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Plenty of Skilled Indian Job Seekers Looking for a Job in Canada Over US

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Plenty of Skilled Indian Job Seekers Looking for a Job in Canada Over USA growing number of Indian job seekers are looking for work opportunities in Canada over the USA, with explorations for tech jobs heading the way, a recent study reveals.

Fluctuations in Job Searches for Canada and USA

Canada job searches share accompanied from India grew from 6 to 13 percent within Aug 2016 and Jul 2018, states the study by the successful job site, Indeed.

This equivalent period observed the searches share from India for employment openings in the US dropped from 60 to 50%, with Canada choosing up most of the dismissed interest.

This net 17% point narrowing in related search demand was simply the most significant swing among the nations we analyzed, Indeed states. The study observed at cross-border job researches from 58 nations over the two-year period, with a distinct focus on explorations aiming Canada and the USA.

With software developer, business analyst, data scientist, web developer, software engineer, Java developer, and data analyst thinking among the top 10 job explorations from India, the report told that rising interest in Canada could prove a benefit to the Canada tech industry.

Most Explored Jobs

 1 Business Analyst
 2 Mechanical Engineer
 3 Software Developer
 4 Project Manager
 5 Web developer
 6 Data Scientist
 7 Java Developer
 8 Civil Engineer
 9 Software Engineer
 10 Data Analyst


The study announced the growth in searches might be partly due to both the booming tech scene in Canada and question about the US H-1B visa program, which the US administration President Donald Trump has hardened.

Citizens of India are by the far primary beneficiaries of the specialty professions visas, which several workers in tech and different S.T.E.M associated fields rely on to work in the US.

Canada, meantime, has increased path to temporary work visas for qualified skilled workers by the Global Talent Stream program and its Global Skills Strategy. Overall, the Indeed research revealed searches share in Canada increased in 41 of the 58 nations analyzed, and declined in the other 17 countries.

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Canada is Successful in Attracting High Number of Foreign Tech Workers

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As the US President Donald Trump administration has intensified examination of H-1B visas for experienced foreign workers and intends to prohibition of their spouses from handling jobs in the U.S., Canada has been running sharply to suck the top international talent out of Silicon Valley and different technology-rich areas of the U.S.

Though immigrants secure up merely 20% of the population in Canada, they exist about half of the science, technology, engineering and math degrees at the level of bachelor’s and higher, government figures reveal.

Key Points that Supports Canada is Much Better than the USA

Prior to the program started, Canadian employment permit method for skilled workers needed months. Trump’s proposal to reform the H-1B visa designed for the kind of skilled workers tech organizations depend on but criticized by experts as a tool to replace American workers with lower international labor has ratcheted up tension levels and generated uncertainty for several experienced overseas tech workers in the USA.

Rather than merely obtain a work permit, many opted to get Canada PR — the equal of a green card of the U.S. It took nearly 6 months. In the USA, many H-1B workers remain years, if not for decades to get the green card. Following this month, many people plan to begin his startup’s artificial intelligence supported parking tech product.

A spokeswoman for the government of Canada also refused to address the impact of the contemporary policies of U.S. administration, saying only that Canada chooses permanent residents for their positive effect on the economy of the country.

Immigration will advance to play a significant role in maintaining Canada at the forefront of the international economy, as per the government’s statement. Appreciations to immigration, Canada is in a great position to handle projected labor-force difficulties arising from our aging population.

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