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Permanent Residents in Canada

International Students to Get Quick Entry Into Manitoba

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International Education Stream was created about a year ago as an offshoot of MPNP’s (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program). The latest development in the province is unveiling two new fast-track pathways (Graduate Internship Pathway and International Student Entrepreneur Pathway) as part of the International Education Stream. These pathways offer fast entry into Manitoba to international graduates of postgraduate institutions.

Each year, Manitoba can nominate a predetermined number of immigration candidates for permanent residence as allowed by MPNP. More than 130, 000 permanent residents have been welcomed into Manitoba via PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) since its inception in 1998 – about 20 years ago.

How It Works

1.) The International Student Entrepreneur category is for students who have gone through at least a 2-year program in a post-secondary institution in Manitoba as well as are willing to establish and run a business in Manitoba. They are expected to be actively involved in such businesses both in investment and operation. When selected in this pathway, a candidate will be granted a temporary work permit which is part of a two-year pilot program according to Manitoba’s government.

2.) For people who have completed their masters or Ph.D. at a Manitoba’s University within 3 years, as well as an eligible internship, Graduate Internship Pathway is for them.

3.) People who go through Elevate or Accelerate internships can submit applications for The Graduate Internship Program whether they have a job offer from an employer in Manitoba or not. Mitacs, a non-profit organization, provides the medium of organizing Accelerate or Elevate internships.

Kelvin Goertzen, Manitoba’s Minister of Education and Training, said that ‘these new pathways are put in place to pull and make more talented entrepreneurs and innovators stay in Manitoba. The new connections, ideas and entrepreneurial spirit they bring make Manitoba more innovative and competitive’.

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Canada Issues 3,900 Invitations in The Latest Express Entry Draw

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In a draw held on 29th October, The Canadian government issued an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada to 3, 900 Express Entry candidates. In this draw, the minimum CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score was 442.

The pool of candidates for the three major economic immigration program – Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class and Federal Skilled Worker Class in Canada is managed by The Federal Express Entry System.

In Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), a score is given to every eligible candidate. This score determines the position of each candidate in The Express Entry Pool from which a predetermined number of candidates with the highest score/rank are given ITAs via regular draws from the pool.

Since 5th September, this latest draw was the fourth time IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) issued 3, 900 Express Entry Candidates the Invitation to Apply (ITA). This figure maintains its position as the most significant draw of 2018 so far.

Comparing the Latest Draw with Previous Ones

The latest draw’s CRS score is two points above the cut off (440) used for the immediate previous invitation round held on the 15th of October.

In the latest round of invitation, tie-break rule was used by IRCC with the date and time set for October 16, 2018, and 06:09:04 UTC respectively. It implies that all candidates who score 442 and beyond and submitted their profiles before the set time and date received an invitation.

Cumulatively, the number of ITAs issued so far this year is 74, 200 representing a lag of 778 for IRCC in comparison to its position at the same time last year. IRCC’s admission target for 2018 is 74, 900.

A senior partner at the Campbell Cohen Canadian immigration law firm in Montreal, David Cohen, said the latest draw if maintained or improved by IRCC will represent an Express Entry record for invitations issued in a year beating 2017’s record.

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Canadian Immigration Target Welcomes 1.3 Million by 2021

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Economic Immigration Canada

Economic Immigration CanadaThe Immigration targets set for 2019 and 2020 is undergoing upward result in Canada, and the country has equally declared an extension of its multi-year levels of immigration plan which will now run to 2021. This is in preparation for the influx of about 1.3 million new permanent residents in the coming four years covered by the plan (2018-2021). These changes were officially announced on the 31st of last month (October 31, 2018). Multi-year levels (being operational for one year) programs was introduced as a guide for the immigration plans for 2018 to 2020.

Through the immigration categories (economic, humanitarian and family and refugee) in Canada, raising targets and extending the plan are expected to position the country to receive above 1.3 million new entries ranging from 2018 to 2021. The revision made to the plan requires a gradual increase in yearly admission targets. It will gradually extends from 310, 000 new entries (permanent residents) in the start year (2018) to 350, 000 in the final year (2021). New targets for 2019 and 2020 are now 330, 800 and 341, 000 respectively – it was previously set at 330, 000 and 340, 000 respectively.

Skilled Workers Will Be Welcomed

The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Ahmed Hussen said that more talented workers who have the much-needed skills and expertise would be welcomed under this new plan. More families will also be reunited as well as more refugees in search of new and better lives accommodated.

In this immigration plan, Economic immigration programs under the management of Canada’s PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) and federal Express Entry economic system will retain the important roles given to them. About a quarter (25%) of the expected new entries are projected to come through Express entry, and about 19% will be accounted for by PNP Program.

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