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Latest US Immigration News Updates

Current H-1B Visa Policies Darken IT Talent Outlook

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Current H-1B Visa Policies Darken IT Talent Outlook As the USCIS begin to receive applications for H-1B visas for 2020 fiscal year, the program has been attacked. Employers, politicians, and employees have expressed a high level of frustration towards the program, while since 2017, filings have reduced to 20%. More destruction is expected this year which has led to the wide speculation that the 29-old program may soon be headed for a complete crash.

What are the issues surrounding the fall in the H-1B application?

The availability of talented workers is excluded from such causes. China produces 10% of H-1B workers while 52% are from India. The workforce from these countries alone, excluding potentials from Canada, South Korea or Japan, is enough to meet the 85,000 H-1B visa allocations for 10 years and beyond.

As informed by a US Industry Trade group CompTIA, the unfilled IT jobs in the country is presently up to 732,000, as such, less demand for tech workers cannot be listed among the causes.

Some causes of the decline in filings of H-1B visas applications are

  • Administrative bottlenecks before sponsoring foreign workers
  • High cost – $1500 non-refundable fee, plus filing fee and other expenses incurred by firms which could tally up to $20,000 for a single application.
  • Rigid enforcement of the president’s executive order – “Buy American, Hire American” which has led to the increase in rejections of visa applications annually.

Another significant blow will be a new policy which is still under consideration. According to reports, a recommendation has been drafted by the agency and forwarded to the white house office of management and budget to approve the annulment of H-4EAD visas which will hereby restrict the spouses of H-1B holders from living and working in the country.

According to a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, Sarah Pierce, the approval and implementation of such recommendation would be devastating to H-1B family members as they would either be forced to separate from family or self deport.

Furthermore, the greatest threat to the H-1B visa is the implementation of the current technology. Presently, robotic science, AI algorithm which does not need a visa, are replacing the workers who did IT jobs like applications developments, coding, IT services, etc. With this, the visa programme must focus on hiring talents in blockchain Technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and the likes in order to remain significant.

The selection process of the current H-1B visa is scattered, and the tactical proposals by the USCIS to fix it endangers it the more. The administration should understand that H-1B visa or other potential future visa programs should be implemented in a way that will accommodate international talents and skilled workers, which will help promote the country economically.

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H-1B Visa Nominations from IT Firms Likely to see a Steep Drop this Year

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H-1B nominations may fall greatly this year From April, the filings of H-1B visa for FY2020 will be accepted by the US.

Normally, this period is greeted with excitement and displeasure on the other hand because only a few employees get nominated. But since 2017, this happiness has been replaced by uncertainty as the administration of Donald Trump have tightened the regulations governing visa, and this has resulted in more rejection and mass emigration of Indians from the United States.

As such, the grand American dream and the H-1B visa slowly began to lose its charm.

A project manager in a prominent IT company located in India, Karthikeyan Palanisamy said that the desire of obtaining an H-1B visa has 99.9% negativity, as individuals are no longer enthused with the prospect of being nominated for an H-1B visa due to the negativity surrounding it.

Rejected applications have risen in number

Statistics gotten from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) shows that in the last quarter of 2018, about 60% of companies that applied for a visa for foreign workers, were requested for more information. This is compared to 28% and 46% in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Approval rates for 2018 last quarter dropped to 75% as against 83% and 92% in 2017 and 2016 respectively.

Again, changes in the visa rules are set by the USCIS every few months. Hence, companies are decreasing the numbers of the nominations for H-1B, and even the employees are not even enthused about getting one due to the complications.

A project manager said that while about 10,000 – 15,000 nominations were always witnessed years back, this year is likely to have only 3,000 nominations and even at that, there is uncertainty about those who will get a visa and those who will actually travel if they did get the visa.

Therefore, the existing visa holders in the country are being utilized by the companies, rather than wasting resources. This is an advantage for those in the US as demand is high, but the supply of talents is low especially in Machine learning, cloud, and Artificial intelligence.

Apart from all these, the IT employees are no longer interested in working in the country anymore; hence, they are now looking for a non-US visa which they consider less stressful.

H-1B Visa Process Trivia

For H-1B visa, there is a cap of 20,000 for Master’s (only eligible for US Masters) and 65,000 for regular quota respectively.

H-1B papers filings begin from 1st April 2019. Once filed, the H-1B petitions are processed through a lottery process where the H-1B employees are chosen, though changes have been made recently to the processes of selection.

The processing fee, as of FY2018, for one H-1B visa varies between $1,600 and $7,400, with attorney fees in addition.

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New Sets of Migrant Caravan on Their Way to the US

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New Sets of Migrant Caravan on Their Way to the USOn Wednesday, above 1,700 Honduras passed through Guatemala as they head towards the Mexican border in a bid to reach the US, representing another group of Central American migrants seeking asylum in the US.

The United States and Mexico are still struggling to come to terms with the great number of migrants camped outside the US border awaiting asylum. The US has told them emphatically to turn back as they won’t be allowed in, but they are bent on getting asylum in the country. They have nonetheless been frustrated by the number of asylum applications being treated daily and are trying several things to get across the border including breaching attempts which have seen border agents firing shots tear gas at them on two separate occasions.

US’ record-breaking partial government shutdown continues with no end in view as Mr. Trump will not flinch until he gets the funding he wants for building the US-Mexico border wall.  This has sparked a lot of debate and controversy in the US.

New Group of Migrants Emerge

Now, a new group of immigrants is advancing towards the US in great numbers. About 325 children or youths below age 18, as well as around 100 El Salvadorans, are in the group according to Guatemala’s National Immigration Institute.

One would not have expected to see such numbers advance towards the US at a time like this given the stiffer policies of the current administration, but they said they are not dismayed. A member of the group, Miria Zelaya, said Mr. Trump’s hard stance does not faze them. She said they are motivated by greater need.

Another said he has to keep moving because he has been threatened by gangs back home to either join them or be killed. He, Adonay Hernandez, said he is sure he will make it to his relatives in North Carolina despite having just $20 with him.

Many of the group revealed they hope to find a better life in Mexico from where they can then apply for asylum in the US.

In the coming days, Mr. Trump will surely try to use this news to pressure Congress into funding his wall.

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Key Immigration Policy to Be Reversed By US

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Key Immigration Policy to Be Reversed By USA controversial US policy that necessitated that all adults residing with migrant children’s sponsors go through an extensive background check is to be reversed by the current administration. The reversal of this policy will ensure the quicker release of migrant minors from government custody.

The time migrant children spend in government custody had increased since the enactment of the policy of fingerprinting all adults living with sponsors back in June, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS, a department that cares for children who cross the border alone, revealed this on Tuesday, 18 December. They revealed that, as of 17 December, the number of immigrant children in government-run shelters has skyrocketed to a record high of 14,700.

US And Juvenile Detention

The time migrant juveniles can use in detention is limited by United States laws; hence children are often released to adult sponsors in the US when caught making their way across the border without a parent or legal guardian. Such children in the custody of adult sponsors are after that required to fight their deportation cases at the immigration court.

In regards to an extensive background check, Assistant Secretary at Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, Lynn Johnson, said it had been discovered that the policy is not giving the protection or safety of the children any edge.

Advocates argued that a good number of children are held up in US custody as a result of the delay in fingerprint processing. They also said relatives are scared of claiming such children because information of potential sponsors is shared with Department of Homeland Security.

According to the reversal, only sponsors will be fingerprinted henceforth.

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