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Latest UK Immigration News Updates

Brexit ‘will scrap the rules that let Britain turn back Channel asylum seekers’

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Brexit ‘will scrap the rules that let Britain turn back Channel asylum seekers’An Ex-senior Home office official has said that though there are claims of more crossings in the channel except the migrants were sent back, backing out of the European Union will put an end to agreements which is designed to aid such attempts.

The Ex-director general of immigration enforcement at the Home office and former deputy Chief Executive of the Border Agency, Mr. Davis Wood said that Britain is likely to lose the protection they have through the Dublin Agreement which permitted migrants to seek asylum in the first safe they find themselves at.

He told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programmer that Brexit is likely to affect everything. Mr. Wood said that though the number of migrants was on the decrease, it was likely to increase sooner.

The Way Forward

A minister in the government reported that the key to reducing the crossings was to return the migrants. He said it is better than the migrants believe that they cannot remain in the country when they come. This will refrain them from entering and will also not benefit the traffickers.

Mr. Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, had earlier announced that two cutters would be sent to patrol the channel, though it is not sure whether the patrol team was to rescue the migrants crossing or to stop the crossings.

The Home office had confirmed that it is working with the French officials and the National Crime Agency to tackle the issue of criminal gangs trafficking people in the French waters.

It was confirmed that today, Mr. Javid visited the border forces in Dover. His spokesman said Britain and France relied on their bilateral relations to work against the migrants.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor leader has spelled out the good aspects of the crossing as per its “humanitarian aspects” when he said that the borders should not be closed.

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Visa procedure for Malaysian travelers hastened by UK

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Visa procedure for Malaysian travelers hastened by UKUK Home Office declared that Malaysians heading to the UK will now be able to make an application for the Registered Traveler Service of the United Kingdom. The Rakyat Post quotes that British High Commission has declared that  the travelers from Malaysia are now permitted to use the service to get a hastened clearance via the UK immigration.

Approved citizens will get a faster entry at the British border via  the ePassport gates (for those holding an ePassport) or the United Kingdom /European Union passport lane so additional landing card is not required for them.

The British high commissioner, Vicki Treadell said to Malaysia, that 176,000 visitors from Malaysia entered the UK in 2015 which is a rise of 12 percent from the previous year. Southeast Asian country’s citizens will now savor all the treats Britain offers due to the hastened entry at the UK border.

The Registered Traveler Service gives hastened clearance via the UK border only to the sanctioned members whose advanced security procedure has taken place. This service will be made available from 21 November to Malaysian travelers.

Robert Goodwill, who is the migration minister of the United Kingdom is glad that their country welcomes new  business and also expressed his excitement  to share the benefits with Malaysian travelers. Adding that the scheme was also available to many other countries, he said that he was happy to welcome Malaysia to the community of Registered Traveler.

Eligible for this scheme are those Malaysian travelers, who have a valid passport, either possess a visa or entry clearance or have travelled to Britain a minimum of 4-time in last two years. The applicant  will receive a provisional letter of acceptance after the application is approved by the authorities followed by the important and detailed background checks.

The membership is confirmed and certified only if the applicants present themselves to the designated officer when they  land in the UK where their membership procedure would be finalized.

Indians Safe From The Recent Changes In Visa Category

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Indians safe from recent changes in Visa categoryIn the recent news, The Home Office in United Kingdom announced that individuals applying for Tier 2 visas from 24 November onwards under the ICT scheme would need to meet the wage threshold pre-requisite of £30,000. Earlier, the limit for the same was £20,800. However, it seems that Indian IT professionals will not be much affected by this move.

One of the managing directors of institute of management, Ranchi – “Kris Lakshmikanth”, as saying that most IT employees from India are getting paid more than the new current basic that the UK insists on. He was of the view that Indian IT firms do not pay lower salaries than the limit stipulated by the British government.

The Tier 2 Intra-company transfer category rules also require a health surcharge for migration that has to be paid. These   details will be declared in some time and would apply to all the IT companies when they file for visa applications to Britain from India.

According to Lakshmikanth, the median annual incomes of Indian IT employees in sales who are given on-site opportunity by their companies in the UK is around £50 k to £60 k pounds, and they can also earn an additional 50 to 60% commission in addition.

However, salaries paid two decades earlier for Indian IT professionals were more than what the UK government had earlier stipulated as the basis. It is also known that IT employees from India constitute 90% of visas allocated in the category.

Also, our few management experts like Sanchit Gogia (CEO of Greyhound Research), Ramesh Loganathan and IT advisory firm had strongly agreed that salary figures prescribed by Britain are not exorbitant by the Indian IT standards, so that will not affect our country.

Therefore, the consequence is that IT professionals from India will not be affected by the changes to Tier 2 ICT visa category. So ultimately, Indians have nothing to worry about the change of visa category.


Prospects for increased visas for Indians in the UK

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Prospects For Increased Visas For Indians In The UkTheresa May, Prime Minister of UK has given indication that Indian Visas may get increased if the Indian Government support them on the issue of migrants staying more than the period of their visa. It should be taken into account that the Indian Student Fraternity has been facing a lot of problem regarding the processing of their visas to the UK. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the British Government to take immediate actions for the immigration of Indian students to the UK.

In the Business Leaders Summit held in New Delhi, UK industrialist Sir James Dyson has favored and backed the smoother visa process of Indian visas to UK. British Premier’s visit to India for three days also concentrated on the same issue. Easy policies for bilateral trade between these countries post Brexit policy was also the focus of this visit.

Theresa May, however, assured that nine out of ten Indian students are being approved for the UK visa. India demanded for the lessening of eligibility criteria and rise in number of visas approved. Britain also agreed on cost deduction which will surely ensure the increased number of visa processing for the UK.

In return of these favors, India would have to help UK for the return of Indians who do not have legal Visas. Indian PM Narendra Modi revealed that the current visa policy of UK resulted in 50% decrease of Indian students approaching the UK.

Chief of Cobra beer, Lord Bilimora has also demanded of multiple entry visa of less than £100 should be extended to Indians too. Sir James also informed that it would reflect in the shortage of engineers in UK by almost one million. UK has only one third of the engineers which means there is a huge transformation required for the Visa policies, and make the visa process even more amiable for students from India to attract better talents.

Proposal to Hire Foreign Workers by Employers

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Proposal to Hire Foreign Workers by EmployersA global consultancy called PWC has put up a proposal to let companies lying in the regions of Birmingham, Manchester and other large cities of the United Kingdom to hire workers from other countries in this tough economy following Brexit. This consultancy gets its commission by the City of London Corporation and has its service scheme based on the visa policies that Canada and Australia follow. These two countries are former colonies of Britain and they are focusing immigration in the areas as the population is less and the lack of skills are inadvertently affecting the local businesses.

Sadiq Khan, the London mayor said to have started campaigns for a special “London Visa” to help people recruit from foreign countries in the capital. An important fact that we have to remember is that now, Britons can no longer move freely within the European Union. PWC’s recommendations as quoted by the Financial Times say that a broader regional policy must be implemented to support businesses in other cities, other than the UK capital. One of the formalities stated in the proposals is that the business has to initially make a request in the local authority for a visa. This will be passed on to the Home Office to give the work permits.

Other bodies and local companies have suggested putting up short-term regional visas that would last for about one year and some visas that would last for three to six years. Such regional visas would protect the rights and best interests of the foreign companies in small areas like Sunderland, where skills are needed and are not reaching because of the present UK visa system.  Mark Boleat, the chairman of the City of London Corporation has said that it is a great opportunity that came up with Brexit to revise the visa system and come up with a better one that would help many local businesses.

Tier 2 visa opportunities for students in UK

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Tier 2 visa opportunities for students in UKUK immigration has unveiled an all-new tier four visa pilot program for a duration of 2 years recently. This program will pave the way for non-European scholars who are pursuing Masters degree program for thirteen months or less from 4 best universities in the United Kingdom to stay back in the nation. They can stay for a maximum of 6 months once they have successfully completed the master’s degree. This would let them to get hold of good job opportunities in the United Kingdom through the visa scheme. The government has put forth this plan for the best 4 universities in the United Kingdom as the visa refusal level is too low for these universities. It is expected that this scheme if successfully implemented could speed up the process of applying for tier 4 visa.

The students from the following universities alone can be part of this scheme – Imperial college, London University of Bath, University of California and University of Cambridge.

A spokesperson from the Home Office stated that: “Individuals who wish to learn at the finest educational organizations in the United Kingdom have the most favorable opportunities now. This prudently envisaged visa program will make sure that the universities are reliably competitive and capable to entice the smartest and finest scholars across the globe.” She further states that all of the scholars who are partaking in this program has to meet all the standards as per the immigration rules established by the United Kingdom Home Office. All of the scholars need to meet suitable security and identity checks. Any request that doesn’t meet these immigration rules would be declined.

It is expected that the Home Office will carefully scrutinize this visa pilot program during 2- year period. The government would also perform an official assessment of the Tier four program once it gets to its conclusion. This would help to make any tweaks in the program if needed.

Tier2 migration to UK is easier than before for Aussies

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Tier2 migration to UK is easier than before for Aussies

England’s recent decision to quit the EU would render Tier 2 migration to the United Kingdom less demanding for Australian citizens. It implies that more Aussies can stay and work in the United Kingdom in comparison to the past.

Downer (the Australian high commissioner to the United Kingdom) stated that: “As a delegate of the Australian government in the United Kingdom, my responsibility is to pursue prospects amidst the Brexit consequences. While the repercussions of the Eurozone disintegration for Australia persist to be visible, I assure to get hold of this concern as an occasion to tackle constraints on working visas.”

This was not the situation when in 2011 Britain limited a few routes for non-European immigrants including skilled Australian laborers and capped Tier 2 making the limit of 20,000 visas in a year. Subsequently, the count of Australian citizens who were allowed a work visa by the Home Office in United Kingdom has dropped by 55% in the past 15 years with only 14,000 Aussies accepting a UK work visa in that time. Persons need to overcome the salary threshold of 35k Euros to receive a PR to live in the United States.

The expanded pay edge of £45,000 to increase inconclusive leave to stay (changeless habitation) which came into power on April 6, 2016 implies that Australians and other non-EU residents think that it’s difficult to stay in the United States in the long haul. Since 2010, the total number of Australian citizens working and staying in the United Kingdom has decreased by 42% for the most part because of Tier 2 movement limitations.

The economy of United Kingdom is profoundly reliant on European workforces for both unskilled and skilled occupations. Experts suggest that several of those occupations would be available to workforces from other countries, principally for people from Commonwealth nations like Australia.

It is also believed that New Zealand and Australia would work together in terms of visa agreements and joint free trade so that both countries could realize better economic growth.

UK Mulls Changes To Permanent Residency For Immigrants

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UK_Border,_Heathrow (1)

The UK is planning to overhaul residency policy and may terminate automatic residency for migrant workers

The immigration minister of UK Mr. Damian Green recently published that the government is all set to pushing the latest reforms regarding automatic settlement in terms of the employment which is required to be terminated.

According to the UK immigration news, as until now, the migrants on the work permit or the domestic worker’s visa expected that they could go for applying for permanent residency after the 5 years and for the British Citizenship, a year later.

According to the UK immigration news the radical changes includes the new minimum pay thresholds means that candidates with their best working experience are the ones who will be able to apply for the desired residency. As per the new rules, the government intends to do the following:

  • The government will continue to monitor and seek changes to the immigration policy and may even make additional changes to permanent residency policy.
  • Those who run their own business, along with talented migrants will fall under Tier 1 category.
  • As per the UK immigration news, the government will continue to assist and enable settlement for those who fall under Tier 2 plus provided they meet the minimum wage requirement of £35,000.
  • PH-D level scientist and other researchers will qualify the settlement without having the minimum salary criteria.
  • The government will also consider all workers to be exempted in terms of the minimum settlement salary in case of shortage occupations jobs which may include the nurses, social workers, teachers and much more.
  • The candidates who fall under the Tier 2 can  extend the temporary visa in order to stay in UK up to 6 years along with a cooling-off period of about a year.
  • The government plans to make it possible for overseas domestic workers to apply and work privately, in UK for a period of up to six months, but they would be required to stay employed by the same company for this entire duration.
  • The UK government also makes it possible for overseas visitors to undertake short term assignments, for periods not extending one to two months, with no requirements of sponsorship by anyone.
  • Tier 5 category workers, are those who are employed by various diplomatic households, and as such, are allowed to stay and work in UK for a period of up to five years.

The proposed changes, some of which are already in effect, are designed to limit immigration as per criterion set by the government.

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