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Latest US Visa News Updates

USA: About Half of Illegal Immigration Will be Stopped by Border Wall

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USA: About Half of Illegal Immigration Will be Stopped by Border WallAmidst enormous controversy, including a partial government shutdown, surrounding the building of a US-Mexico border wall, a new report released by CBS unequivocally says half of the total illegal immigration into the United States can be stopped by building a border wall according to data from the Center for Migration Studies.

According to the report, the southern border made it possible for one-third of the total recent undocumented immigrants in the US to be in the country while the other two-thirds have overstayed various kinds of visas.

Bringing Data to Focus

The latest data from the Center for Migration Studies reveal that a little below half (42%) of the undocumented immigrants residing in the United States entered the country legally on work visas but failed to leave the country when such visas expire.

In 2016, undocumented population in the US hit a 12-year low according to Pew Research Center. The center equally revealed that only about 500,000 Mexicans entered through the southern border illegally between 2011 and 2016 representing a huge fall from the above two million that entered in 2007 according to CBS.

Roughly 700,000 foreigners are residing in the United States on an expired visa as at September 2017 according to CBS report. The report acknowledged that the current administration has measures in place to cub visa overstays. A measure is U.S. Immigration, and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) sending of mail to visa holders to flag them about their visas were about to expire.

This will make people reconsider overstaying their visas according to the director at the Center for Immigration Studies.

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Thousands of Immigration Cases Indefinitely Delayed Due To Shut down

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Thousands of Immigration Cases Indefinitely Delayed Due To Shut downThe federal government has delayed thousands of immigration cases due to the ongoing partial shutdown by the Trump administration.

It is reported by the ABC News that most courts handling immigration cases have closed down due to the shutdown, thereby causing delay. As a result, a lot of asylum application and immigration claims cases are still untouched as the shutdown is moving to its third week.

The Immigration judged have reported that these delays have made the cases worse and also made the President’s goal, in terms of the border security, not achievable.

The People Laments

The Vice President of the National Association of Immigration Judges, Amiens Khan complained about how frustrating the situation was. He spoke on the irony of the whole situation, stating that the government was shut down to ensure border security and yet, it was affecting the Immigration system.

In December, there was a report that the Department of Justice’s Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), without prior notice, had informed a lot of immigration attorneys of the postponement of their cases.

There are complaints from attorneys that EOIR didn’t notify them and this had rendered a lot of the attorneys and their clients (migrants) clueless about what the future holds for their cases.

An attorney with the African Hispanic Immigration Organization (AHIO), Kidhen Banet, had tweeted, at that time, how he was clueless about the cases until he had tweeted other attorneys and also called the court.

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USA: Democrats Reject Building Border Walls

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Democrats Reject Building Border WallsDonald Trump, President of the United States, has blamed the opposition Democrats for the demise of the two immigrant kids who were in the US custody.

According to Trump, the death of children and others at the border are a direct result of the Democrats’ refusal to agree to the erection of the border walls, thereby permitting immigrants to enter the country illegally.

This comment came after the separate death of the two children from Guatemala who illegally crossed the border with their relatives, and had been in the U. S. Patrol border’s custody.

This was after he had tweeted that he was waiting for the democrats at the white house to conclude the border walls deal.

The Guatemalan eight-year-old, Felipe Gomez died of fever while in the US custody with his father, Augustin Gomez. This same occurrence happened on the same day, earlier this month where another Guatemalan kid, Jakelin Caval also died.

It is recorded, that in the last two months, 139,817 people have been apprehended by the US border patrol agents, on the southwest border. This is compared to the 74,946 people who were apprehended same time a year ago.

Trump is Resolute to Build the Borders

On December 22, when the US government shutdown which affected a quarter of the US federal government began, Trump promised to stay at the white house, thereby cancelling his trip to Florida for the holidays – though he visited the US troops in Iraq unannounced.

With his fight to build the US-Mexico border walls, the US President has even threatened to close the border if there is no substantial agreement with the Democrats on the deal. Meanwhile, the Democrats are firm in their decision not to support the agreement, claiming it as a waste of money.

A vow to reopen government

Nancy Pelosi, the expected Speaker in the new Congress, has vowed to reopen the government immediately her Democrats take control of the lower chambers from Thursday next week.

It seems that with the holiday celebrations ongoing, the effect of the shutdown has not been felt as most of the workers who have been sent off or without pay are on holidays will be called off, but we are sure the pressure will be higher in the New Year.

Though a more significant part of the US military isn’t affected, same cannot be said about the 42,000 coast Guard members, a branch that is under the Homeland Security, who are working without pay.

This is actually the third shutdown the government has made in a year.

A recent poll has shown that the Americans are in favour of a compromise rather than the President’s firm stand on the deal.

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Vietnamese Refugees Face Deportation with US’ Immigration Policy Change

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The United States, under the administration of President Trump, is set to push its immigration policy changes further.

Mr Trump’s aggressive move for immigration policy changes has caused a lot of controversies in the United States. In a recent development, moving forward with the changes could hold serious implications for Vietnamese refugees who have been in the country for decades. Some of these refugees could end up being deported.

Last year, attempts were made by the US government to deport some from Cambodia, Vietnam and some other Southeast Asian countries who have been in the country for a long time. The government tagged them, violent criminal aliens.

The situation faded away after some time but has now gathered pace.

The executive director of the San Jose-based Asian Law Alliance, Richard Konda, said the situation is alarming considering why the refugees came into the country in the first place – to escape prosecution.

He recalled how America spent a lot, both in cash and lives, to stem communism in south Asia after which many Vietnamese came into the US as refugees and agreement was made not to deport people that entered the country before 1995.

What Then Changed                            

According to the present administration, Vietnamese who entered the country even before the agreed year are not excluded from standard immigration law, hence can be deported

Security concerns are given as the reason for the move, and according to Konda, about 5,000 refugees now face deportation to Vietnam. He tagged the policy anti-family as it will separate families.

Immigration attorneys are doing all they can to find a way out of this. Let’s hope they can come up with something as soon as possible.

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Attorneys General Opposes President’s Latest Attack on Legal Immigration

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Attorneys General Opposes President’s Latest Attack on Legal ImmigrationAn alliance of attorneys general and attorneys general-elect, led by Attorney General Mark R. Herring, are actively moving against U.S. president’s latest exertion to attack immigrants in Virginia as well as other parts of the country.

Mr. Trump’s government has proposed a significant overhaul of rules tagged “public charges” which in effect could result in easier denial of status adjustment to lawful immigrants, rejection of applications of green cards or even the removal of lawful immigrants from the US if they make use of specific nutrition, housing, or health programs. The adjustment could go as far as forcing legal immigrants to have to choose between protecting their lawful immigration status or risk losing it by accessing programs they are already eligible for, like healthcare.

The Opposition

Official comments were filed yesterday, 11 December, by Attorney General Herring and his colleagues. The comments, co-written by Attorney General of New Mexico, Hector Balderas, and AG Herring, explained why the government’s move is both unlawful and represent a bad policy that would bring Virginia and residents significant harm.

Attorney General Herring said the government’s move is a concealed effort by Mr. Trump to cut legal immigration as well as making lawful immigrants feel marginalized. He affirmed that such proposal, unlawful and ill-considered, is only possible when immigration policy is in the hands of anti-immigrant extremists. He, therefore, said they would keep working to shield all Virginians from Mr. Trump’s harmful and discriminatory policies otherwise programs that are designed to help communities will be weaponized against them, pushing lawful immigrants to the extremes of having to choose between their immigration status or their health, as an example.

The public charge rules have been operational for decades, empowering the government to prevent potential immigrants who are considered to become primary dependents on public assistance from entering the country. Mr. Trump’s proposal is tightening things even more around the public charge, which has been considered unlawful and discriminatory.

Any lawful immigrant labeled a public charge may face all sorts of problems including green card rejection, inability to adjust immigration status and in fact risk being removed from the country.

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US Border Tightened Against Migrant Caravan

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US Border Tightened Against Migrant CaravanSecurity measures are being reinforced in the US as hundreds of Central American migrants looking to get asylum in the country reaches Tijuana, the Mexican border city. US military are erecting barricades and laying razor wire.

From among the thousands of migrating caravans making their way to enter the US through Mexico, around 400 migrants broke away. These 400 migrants have become the first batch of the caravan migrants to reach the Mexican border city of Tijuana. They arrived by bus on Tuesday.

The migrants said that they remain unafraid in their attempt to get asylum in the US despite President Trump administration’s aggressive move against them.

A migrant, Kenny Moran, said that it has been a tough month moving from Honduras. He said he left Honduras, with wife and daughter to escape from gang violence and poverty. He also said that the gangs practically make it impossible for you and your family to live. He made it clear that he does not know anyone in the US but knows there is work in Houston.

Human rights organizations revealed that larger groups would arrive in the coming days. An order signed by Trump last Friday has effectively brought suspension to granting of asylum to illegal immigrants. This will inevitably and significantly slow claims at the gate of entry. Nevertheless, immigrants are not deterred.

One of them said he prefers to be in detention in the United States than returning to a country where he knows he might be killed for his difference. Another said he’s willing to remain in Tijuana until the current hype goes down.

Reaction from the US

Jim Mattis, US Defense Secretary, said that he would visit the border today. Lanes at the Otay Mesa and San Ysidro crossings from Tijuana will be closed in order to give the Department of Defense enough room to mount barricades and put barbed wire in place according to US Customs and Border Protection.

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Mauritanians in US Fear Being Sent Into Slavery

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Mauritanians fear being deported from the USThousands of Caravan migrants moving towards the U.S. declared to turn back, birthright citizenship to be suspended and greater immigration restrictions are only a few of the situations. It will not be a misplacement to say immigration was the bedrock of Republicans campaign in last week’s midterm elections. The latest wave is an outcry from the Mauritanians who fear being condemned to the same fate as Issa Sao.

Issa Sao, a 37-year-old man who spent 14 years of his life in the US, was sent back to Mauritania leaving behind his family (wife, daughter and stepson) in Ohio. In an attempt to avoid his deportation, he was moved from one detention centre to another for almost five months. Mauritania, a desert nation in West Africa, is said to still allow enslavement of men (black Mauritanians) like Sao. Sao had previously been jailed, tortured and expelled by Mauritania. On October 15, Sao’s lawyer said she got a distress call from him. According to her, Sao said they will be moved that same night. The next day, Sao was truly gone.

This is only a piece of Trump’s aggressive move against immigration. A lot of money has been spent as well as diplomatic priorities being redirected in this crackdown. He’s forcing deportation on resisting countries, especially in Africa and Asia.

Trump’s camp and supporters claim the government’s immigration move has yielded progress on an issue that is causing harm to the US. In contrary opposition say the government’s approach could cause damage between the US and its allies.

The Outcry

Mauritanians are alarmed at the way things are going. The ICE revealed that 22 Mauritanians are in custody and could be returned soon. This leaves them (black Mauritanians) with the fear of being sent back to slavery.

Sao’s attorney said the situation is beyond just immigration, it is U.S. handing people over to persecutors.

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Rules Unveiled for Asylum Seekers in the US

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Rules Unveiled for Asylum Seekers in the USOn Thursday, President Donald Trump unveiled yet another aggressive move regarding immigration policy. This is coming just two days after the country’s midterm election in which the Republicans lost its majority power to the Democrats despite the much effort by Mr Trump to get votes via the immigration stance. Asylum seekers who break border laws will be approached differently as new rules were unveiled by the government. Henceforth, any illegal immigrants that cross the country’s border will have their eligibility to seek asylum in the US taken from them according to the Justice Department and Homeland Security. Senior admin officials affirmed that the rule would not affect people who had previously gained access to the US through such means.

The new rules will not be operational until applied in a presidential proclamation by the president. Officials say it can be done today Friday, 9th November 2018. This is one of the first moves of the newly appointed Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker. In a joint statement with Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary, Mr Whitaker said the tremendous burden is placed on the country’s resources as a result of an overwhelming number of meritless asylum claims received by the asylum system. These aliens hinder the US from adequately granting asylum to people who merit it, he said. Mr. Whitaker made it clear that what they are doing is according to the authority granted by Congress to take immediate actions on such people (aliens) who do not regard the government’s stance regarding seeking asylum in the US.

Administration to be Sued

As far as the latest immigration restriction is concerned, the government will maintain its stand despite expecting court cases. According to senior officials, the government and its relevant agencies expect the US Supreme Court to succeed in upholding the plan given they have 5-4 Conservative majority.

The latest addition to the high court, Brett Kavanaugh, will work with the four other conservative justices as reported by NBC news.

It is yet another time the Trump government will sidestep Congress in order to unilaterally shift immigration policy in the nation.

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