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Immigration is an Economic Necessity, Not a Threat to US

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Immigration is an Economic Necessity, Not a Threat to USThe United States of America is a nation with distinguished achievements in all human endeavours. The country has received tremendous contributions from different peoples from different backgrounds – simply put, the US thrives on diversity. Immigration has been a core of the country’s operations. Going forward, every nation or organization must never forget where it’s coming from – its past or history. Hence, at this point, all Americans must realize that immigration is an economic necessity, not a threat to their beloved country.

Recent developments in the country contradict the nation’s pro-immigration policies. Thousands of American troops were deployed to the country’s borders to stop the entry of thousands of Central Americans who are in dire need of better conditions. The government declared these immigrants as dangerous and harmful to the country. Our American fathers once sorted greener pastures too. To drive their point home, a latest ad (featuring a Mexican immigrant) released for the midterm campaigns by the Republicans, immigrants were portrayed as criminals and dangerous people who have no good to offer America.

Another drastic move by the government is an attempt to use executive order to put a stop to birthright citizenship. What more can one say than to say these developments are not American-like.

What Should Be the Position of Americans?

In the light of the latest anti-immigrant moves and policies, the position of each American must be informed of what a government makes them believe.

Truly, immigration may have its shortcomings, but we must not forget everything must get better. While addressing this, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, Vanda Felbab-Brown, said what America needs is not a massive deportation but creation of legal visa systems that give immigrants access to jobs Americans do not want. This is a profound statement that all Americans must consider irrespective of their current position about immigration.

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Canada Ahead of United States in Immigration

in Canada Immigration/Immigration by
Canada ahead of United States in Immigration

Canada ahead of United States in ImmigrationAs the United States brace itself for a heavily discussed illegal immigration by thousands of Caravans, the country’s immigration policies are under immense scrutiny. Why send such a massive number of troops to hold a bunch of helpless people back? Why allow dangerous men into the country? These and many more are the questions being asked in the US. Certainly, the position of the government is clear: ‘No to Illegal Immigration’. However, many saying that it is politically driven and it has become a major point of debate at campaigns for the midterm election.

In contrary to the situation in the US, Canada is doing well on the immigration front. At a summit (Fortune ‘s Most Powerful Women International) in Montreal, Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, said Canada is a country that is open to immigration at the moment while addressing the question about how well Canada is doing in attracting businesses compared to the US. He added that the advantage Canada has over the US in this respect is so huge that he doesn’t see it closing anytime soon.

The attitude of Canadians to immigration

Mr. Trudeau emphasized that everything Canada has achieved immigration wise has been made possible by the positive inclination of the people of the country to immigration. Immigrants received into the country each year are at least 1% of Canada’s total population. These immigrants consist of top talents that are innovative and entrepreneurial. He said this is what places Canada at the top of the world of business regardless of the latest move by the US in which corporate tax was slashed.
At the moment, Canada is a country that favors immigration and has seamless processes in place while the US has many issues to attend to on the immigration front.

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The US Government Says ‘NO’ to the Migrant Caravan

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The US Government Says 'NO' to the Migrant CaravanA large number of migrant Caravans moving across Mexico are relying on the strength of numbers to gain access to and seek Asylum in the US. At the Guatemalan border town of Tecun Uman, more than a hundred Central American migrants are said to have forced their way past a customs gate in order to gain entry into Mexico. In the same vein, thousands of Central American migrants are also reportedly making its way through southern Mexico in order to get to the US border.

In response, the president of the United States, Trump is making plans to shut the US borders to Central Americans as well as not granting them the opportunity to seek asylum in the US. 10000 additional US troops are to be deployed to the southern border to help in security operations for the imminent arrival of the migrating caravan.

Once on American soil, overseas candidates are eligible to apply for asylum, but the government currently putting such provision on hold as a result of the threat it poses to national security according to officials. Taking advantage of the authority offered him by the Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 212(f), it’s legal for the president to declare some migrants ineligible for asylum.

What do officials say?

Nothing is finalized yet according to the White House officials. The above is only one of various methods under consideration, and the United States will not forecast to caravans or smugglers the exact strategy to be used; hence no final decision has been made according to a white house official who spoke under anonymity.

According to the latest estimates from Mexico, caravan migrants still have more than 900 miles to get to US border and have dwindled to 3000 people. Those moving through southern Mexico are said to be largely poor families traveling with children and surviving on handouts. It is to be noted that despite the threat claim made by Trump’s administration, no evidence has been provided to show that dangerous criminals are part of these migrants so far.

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