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Latest Visa News Updates

Family Separations May Return As Trump Signals Tougher Immigration Agenda

in USA Immigration by

Trump May Impose Tougher Immigration PoliciesIn the last few days, President Trump has embarked on a journey of purging the United States’ Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by removing top officials in the agency. This move by the president has led to fears within – former and current administration officials – and beyond the US borders that Mr. Trump might be planning a stricter immigration move which could result in a return of his controversial immigration policies including separation of families at the border.

The shake-up seen within the top immigration officials comes months after the President has persistently demanded that they take stricter steps to see that migrant family at the border reduce, but they have not yielded to his demands which led to the president accusing them of being too legalistic about his demands.

The ire of the president seems to peak when his effort to make asylum seekers wait in Mexico while they are going through hearing, against their wish, was blocked by a judge who tagged the move inhumane and illegal.

Trump’s Growing Fury

Mr. Trump withdrew the nomination of Ron Vitiello as the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the basis that his administration wants to go in a tougher direction which he did not consider Nielsen to have enough steel to handle. The secretary of DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen, is also considered not to have enough steel which led to his resignation on Sunday.

This growing fury of Mr. President has only one positive outcome in an administration that is known for an aggressive and controversial move against both legal and illegal immigration – the emergence of even stricter policies. It is being reported that Trump’s immigration confidants want him to bring back the family separation and introduce even more stringent measures.

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More Migrants Show Interest In Moving to NZ following Christchurch Attack

in New Zealand Immigration by

New Zealand Receives More Expression of Interest After Mosques AttackA significant increase has been seeing in the number of Expression of Interest received in New Zealand despite the terrorist attack against Muslims in New Zealand earlier this month.

Addressing the increase, the assistant general manager of immigration New Zealand – Peter Elms – said the spike in Expression of Interest received may have so much to do with the heightened media attention the country received as a result of the Christchurch attack.

He continued by stating that there is most likely no event in the history of New Zealand that generated so much consistent publicity on the international level like the unfortunate terrorist attack incidence.

The interest spike is said to come from several countries especially the US and Europe.

Many thinking about New Zealand

The assistant general manager said the new trend shows many people around the world are thinking about New Zealand – they are asking more questions about the country and are subsequently making their interest known.

It must, however, be noted that these interests do not necessarily translate to applications.

Mr. Elms said the expression of interests received by New Zealand usually fluctuates with correlation established between interest and the situation of publicity New Zealand at a particular time. He said New Zealand has been actively supporting victims and families since the attack and this has seen the country issue 182 visas to family members to aid the support.

The attack led to the death of 50 people, including children, and more than a hundred is still hospitalized.

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Brexit: UK outlines NoDeal arrangements for EU Citizens

in UK Immigration by

Brexit: UK outlines No Deal arrangements for EU Citizens

Home Secretary had yesterday outlined provisions to make it possible for EU citizens to still come to the UK after Brexit, should there be no deal.

If Brexit occurs without Britain agreeing to a deal, the government will move to put a stop to free movement and has thus introduced an immigration bill to this effect.

However, the Swiss citizens, as well as the EEA nationals and their family members, are still free to go in and out of UK as they wish, just as they do presently.

But, this is only for a transitional period, as for them to stay more than three months in the UK, application for permission should be made to acquire the European Temporary Leave to Remain, valid for three years.

If after three years, the citizen still wishes to prolong his stay, another application should be made under the new system of Skills-based future immigration, beginning in 2021.

What’s going to happen?

According to the Home Secretary, if there is no deal when UK leaves EU, the free movement will be ended so that the UK will gain control of all its borders, which has never happened in decades. He also stated that the arrangements to still grant EU nationals free access to the UK after 29 March is not applicable to the EU citizens who are already living and working in the country presently, as these have the protection of the EU Settlement Scheme; claiming that the value placed on such individuals is high.

If no deal is met, the following will happen:

  • The citizens of the European Union who come to the UK and wish to stay for more than 3 months will be subject to security, identity and criminality checks after they had applied for the European Temporary Leave before permission will be granted.
  • A family permit will need to be applied for in advance for an EU citizen’s family member who is a non-EU and wishes to accompany the EU citizen.
  • E-gates will be needed by an EU citizen when he/she uses a biometric passport to travel, though he would still be granted free access to and from the country.
  • The European Temporary Leave will be paid for, but the fee is yet to be announced. However, the leave for the first 3 months after 29 March will be free.
  • This policy is not applicable to Irish citizens who will still be granted free access into the country under the Common Travel Area.

A new single Skills-based immigration system, set to start operation from 2021, has been planned by Mr. Sajid Javid. This system is to curb immigration, as well as empower the employers with skills from around the world.

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What’s in the Republican Immigration Bill, and why Democrats opposed it?

in USA Immigration by

Reasons for Democrats Opposing Republican Immigration BillThe funding bill of about 1300 pages, which will grant the $5.8 billion, the president Trump wants to expand the southern walls, give the dreamers temporary protection and put a stop to the government shutdown which is the longest in history, is being pushed forward by the Senate Republicans.

Describing the bill as dead on arrival, the Democrats have complained that the protection that is offered the dreamers are not enough and also that the bill was full of measures of anti-immigration which do not relate at all and would cause the US immigration enforcement to expand dramatically thereby cutting the ability to request asylum by foreigners.

While the Republicans say the bill offers a compromise which is reasonable and will end the partial shutdown, Trojan horse is what the Democrats call it claiming that it will give the dreamers protection which is short-termed and will pose threats which are long-termed.

On Tuesday, the Senior Department of Homeland Security official said that the bill is a “start point” showing negotiations were welcomed.

With the bill debate by both sides coming up this week, it will be good for us to take a look at significant provisions in the Immigration bill which was written by the Senate Republicans, under Trump’s administration.

Temporary Reprieve for Dreamers

On Saturday, President Trump said that he would give temporary protection to millions of immigrants to break the logjam of the shutdown.

The first category of persons would approximately 700,000 Dreamers, undocumented immigrants who came into the country as children and have qualified for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program). Trump tried to stop the program in 2017 but was opposed by the federal courts.

The second category of dreamers is above 300,000 foreigners who have for more than two decades been staying and working in the country under Temporary Protected Status. This category of dreamers is away from their respective countries because of armed conflicts and natural disasters. Also, 98% percent of the TPS population (comprising of six countries) were banned from the program, and given a deadline to leave the country; however, the federal court also blocked the Trump administration in this regard.

The Democrats floated the idea to support the president by granting him the money due for the border walls as a part of the deal which also gives way for citizenship to the TPS and DACA recipients; however, with the bill by Republicans, these recipients are set to be only granted “provisional protected status” for 3 years. The temporal protections are not renewable after three years.

New Wall Funding

The $5.7billion fund request by Trump for the building of the southern walls is the core of the bill.

This request is different from the promise that was made at the presidential campaign. The money was to be used for repairs of the old walls and the building of new barriers, as explained by the Homeland Security.

Asylum Overhaul

The President has continuously warned migrants who marched to the US borders, in order to use the asylum laws to their benefits, as such the Republicans bill offers overhaul of the program. Foreigners who are in fear of being persecuted in their home countries, in terms of their race, nationality, religion, political beliefs, etc.

Although the new bill provides asylum workers with opportunities, it also has restrictions.

A member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Greg Chen said the Central American Minors (CAM) would be restricted from obtaining asylum for 8 months as the new bill would take effect in 240 days while the restrictions will also be effective immediately after that.

The new Asylum bill allows asylum to be granted to individuals that are qualified for it and not for just anyone. The bill caps asylum number to 15,000 persons as supposed to the current bill which keeps the number open.

More Enforcement, More Jails

The Department of Homeland Security would receive $5.7 billion from the $70 billion which the new bill offers for the new borders.

Included in the fund are the provision 750 new Border Patrol agents and 375 new Customs and Border Protection officers.

Also, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would receive funding for the provision of more beds for detention centers and the hiring of more agents.

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Immigration New Zealand Comes to the Rescue of Exploited Chinese Workers

in New Zealand Immigration by

Immigration New Zealand Comes to the Rescue of Exploited Chinese WorkersImmigration New Zealand is taking actions to help 23 Chinese construction workers who have been left without jobs and homes in good stead. After they were evicted from their accommodation earlier this week, these men have been beneficiaries of donations in the form of food and beds.

Addressing their current circumstances, the men revealed that they made a heavy payment, of thousands of dollars, to get working visas. Moreover, there was an assurance of getting jobs by National Personnel Ltd (NPL).

Unfortunately, they have hardly had something to do, since they arrived in New Zealand. One of them, Li Hua Cheng, lamented that a major chunk of their time has been wasted in the process. Moreover, they had to do away with a heavy amount. They have a restriction to work only for NPL, because of the nature of their visa.

Immigration Department Steps In

Just when it seems the Chinese workers are in for tougher times, New Zealand immigration department stepped in. Speaking to the Chinese workers, Mike Treen of Unite Union said the immigration department and minister will work with the aim of resettling them and also getting them new visas.

Mr. Treen expressed his confidence about the construction workers getting work pretty quick, as soon as their visa status is changed by Immigration New Zealand.

The immigration minister himself said that he deems it appropriate, that the visas be changed, especially in a case of exploitation or failure to meet visa requirements, as in the present case.

The government is now moving to put an end to such exploitation by firms. It is deemed inappropriate for people to pay beyond the normal, for their visas, as well as paying heavily, to get jobs. At the moment, NPL is being investigated and will be stopped from recruiting from all over the world according to Mr. Treen.

The men expressed their joy and gratitude for the acts of the New Zealand government.

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No Conspiracy in Hong Kong’s Visa Denials – Director of Immigration

in Hong Kong Immigration by

No Conspiracy in Hong Kong's Visa Denials - Director of ImmigrationNo visitor was denied Hong Kong’s visa as a result of conspiracy according to the country’s immigration chief.

Erick Tsang, Hong Kong’s director of immigration, revealed on Sunday that each year, tens of thousands are denied entry into Hong Kong, all of which he said are with explanations. He stated further that everything done by his department is in line with the laws of the country.

Mr. Tsang’s comments are subsequent to several denial cases that are considered politically sensitive. One of such is the expulsion of Victor Mallet, a Financial Times journalist. The denial of his visa renewal was a sequel to him chairing a talk by Andy Chan, a pro-independence activist.

The Law is Supreme

Defending his department’s denial decisions, Tsang said every decision they make is informed by existing laws, policies and procedures. We can’t violate the law or do just anything we feel like, he said.

He explained that it’s either the people denied do not meet the immigration requirements of the country or are considered detrimental or dangerous to the country. Parallel traders and pregnant women from mainland China without hospital appointments are examples of such cases according to the director. It has nothing to do with conspiracy or preferential treatment, he concluded.

These decisions are made by frontline staff at control points definitely as guided by the law, says Mr. Tsang when asked if he’s responsible for rejections final choices. It’s not possible for me to make the calls concerning every decision across the 16 contact points in Hong Kong, he affirmed.

He also clarified that while it is possible for an individual to hold more than one Hong Kong passport, only one of such passports will be valid at any given time.

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Brexit: British Curry Industry “dying” and staff shortages

in UK Immigration by

Brexit Causing Shortage of WorkersWith the ongoing Brexit plans, the curry industry in the UK has drastically fallen, as well as the decrease in staff.

The impact of the Brexit plan is detrimental to running the curry houses, as this has increased the cost of doing so, thereby bringing some restaurants down. This concern has been expressed by the Bangladesh Caterers Association who initially supported the plan.

The deputy secretary of the Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA), Mr Mujibu Rahman Junue, said that the increase in the prices of ingredients is manageable compared to the unavailability of staff in the industry.

He further explained that with the lack of the next generation’s interest in the business, there is a need to hire skilled workers abroad to help sustain the Indian restaurants in the UK. But the possibility of this is far-fetched as with the new rules before a chef is hired from South Asian, his employer is supposed to secure a visa for him by providing a salary of £30,000. This amount is higher than a chef’s pay in an average curry house. Also, staff cannot be gotten in the UK because people are not interested. At this rate, he complained that there might likely be no Indian restaurant in the UK.

Promises Failed

Mr Junue said the primary reason for backing the Brexit was because they were promised that workers from the subcontinent would be permitted to be brought into the country. He added that there was an assurance of change in immigration rules during a meeting between the BCA and the top politicians. This was why BCA supported Brexit.

The owner of Taste of India in Euston London, Mr Redoan Pasha said this plan has caused an increase in the prices of ingredients, lesser customers and lack of staff.

He further said they believed the plan was a good one two years ago, but now the reverse is the case. That is the same complaints from others in the industry who had supported the plan initially.

The vice president of Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality, Mr. Kishan Devani said the restaurateurs believe they had been pushed into the wrong direction and are in regrets.

We are still awaiting comments from Mr. Boris Johnson, Ms. Priti Patel, and Mr. Michael Gove, the leading Brexiteers on the situation.

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Key Immigration Policy to Be Reversed By US

in USA Immigration by

Key Immigration Policy to Be Reversed By USA controversial US policy that necessitated that all adults residing with migrant children’s sponsors go through an extensive background check is to be reversed by the current administration. The reversal of this policy will ensure the quicker release of migrant minors from government custody.

The time migrant children spend in government custody had increased since the enactment of the policy of fingerprinting all adults living with sponsors back in June, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS, a department that cares for children who cross the border alone, revealed this on Tuesday, 18 December. They revealed that, as of 17 December, the number of immigrant children in government-run shelters has skyrocketed to a record high of 14,700.

US And Juvenile Detention

The time migrant juveniles can use in detention is limited by United States laws; hence children are often released to adult sponsors in the US when caught making their way across the border without a parent or legal guardian. Such children in the custody of adult sponsors are after that required to fight their deportation cases at the immigration court.

In regards to an extensive background check, Assistant Secretary at Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, Lynn Johnson, said it had been discovered that the policy is not giving the protection or safety of the children any edge.

Advocates argued that a good number of children are held up in US custody as a result of the delay in fingerprint processing. They also said relatives are scared of claiming such children because information of potential sponsors is shared with Department of Homeland Security.

According to the reversal, only sponsors will be fingerprinted henceforth.

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