 per year which is an increase from the earlier income requirement of £20,800 per year. The Indian technological companies in the United Kingdom often refers to the ICT and according to the findings of Migration Advisory Committee of United Kingdom in early 2016, nearly 90 percent of Information technology workers from India made up to visas issued under this category.

Additionally , the Tier 2 (General) salary threshold has hiked for experienced workers to £25,000.Also the Tier 2 (ICT) graduate trainee earning salary threshold has been fallen to £23,000 and the number of places has raised to 20 per company every year.The skills transfer sub-category of Tier 2 (ICT)  has been closed.

Reportedly the non-EU nationals including the Indians will also be affected by the latest rule announced by the UK government. Owing to the new English language requirements when the applicant applies for the settlement as a family following two and a half years of stay in Britain on a five year path to residential  settlement in the country. The new rule would be applicable to both partners and parents of applicants whose current leave to remain in Britain under the family immigration rules will be expiring from 1 May 2017 onward. The applicants are expected to follow the latest rules to apply for visa.


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