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No Emergency at the Border as House Says they Reject Emergency Move

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No Emergency at the Border as House Says they Reject Emergency MoveYesterday, US House of Representatives wield their power when they passed legislation to terminate the emergency declared at the U.S.-Mexico border by president Trump in a bid to build a border wall there.

The House passed the resolution following a vote of 245-182 to set up a vote in the Senate, with a Republican majority.

Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, reveled in the victory but is aware that the tally falls short of what would be needed to override a possible veto from the President, a Republican. The move to stop the president’s declaration was supported by only 13 Republicans.

The main force behind the controversial legislation, Democratic Representative Joaquin Castro, said “Border crossings are at a 40-year low. There is no emergency at the border, he said.

Threat to Constitutional Balance of Power

There is fear amidst the Democrats and some Republicans alike that the emergency declaration, which will give Mr. Trump the power to build the border wall without the lawmakers’ approval, may threaten the constitutional balance of powers between the executive and the Congress.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, shied away from predicting the outcome of Senate legislation after Vice President Mike Pence had a closed meeting with Republican senators. McConnell said he is yet to conclude if the emergency declaration by the President is legal and the meeting with the Vice President a robust one.

Congress has been formally notified by White House that Mr. President could veto the order if the proposal passes Congress.

President Trump insists he has the power to declare the national emergency explaining that US national security is threatened by the humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border.

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Is the US Tough Immigration Policies Beneficial to the Country or Not?

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US Immigration Policies Scares Legal Immigrants While President Trump’s aggressive move against illegal immigration which is clearly written all over his administration’s policies may be welcomed on many fronts, moves affecting the ability of skilled immigrants and fresh international graduates to work legally in the United States are of significant concern to stakeholders in the country.

Recent tough policies surrounding work visa and student visa are making a significant number of students, and skilled immigrants seek much easier destinations like Canada, according to immigration lawyers.

Over the past two years, reports have shown a decline in international student applications, and enrollment to U.S. institutions – the first ever year-on-year decline – and this could be as a result of the changes in student visa. Shah Peerally, president and managing attorney of a law group in San Francisco, said the changes have made student visa a nightmare. An example is an F-1 visa.

F-1 visa, which is clearly the most popular student visa, allows the student to work while they study as well as after study. In 2013, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) were mandated to seek additional information or clarification before the declining request, but in July 2018, USCIS was given permission to decline request without seeking additional information. Now, mistakes that happen while filling the forms can lead to deportation.

An associate attorney of a firm that handles immigration cases of any kind, Sarah Pitney, said it has now become a common thing to see client pursue their luck in Canada.

Buy American, Hire American

Canada has become a really attractive destination for students, Peerally said. It is easier for students to get work visas and permanent residence via Canada’s Express Entry, he added.

Henry Chang, a Toronto based Canadian immigration lawyer, attributed the anti-immigrant policies in the US to Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order.

As far as Trump remains US president, no guarantees can be given regarding anti-immigration policies in the country; hence it is more likely to see more immigrants favor a move to countries like Canada.

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Immigration is the Important Foundation of America

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Immigration is the Important Foundation of America One of the biggest challenges in the society today is immigration. It involves the people, the country as well as the people who come to the US for greener pastures.

The topic, immigration, is not a new one, as well as the battle against it; yet, an effective way to tackle it has not been found. The US has been shaped by the immigrants’ cultures which are diverse. A better life, believed to be found in the US, is sought after by people far and near. This is why some even cross the oceans to come here.

Obvious concerns have been made about the country’s economy as well as how secured the future and jobs are; but from the research made, it is seen that no correlation exists between high rates of unemployment and immigration.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) reported that it believes that immigration is an integral part of the growth of the economy of the nation.

According to the report, by 2024, the estimated jobs to be available in the country is 35.3 million approximately. If the considered jobs to be created is 9.8 million, and with the country’s decline in birth rate, there is evidence of insufficient manpower to carry out the jobs. As such, the demographic challenge which the US is facing has immigration as an essential piece.

The Harsh Truth

The issue with the current immigration is not how these immigrants cross the borders or their intentions, but how our system is handling the whole situation.

Significant immigration reform legislation has not been passed by the government since 1986; making it about 33 years since this problem has not been appropriately addressed.

The effect of immigrants and immigration on our country today and our daily living is not fully comprehended.

Immigrants either found or own most of the country’s establishment and businesses. About 28% of the US businesses are owned by entrepreneurs who are immigrants. 48% of the overall growth of business ownership between 2000 and 2013 was accounted for by immigrants. Examples include: a Poland immigrant, Maxwell Kohl founded the Kohl’s Department Store. Also, an immigrant from Russia, Sergey Brin confounded Google.

The time has come for this challenge to be tacked. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped, without the lives of those individuals seeking better lives being in danger.

A plan should be formulated to clear the problem and not worsen it. However, the way this situation is handled will reflect on us as a people and as a country wholly. It is better if it has a positive reflection and not negative.

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What’s in the Republican Immigration Bill, and why Democrats opposed it?

in USA Immigration by

Reasons for Democrats Opposing Republican Immigration BillThe funding bill of about 1300 pages, which will grant the $5.8 billion, the president Trump wants to expand the southern walls, give the dreamers temporary protection and put a stop to the government shutdown which is the longest in history, is being pushed forward by the Senate Republicans.

Describing the bill as dead on arrival, the Democrats have complained that the protection that is offered the dreamers are not enough and also that the bill was full of measures of anti-immigration which do not relate at all and would cause the US immigration enforcement to expand dramatically thereby cutting the ability to request asylum by foreigners.

While the Republicans say the bill offers a compromise which is reasonable and will end the partial shutdown, Trojan horse is what the Democrats call it claiming that it will give the dreamers protection which is short-termed and will pose threats which are long-termed.

On Tuesday, the Senior Department of Homeland Security official said that the bill is a “start point” showing negotiations were welcomed.

With the bill debate by both sides coming up this week, it will be good for us to take a look at significant provisions in the Immigration bill which was written by the Senate Republicans, under Trump’s administration.

Temporary Reprieve for Dreamers

On Saturday, President Trump said that he would give temporary protection to millions of immigrants to break the logjam of the shutdown.

The first category of persons would approximately 700,000 Dreamers, undocumented immigrants who came into the country as children and have qualified for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program). Trump tried to stop the program in 2017 but was opposed by the federal courts.

The second category of dreamers is above 300,000 foreigners who have for more than two decades been staying and working in the country under Temporary Protected Status. This category of dreamers is away from their respective countries because of armed conflicts and natural disasters. Also, 98% percent of the TPS population (comprising of six countries) were banned from the program, and given a deadline to leave the country; however, the federal court also blocked the Trump administration in this regard.

The Democrats floated the idea to support the president by granting him the money due for the border walls as a part of the deal which also gives way for citizenship to the TPS and DACA recipients; however, with the bill by Republicans, these recipients are set to be only granted “provisional protected status” for 3 years. The temporal protections are not renewable after three years.

New Wall Funding

The $5.7billion fund request by Trump for the building of the southern walls is the core of the bill.

This request is different from the promise that was made at the presidential campaign. The money was to be used for repairs of the old walls and the building of new barriers, as explained by the Homeland Security.

Asylum Overhaul

The President has continuously warned migrants who marched to the US borders, in order to use the asylum laws to their benefits, as such the Republicans bill offers overhaul of the program. Foreigners who are in fear of being persecuted in their home countries, in terms of their race, nationality, religion, political beliefs, etc.

Although the new bill provides asylum workers with opportunities, it also has restrictions.

A member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Greg Chen said the Central American Minors (CAM) would be restricted from obtaining asylum for 8 months as the new bill would take effect in 240 days while the restrictions will also be effective immediately after that.

The new Asylum bill allows asylum to be granted to individuals that are qualified for it and not for just anyone. The bill caps asylum number to 15,000 persons as supposed to the current bill which keeps the number open.

More Enforcement, More Jails

The Department of Homeland Security would receive $5.7 billion from the $70 billion which the new bill offers for the new borders.

Included in the fund are the provision 750 new Border Patrol agents and 375 new Customs and Border Protection officers.

Also, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would receive funding for the provision of more beds for detention centers and the hiring of more agents.

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Statistics Show US Needs More Immigration not Less

in Visas by

Economists say America Requires More ImmigrantsAccording to economists on either side of the United States’ political spectrum, the country needs more immigrants, representing an absolutely different position compared to the US president’ hard stance of fending off illegal immigrants.

To maintain our workforce and economic health, we need to significantly increase the pace of immigration in the US according to Shikha Dalmia – an analyst with Reason Foundation.

Explaining further, business analysts and economists pointed out the reduced birthrate in the country since the previous administration, at the least. They are hence advocating for more people, innovation, and capital being brought into the country.

Mass immigration in the US is a Myth

Shikha Dalmia backed up by the fact, revealed that with careful consideration, the belief that America is experiencing mass immigration is nothing but a myth. He said the opposite is actually the reality in the country – the US is a low immigration country.

If the country does not open its doors wide to immigration, a huge bottleneck for growth will soon be evident as suggested by demographic trends in the country which is pointing towards a severe labor shortfall, Dalmia said.

Without a strategic immigration move, the all-time low birthrate in the country is a pointer to tough times ahead. Despite this, Mr. Trump is not only hindering illegal immigration, but he is also putting tough measures in place for legal immigration.

In conclusion, based on the data available, Dalmia said the United States should be receiving at least double of what it is currently receiving as immigrants per year until 2050. He said this still will not amount to mass immigration for the country given that foreign-born population in the country at 2050 will be at about 26% at the rate suggested which is still below what is obtainable in Australia as of today.

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ICE Releases Hundreds of More Migrants on Christmas Day

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ICE Releases Hundreds of More Migrants on Christmas DayOn Christmas day, a hundred more migrants were released in El Paso, Texas by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) according to officials.

While El Paso, Texas has been trying all it can to accommodate about 200 migrants released at a bus station in the community on Sunday by ICE, another group migrants were released in the community yesterday, Christmas day.

Speaking to newsmen, the director of Hope Border Institute, Dylan Corbett, said the minimum of 180 migrants were dropped off in downtown El Paso in the latest release. He said about half the latest release are children with some parents having more than a child with them.

He also revealed that all migrants dropped off are now at different Annunciation House shelters, and they are not expecting any drop-offs on Wednesday, 26 December, according to information from ICE.

The Drop Offs

Outside a Greyhound bus terminal in El Paso on Sunday night, more than 200 undocumented immigrants were dropped off by ICE without any housing plan according to the police. US Rep.-elect, Veronica Escobar, said dozens more were dropped on Monday before the latest drop-offs of hundreds of migrants on Christmas day.

Escobar said thankfully, just about 60 were dropped off on Monday compared to Sunday’s 200 which made it more manageable.

US Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Escobar’s predecessor, revealed on Facebook that more than 200 and 500 would be released on Christmas day and Wednesday respectively.

According to reports, local musicians serenaded the migrants and were given food and water as they waited for buses to shelters.  The community fears that about 500 migrants could be dropped off on Wednesday as well as Thursday, but no one could say for sure until the drop-off.

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98 Migrants Deported by Mexico for Storming US Border

in USA Immigration by

98 Migrants Deported by Mexico for Storming US BorderOn Sunday, a group of migrants attempted to breach the US border by finding ways through several points along the border but were resisted by US agents who fired several shots of tear gas. The agents claimed some of the migrants threw rocks and projectiles.

The president of the United States thereafter warned Mexico to find a way to move the migrants, many of whom he called stone cold criminals, back to their countries otherwise they will close the border permanently if left with no option.

42 people among this group were arrested for disturbing public peace among many other charges according to US officials on Monday.

Afterwards, Mexico Interior Ministry said the group has been rounded up for their violent and illegal attempt to cross the border. Dozens of people were seen running aggressively towards the fence mounted at the border according to a video footage. A Mexico migration office official, Gerardo Garcia Benavente, said 98 people from the migrants have been sent back to their countries because of the violent incident.

Requested for a Peaceful Protest

Reacting to the border-breaching attempt, Alfonso Navarrete, Mexican Interior Minister, said the migrants requested help to stage a peaceful demonstration only to be allegedly advised by movement’s leaders to attempt breaching the border. The demonstration truly started on a peaceful note bust as soon as they make it pass the Mexican security blockade, it became a dash for the border.

The migrants’ latest move will not help their objectives in any way as they had trespassed the legal migration framework which could have resulted in ugly scenes according to Mexico’s interior ministry. The ministry revealed that 11,000 Central Americans had been deported since this influx of migrants entered the country on October 19.

Darker Camp

After this incident, the camp of the migrants will most likely be darkened. The fear of how long they might have to wait to get asylum is putting migrants in desperate moods. One of them, Joseph Garcia, said she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Migrants are in a fix’ – the US insist no place for them in America and they are causing Mexico troubles.

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Mauritanians in US Fear Being Sent Into Slavery

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Mauritanians fear being deported from the USThousands of Caravan migrants moving towards the U.S. declared to turn back, birthright citizenship to be suspended and greater immigration restrictions are only a few of the situations. It will not be a misplacement to say immigration was the bedrock of Republicans campaign in last week’s midterm elections. The latest wave is an outcry from the Mauritanians who fear being condemned to the same fate as Issa Sao.

Issa Sao, a 37-year-old man who spent 14 years of his life in the US, was sent back to Mauritania leaving behind his family (wife, daughter and stepson) in Ohio. In an attempt to avoid his deportation, he was moved from one detention centre to another for almost five months. Mauritania, a desert nation in West Africa, is said to still allow enslavement of men (black Mauritanians) like Sao. Sao had previously been jailed, tortured and expelled by Mauritania. On October 15, Sao’s lawyer said she got a distress call from him. According to her, Sao said they will be moved that same night. The next day, Sao was truly gone.

This is only a piece of Trump’s aggressive move against immigration. A lot of money has been spent as well as diplomatic priorities being redirected in this crackdown. He’s forcing deportation on resisting countries, especially in Africa and Asia.

Trump’s camp and supporters claim the government’s immigration move has yielded progress on an issue that is causing harm to the US. In contrary opposition say the government’s approach could cause damage between the US and its allies.

The Outcry

Mauritanians are alarmed at the way things are going. The ICE revealed that 22 Mauritanians are in custody and could be returned soon. This leaves them (black Mauritanians) with the fear of being sent back to slavery.

Sao’s attorney said the situation is beyond just immigration, it is U.S. handing people over to persecutors.

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