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Latest US Visa News

Months after Reversal of Zero Tolerance Policy, Family Separation Still Thrives

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Family Separation Still Thrives in the USPresident of the United States, Donald Trump, signed an executive order on the 20th of June implying a backtrack from his highly controversial immigration enforcement policy tagged zero-tolerance policy. Zero tolerance policy empowers authorities to expose adults caught crossing the border illegally to criminal prosecution. The policy also allows authorities to separate such parents from their children.

A week after the president retreated from this policy, Dana M. Sabraw, a federal judge, ruled against the separations and called on the government to bring the affected families back together except in cases that pose a danger to the safety of the children.

It has now been revealed that immigrant families are being quietly separated at the border. Sometimes, the separation is based on unproven allegations of misconduct or insignificant violations. Catholic Charities lawyers have discovered at least 16 new separation cases over the past three months. Catholic Charities Lawyers provide legal services to the children of immigrants in government custody in New York. They claimed to have discovered these new cases chance as well as through looking into things after the placement of children in temporary foster care and homes with or without traces that they got to the border with their parents.

A Case At Hand

A Salvadoran father called ProPublica, in the latter part of last month, to report one of such separations. Julio, detained in South Texas, said a Customs and Border Protection agent took his four-year-old son from him after seeking asylum across the border. Reacting to the situation, Jodi Ziesemer, a supervising attorney at Catholic Charities, said she had no idea the boy was separated from his father.

These attorneys said Immigration Officials are taking advantage of any justification in their grasp to disqualify parents, with or without worthy proofs in their claim. They are equally empowered by an administration that does not totally shy away from family separation.

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98 Migrants Deported by Mexico for Storming US Border

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98 Migrants Deported by Mexico for Storming US BorderOn Sunday, a group of migrants attempted to breach the US border by finding ways through several points along the border but were resisted by US agents who fired several shots of tear gas. The agents claimed some of the migrants threw rocks and projectiles.

The president of the United States thereafter warned Mexico to find a way to move the migrants, many of whom he called stone cold criminals, back to their countries otherwise they will close the border permanently if left with no option.

42 people among this group were arrested for disturbing public peace among many other charges according to US officials on Monday.

Afterwards, Mexico Interior Ministry said the group has been rounded up for their violent and illegal attempt to cross the border. Dozens of people were seen running aggressively towards the fence mounted at the border according to a video footage. A Mexico migration office official, Gerardo Garcia Benavente, said 98 people from the migrants have been sent back to their countries because of the violent incident.

Requested for a Peaceful Protest

Reacting to the border-breaching attempt, Alfonso Navarrete, Mexican Interior Minister, said the migrants requested help to stage a peaceful demonstration only to be allegedly advised by movement’s leaders to attempt breaching the border. The demonstration truly started on a peaceful note bust as soon as they make it pass the Mexican security blockade, it became a dash for the border.

The migrants’ latest move will not help their objectives in any way as they had trespassed the legal migration framework which could have resulted in ugly scenes according to Mexico’s interior ministry. The ministry revealed that 11,000 Central Americans had been deported since this influx of migrants entered the country on October 19.

Darker Camp

After this incident, the camp of the migrants will most likely be darkened. The fear of how long they might have to wait to get asylum is putting migrants in desperate moods. One of them, Joseph Garcia, said she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Migrants are in a fix’ – the US insist no place for them in America and they are causing Mexico troubles.

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US Agents Fire Tear Gas as Group of Migrants Attempt to Cross Borders

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US Agents Fire Tear Gas as Group of Migrants Attempt to Cross BordersEarly on Sunday, a peaceful march was staged by a group of Central American migrants with the aim of appealing for the asylum claims process. Thousands of them have camped in Tijuana with the hopes of applying for asylum in the United States but fewer than a hundred asylum petitions were processed daily by agents at the San Ysidro entry point. Irineo Mujica, part of an aid group, said the objective of the match toward US border was to the plight facing the migrants more visible to the Mexican and US governments.

They pushed past a Mexican police blockade quite easily without any sort of violence – some of the migrants were in fact heard calling out to each other remain peaceful. They were shouting with hand-painted Honduran and American flags aloft in their hands: We are international workers…! We are not criminals..!

The demonstration took a new turn when some of the group saw an opportunity to breach the border as they near the US crossing. They tried to find ways through several points along the border including – squeezing through gaps between mounted wires, peeling back metal sheeting and climbing over fences.

In order to stop the attempt, several shots of tear gas were fired by US agents according to an eyewitness. In this confusion, children were heard screaming and coughing. People who were not attempting to enter the US were not left out as the wind carried the ensuing fumes. Ana Zuniga, a Honduran with a 3-year-old daughter, said the more you try to run, the more the gas chokes you.

Borders Closed

The pedestrian crossings at the San Ysidro were closed as a result. South bound and the North bound vehicle lanes were also closed. All were reopened later in the day according tweets from Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security secretary, said the closure of San Y Sidro was a matter of public safety because projectiles were thrown at CBP personnel. He reaffirmed that this kind of lawlessness would not be condoned, and ports of entry will be shut without hesitation for security and public safety reasons.

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Federal Judge Blocked US New Asylum Rules

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Federal Judge Blocked US New Asylum RulesPresident Donald Trump’s new immigration rules received a major blow late on Monday when Jon Tigar, a federal judge in San Francisco, kicked against the administration’s rules that limit the asylum-seeking abilities of migrants. He ruled that the policy of stopping migrants who enter the country illegally from getting asylum is in absolute contrast to U.S. law that gave them the right to do so.

On November 9, US President Trump overruling the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that states all foreigners arriving USA, regardless it is a designated port or not, have the right to apply for asylum. He signed a presidential proclamation which puts an end to migrants’ ability to request asylum when they enter the United States illegally. In his justification, he relied on a law that gives him the right to suspend foreigners’ entry if he could sign a proclamation that declares foreigners are detrimental to the welfare of the US. This was the same right he exercised to implement the highly controversial travel ban aimed at majority-Muslim countries.

The Federal Judge’s Position

Jon Tigar said rules barring immigrants who enter the US outside of a designated port from getting asylum is in contrast with the INA as well as Congress’ expressed intent. The judge who was appointed by Barack Obama affirmed that whatever the President’s scope of authority is, he may not come up with new immigration laws to force a condition expressly forbidden by Congress.

A temporary residing order preventing the administration from enforcing new rules was issued by Tigar. The restrain holds till December 19, when the court case continues. This ruling may be appealed by the Department of Justice, but it nevertheless could have an immediate impact on the migrant caravans who are currently at Tijuana.

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