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Latest Visa News Updates

Australia, US and Others Rejects UN’s Migration Package

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Australia, US and Others Rejects UN’s Migration PackageUnited Nation’s Global Migration compact has been met with rejection from several countries. Many countries have taken after Hungary and the US, who are on the front row of the rejection. The major and common element of the criticism is that the pact does not properly distinguish between legal and illegal migration.

Responses from Countries

While addressing the pact situation, Peter Szijjarto, Hungarian Foreign Minister, said the only thing the global migration pact will do to Europe’s situation is make it even worse because millions of people will be stimulated to set out, risking their lives and paying a lot to human smugglers. He emphasized that the pact is very dangerous for Europe because of its inclination towards legalizing illegal immigration as a fundamental human right – hence revealed that Hungary would not vote in favour of the pact during UN general assembly session, next year. Hungary will not be a part, in any form, of the approval process said Szijjarto.

Austria followed Hungary’s example. Austria disagrees with 17 out of the 23 points presented in the migration compact according to Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache. He said the country would vote against it to prevent bad things from happening. He added that the line between legal and illegal immigration must remain clearly drawn.

Czech Republic joined other EU countries rejecting the UN pact on November 14. The country said the pact does not present distinct differentiation regarding immigration.

Poland joined the list this week. The country rep said the pact does not guarantee security for Poland and could encourage illegal immigration. It explained that the pact does not guarantee the sovereign right of countries regarding who they allow into their country.

Bulgaria will also not be a part of the pact as well as Slovakia. Peter Pellegrini, Slovakian Prime Minister, said he has concerns about his country being forced to receive more than they can take.

And as expected, US is leading the way in this fight against the compact. The United States stated that it legalizes illegal immigration and harms sovereignty. The Israeli government said they are coordinating with the Trump administration.

The Australian government also declared it would not be signing the pact because it undermines its existing Immigration Policies.

What is more likely at the moment is that many other countries will join in kicking against the migration compact, hence it is not likely to be approved.

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Singapore to Introduce Multi-Biometrics in Immigration Screening

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Singapore to Introduce Multi-Biometrics in Immigration ScreeningBeginning from April 2019, a new screening system will be gradually introduced by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Singapore. This screening system encompasses fingerprints, facial, as well as iris biometric identifiers. The facial and iris identifiers are to complement fingerprint matching for immigration clearance hence putting an end to concerns about getting stuck in the process of immigration. This is particularly important for travellers who fingerprints have deteriorated as a result of scars, old age or genetics, ICA said. The Authority affirmed that the new system would be obtainable at all checkpoints.

In a statement on Monday, November 12, ICA said travellers can be authenticated using any of the specified biometric identifiers with the end of achieving more efficient immigration. Concerning the time it will take for the procedures, efforts are being made to finetune the trials in order to arrive at a more effective final outcome. The trials (both at manual and automated counters) are done at Tuas, Tanah Merah Ferry and Woodlands Terminal checkpoints. After presenting their passports, travellers put their thumbs on a scanner as well as look at a camera for face and eyes scanning at the same time. A green tick implies the process is successful.

ICA added that the biometrics database of travellers would be valuable regarding post-incident investigations.

How It Works

ICA upload pictures of wanted persons in affiliation with other security agencies – currently, a few hundred thousand images are in its database. Faces of multiple travellers are simultaneously compared to the ones in the database and wanted persons are automatically flagged. The process of identification is done in three to five seconds making it possible for officers to capture fleeing suspects even before reaching the immigration counter.

DAC Lian said any criminal trying to escape Singapore via checkpoints would be easily sieved out just by getting a photograph of the person.

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Hong Kong Falls To 18th Position in Int’l Talent Attraction

in Hong Kong Immigration by

Hong Kong Falls To 18th Position in Int’l Talent AttractionA global study, done by the Institute for Management Development based in Switzerland, revealed that Hong Kong was fall down from 12th position to 18th position in its competitiveness to attract and foster talents internationally. The same study attributed the fall partly to unimpressive public investment in education.

Looking at how Hong Kong compares with other countries in the same region; Singapore maintains its position from last year, 13th, Taiwan at 27th place and China occupies the 39th position, it has fallen behind Singapore. Switzerland stands top of the log, followed by Denmark and Norway respectively.

The Institute for Management Development used three criteria in the ranking: investment and development of homegrown talents, skills and competencies availability in the talent pool, and the extent to which a country attracts talent from overseas. Hong Kong dropped in all.

Hong Kong’s Response

Responding to the drop, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said she is yet to establish the date of the information used in making the ranking.  According to her, it might be a picture of situations of things a year ago; hence not reflective of the huge investment the government has made in education this term.

Lam revealed that education expenditure has been increased by about 10% by her government. A total recurrent expenditure of HK$8.3 billion had been invested across preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary education. She affirmed that education is the best investment any government can make as it is a sure way to nurture talents; hence existing arrangements will be reviewed to achieve quality education.

Jeffrey Lam, a lawmaker representing the business sector, believes the new plans by the government will attract talent to Hong Kong. Yet, he said the country has to do better in immigration policy, tax and leisure facilities in order to get the talents attracted to remain in the country for long.

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Mexico Says No to Migrating Caravan Arriving at Border

in USA Immigration by

Protests Rocks Arrival of Thousands of IMMIGRANTSLast week, news of the first batch (400 migrants who earlier broke away from others) of migrating caravan arriving Tijuana emerged, and since their arrival, thousands of other Central American migrants have joined them. They are all aware of the aggressive move against them by the government of United States, nevertheless, majority of them are willing to stick around for months until things calm down when they will eventually get the asylum they seek.

This news of thousands of immigrants, who are willing to linger for months, arriving Tijuana (American border) has rocked Mexico. On Sunday, tensions were flying as hundreds of residents protested the situation. The protesters are a group opposing what they call the ‘chaos’ caused by the migrating caravans. They gathered at the front of the largest makeshift shelter in Mexico and were shouting the Mexican national anthem as they wave the country’s flag.

The Protest

The hundreds of protesters revealed they have no reservations about legal immigration but are totally against “illegal invasion” – in their words. They want the Mexican government to toughen border policies just like the US. They want their president to defend the country against violence which they say is inevitable with the presence of the migrating caravans.

Some of the protesters also stated that while they have unequivocally disagreed with Trump on many issues, they agree with him on this. These illegal immigrants should simply go home.

Any sort of mass deportation by these immigrants could shut down the Ysidro port of Entry according to Roy Grant, a resident of Tijuana. Others said not all the migrants are seeking a better life for families, some are gang members.

Juan Manuel Gastelum, Tijuana Mayor, referred to the massive entrance as an “avalanche” that could cause tensions in the city longer than desired (at least six months).

Tweeting about the situation, Trump told the immigrants to go home and stop causing crime and big problems in Mexico.

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Hong Kong to Tighten Tour Guide Rules after Mega Bridge Opens

in Hong Kong Immigration by

Hong Kong to Tighten Tour Guide Rules after Mega Bridge OpensHong Kong is making quick progress in setting up stiffer restrictions for tour guides. This move became inevitable after holidaymakers, believed to be led by illegal agents from mainland China flooded Tung Chung.

In recent times, Lantau Island (a usually quiet town) has been heavily swamped by tourists. This development has been linked directly to the opening of a mega-bridge – Cross Border Bridge to Zhuhai and Macau. Henceforth, after bill passing in consideration before the city’s legislature, it will be a criminal offense for any guide to operate without license because some guides have been accused of breaching employment laws which do not allow mainlanders to work in Hong Kong.

Over the past two weeks, serious tensions were observed between the locals and visitors as thousands of people from mainland flooded Tung Chung after crossing the new bridge. Scenes like this were also witnessed in the past by other border towns. In fact, arrests were made when a clash broke out during a protest by locals.

The executive director of Hong Kong’s Travel Industry Council, Alice Chan Cheung Lok-yee said only 100 mainland group tours (comprising about 3,000 tourists) registered with local agents to operate in Hong Kong last Sunday. This happened to be 6% of the total number of tourists that crossed the bridge on the same day.

Rule Of Engagement for Tour Guides

Existing laws do not allow any non-locals to provide services that have to do with accommodation arrangement, sightseeing or transportation without a licensed Hong Kong tour agent.

Any tour agent from the mainland that is only involved in the arrangement of cross-border transport without interfering with travellers’ itinerary does not need to apply for a license.

Operators have been demanded to follow laws in Hong Kong as illegal mainland tourists have become a great concern according to the Department of Culture and Tourism in Guangdong Province.

The Travel Industry Bill will be pushed to get a second reading before the year runs out according to the Hong Kong Tourism Commission.

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Mauritanians in US Fear Being Sent Into Slavery

in USA Immigration by

Mauritanians fear being deported from the USThousands of Caravan migrants moving towards the U.S. declared to turn back, birthright citizenship to be suspended and greater immigration restrictions are only a few of the situations. It will not be a misplacement to say immigration was the bedrock of Republicans campaign in last week’s midterm elections. The latest wave is an outcry from the Mauritanians who fear being condemned to the same fate as Issa Sao.

Issa Sao, a 37-year-old man who spent 14 years of his life in the US, was sent back to Mauritania leaving behind his family (wife, daughter and stepson) in Ohio. In an attempt to avoid his deportation, he was moved from one detention centre to another for almost five months. Mauritania, a desert nation in West Africa, is said to still allow enslavement of men (black Mauritanians) like Sao. Sao had previously been jailed, tortured and expelled by Mauritania. On October 15, Sao’s lawyer said she got a distress call from him. According to her, Sao said they will be moved that same night. The next day, Sao was truly gone.

This is only a piece of Trump’s aggressive move against immigration. A lot of money has been spent as well as diplomatic priorities being redirected in this crackdown. He’s forcing deportation on resisting countries, especially in Africa and Asia.

Trump’s camp and supporters claim the government’s immigration move has yielded progress on an issue that is causing harm to the US. In contrary opposition say the government’s approach could cause damage between the US and its allies.

The Outcry

Mauritanians are alarmed at the way things are going. The ICE revealed that 22 Mauritanians are in custody and could be returned soon. This leaves them (black Mauritanians) with the fear of being sent back to slavery.

Sao’s attorney said the situation is beyond just immigration, it is U.S. handing people over to persecutors.

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New Australian MP Declares Immigration Briefings as a Top Priority

in Australia Immigration by

New Australian MP Declares Immigration Briefings as a Top PriorityOn Monday, Kerryn Phelps has declared an independent Minister of Parliament upon her emergence as the winner of the just concluded by-election. The former Australian Medical Association president is already on fire as she’s made her intentions to request immediate briefings on Immigration. The powerful medical personnel who is the official winner of Went-worth said that she would immediately seek detailed briefings regarding immigration in the country. These briefings will include offshore processing, asylum seekers boat turn-backs and clearances of refugee security.

Speaking to Sky News on Monday, Dr. Phelps said that in many countries of the world, faster resolutions are continually being found for asylum claims as well as faster resettlement options when compared to Australia. She emphasized the need to look at the offshore processes with thoroughness to be able to see why it takes so long and there are still so many people with lack of resolution. When she takes her seat on the crossbench, Dr. Phelps top priorities include getting people who seek asylum as well as refugee children off Nauru and taking urgent actions on the issues surrounding climate change.

Solution to Immigration Issues:

MP Kerryn Phelps’ decision to find an immediate solution to the issues regarding immigration in the country. The following are a few:

  • Now, whatever the process is, it will be faster. No more hanging in limbo for asylum seekers and refugees.
  • More resolutions will equally be seen and
  • Better security for refugees

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Immigration is an Economic Necessity, Not a Threat to US

in USA Immigration by

Immigration is an Economic Necessity, Not a Threat to USThe United States of America is a nation with distinguished achievements in all human endeavours. The country has received tremendous contributions from different peoples from different backgrounds – simply put, the US thrives on diversity. Immigration has been a core of the country’s operations. Going forward, every nation or organization must never forget where it’s coming from – its past or history. Hence, at this point, all Americans must realize that immigration is an economic necessity, not a threat to their beloved country.

Recent developments in the country contradict the nation’s pro-immigration policies. Thousands of American troops were deployed to the country’s borders to stop the entry of thousands of Central Americans who are in dire need of better conditions. The government declared these immigrants as dangerous and harmful to the country. Our American fathers once sorted greener pastures too. To drive their point home, a latest ad (featuring a Mexican immigrant) released for the midterm campaigns by the Republicans, immigrants were portrayed as criminals and dangerous people who have no good to offer America.

Another drastic move by the government is an attempt to use executive order to put a stop to birthright citizenship. What more can one say than to say these developments are not American-like.

What Should Be the Position of Americans?

In the light of the latest anti-immigrant moves and policies, the position of each American must be informed of what a government makes them believe.

Truly, immigration may have its shortcomings, but we must not forget everything must get better. While addressing this, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, Vanda Felbab-Brown, said what America needs is not a massive deportation but creation of legal visa systems that give immigrants access to jobs Americans do not want. This is a profound statement that all Americans must consider irrespective of their current position about immigration.

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