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Latest Immigration News Updates

Australia Sees Record Immigrants Arrival in February

in Australia Immigration by

Australia Sees Record Immigrants Arrival in FebruaryAustralia has seen a huge increase in the number of permanent arrivals in the country over the last year with more than 115,000 arrivals in February alone.

Late last week, new immigration figures were released by Australian Bureau of Statistics which revealed a new record high of 844,800 annual immigration.

According to the official figures, 115,100 new immigrants came into Australia in February bringing the total entry for the past year to 844,800. This represents an increase of 11.4 percent in comparison to the same period in 2018.

When the total departures in the year were brought into the picture, the net annual immigration, including international students, is a five-year high record of 299,190.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised to cut net annual immigration from 190,000 to 160,000 which is still a huge jump compared to the figures seeing in the 20th century.

In 2012, the net annual immigration in Australia was above 200,000 which has been said to be responsible for the increase in house price in Sydney and Melbourne by 68 percent and 54 percent respectively in the five years that followed.

Population growth; a positive for economic growth

Despite the jump in house prices, which are linked to immigration, experts in Australia insist strong population growth is good for the country. They claim immigrants boost employment in the short term and contribute immensely to economic output in the long term.

Though several factors can be said be responsible for the surge in immigration into the country, including some other countries unwillingness to receive immigrants, it is obvious Australia is seeing as a great place to live and work. The country does not just have beautiful landscapes but also great opportunities.

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H-1B Frustrations: US Media Renews Interest in Canada’s Immigration Options

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H-1B Frustrations-US Media Renews Interest in Canada’s Immigration OptionsWith the increase in the rate of rejection of H-1B visa applications in the US, skilled foreign workers depending on the visa are racing to the northern neighbour, Canada for greener pastures.

Recently, stories about the Migration or potential immigration of highly skilled international workers from the States to Canada is being published by a lot of media outlets in the country.

From an H-1B candidate’s conversation with the Business Insider, there was an appreciation and preference towards the Canadian’s immigration system over the US.

The H-1B visa program is designed to pave a permanent residency for the highly skilled international workers in the States. Hundreds of thousands of the applications are filed yearly. However, only 85 000 allocations are given annually.

Since the resumption of President Donald Trump as the President of USA, there has been intense and rigid scrutiny of the visa program, which he believed was displacing the American workers and this has led to more than 10% decline in the approval rate for the applications between 2015 and 2018.

Express Entry

The federal and provincial governments in Canada are greatly appreciative of the skilled workers in their country as such, and they have created a favorable immigration system recently to aid easy entry to the country.

The point-based system is used by a lot of immigration systems in the country to award visa such as English language proficiency, skilled work experience, giving a lot of H-1B candidates the opportunity to gain permanent residence in Canada.

An example is the Express Entry System in Canada. This system was introduced in 2015 to manage the influx of immigrants. Through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), it awards points for education, skilled work experience, language, and age. The eligibility for a permanent residency in Canada through the Express Entry does not include a job offer from an employer in the country.

In 2017, Indians got 42% of the total invitations sent through the system, resulting in 32,310 individuals, ranking the country 1st. While U.S nationals were 2% making them 5,820, 7% of the invitations were given to the US residents that year.

Provincial Nominee Programme (PNPs)

This is another system that is associated with aiding in easy immigration workers with respect to the local labor markets in different territories and provinces. It also engages different selection points for education, skilled work experience, and language.

It does not require a job offer as a prerequisite.

Temporary work permit

Also, skilled foreign workers with job offers in Canada can obtain any of the various temporary work permits in the country.

H-1B visa holders and STEM or IT related jobs are brought in using the Global Talent StreamWork permit in Canada.

This is the most popular work permit in the country.

This system was introduced in 2017 as a pilot program, and it takes ten days for processing.

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Liberians Get Extended Immigration Status in the US

in USA Immigration by

Liberians Get Extended Immigration Status in the USOn Thursday, 28 March, the president of the United States – Donald Trump, extended a humanitarian program that will see Liberians reside and work in the country.

President Trump is famous for his hard stance against immigration, not just illegal immigration. Within the last six months, the US has seen the longest partial government shutdown in its history due to Mr. Trump’s insistence on getting funding for the US-Mexico border wall. He also declared a national emergency as a result. Many asylum seekers are stranded at the US-Mexico border as the number of asylum case treated per day has been significantly limited by his administration. There have also been numerous family separations. All of these have sparked debates not just in the US but across the world; questions are being asked of America’s immigration policies under the current administration. US employers on Wednesday declared Canada’s immigration policies much better.

But in contrary to the usual aggression against immigration, the White House revealed the signing of the extension of a program that sees Liberians seek better lives away from environmental disasters and war for one year by the president.

Trump changed his mind; we hope for more

In 2018, Mr. Trump decided to put an end to the Deferred Enforced Departure program which has been operational since 2007, stating there was no longer need for the program as things are better in Liberia. Therefore, thousands of Liberians were in line for status expiration on Sunday.

To great relief, President Trump has seen a need for the program to continue for another 12 months. Democrats are still seeking a permanent solution via congress.

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US Tough Visa Policies Attracts Immigrants to Canada

in Canada Immigration by

US Tough Visa Policies Attracts Immigrants to CanadaThe American dream is being replaced swiftly by the Canadian dream.

According to its global immigration trends report currently released (4th Edition), the Chicago-based Envoy Global said that more than 6 out of 10 employers in America consider immigration policy in Canada more favorable than America’s. This was drawn from a survey exercised on about 400HR professionals from 27th November – 17th December 2018.

The report stated that one of the attractions used to lure tech companies to Canada is its accommodating immigration policies. Currently, a plan was announced by the country to accommodate about 350,000 foreigners yearly till 2021.

According to the survey, while 38% of the employers hope to expand their business to Canada, one fifth already has an existing office(s) in the country.

In order for their presence to grow in India, companies are sending their already existing employees as well as hiring foreign talents.

What makes it Better?

Among the people who prefer Canada to the US is Vartika Manasvi, co-founder of Advanced Interviewing Platform StackRaft. According to her, nobody wishes to live an uncertain life in the States or even risk their careers due to stressful and rigid visa rules. She claims that the Immigration system in Canada is gradually becoming skill-based.

Currently, in the States, the Immigration system is dreadful and unpleasant towards immigrants. The rules governing the H-1B programmes are becoming more rigid while paper works are being piled up as the government is requesting additional information. The H-4 EAD which permits the spouses of H-1B holders to work in the country while awaiting their green cards is gradually becoming a nightmare.

The effects are greatly felt by the Indians, as they constitute three-quarters of H-1B visa holders and 80% H-4EAD holders. According to USCIS, out of 3.4m H-1B petitions in 2017, 2.2m were filed by Indians.

Meanwhile here are attractive reasons why Global Talent Stream (GTS) visa route in Canada is so much better for immigrants when compared to the US’s

1) The application fee for GTS is CAD$1,000 ($745), while the US work visa is $1,410

2) It takes 2 weeks to process the GTS application compared to the 6 – 7 months wait before an H-1B visa is approved.

3) Canadian immigrants’ spouses are not restricted from working in the country as the spouses of the H-1B visa holders in the US.

4) Foreign students are attracted to the country. As announced by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in June 2018, a student direct system (SDS) was designed to help FastTrack applications of Asian international students (India, Philippines, Vietnam, and China) who are enrolled in any of Canada’s designated learning institutes.

5) The allocation of visa in Canada is not by chance as with the lottery system for the allocation of H-1B visas.

6) While Indians have to wait 12 years to obtain a green card in the US, it takes only 2 years to get a permanent residency and 3 years to obtain citizenship in Canada.

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New Hope for Irish workers who could get access to thousands of US Visas

in USA Immigration by

Irish Workers Close to Getting US E-3 visas Efforts are being made to secure thousands of potential new working visas in the US for Irish nationals.

Earlier this year, a bill to ensure excess E-3 visas (particularly made for Australians) were made available to Irish nationals was brought forward. This could mean that yearly, about 5,000 US visas could be set aside specifically for Irish nationals.

Though early in December, in the United States House of Representatives, the bill was passed without a need to vote, there was a serious roadblock against it at the Senate.

Unanimous support was needed for the bill from the 100-seat Senate, but Senator Tom Cotton posed an opposition, as such, the bill was put in the hold.

However, there has been an understanding that the United States President has spoken to the Senator personally concerning his opposition.

Bill revisited

Congressman Richie Neal informed the Taoiseach and TD John Deasy, US Envoy to Congress about his reintroduction of the bill in order “to get it over the line.”

This news arrived when Taoiseach Leo Varadkar concluded his St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the government house, where he propelled the progress of the E3 visa during an oval office meeting with the United States president. Also at the Shamrock ceremony and speakers’ lunch on Capitol Hill.

He appreciated the fact that new E3 visas will be made available to Irish nationals.

Billy Lawless of Seanad Éireann, a Chicago based Senator told TheJournal.ie that probably the bill was “stuck” in between the “crisis” in Washington.

He further stated that Senator Cotton was being bribed richly by the Irish advocates and diplomats, but they were also unaware of his objection.

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No Emergency at the Border as House Says they Reject Emergency Move

in USA Immigration by

No Emergency at the Border as House Says they Reject Emergency MoveYesterday, US House of Representatives wield their power when they passed legislation to terminate the emergency declared at the U.S.-Mexico border by president Trump in a bid to build a border wall there.

The House passed the resolution following a vote of 245-182 to set up a vote in the Senate, with a Republican majority.

Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, reveled in the victory but is aware that the tally falls short of what would be needed to override a possible veto from the President, a Republican. The move to stop the president’s declaration was supported by only 13 Republicans.

The main force behind the controversial legislation, Democratic Representative Joaquin Castro, said “Border crossings are at a 40-year low. There is no emergency at the border, he said.

Threat to Constitutional Balance of Power

There is fear amidst the Democrats and some Republicans alike that the emergency declaration, which will give Mr. Trump the power to build the border wall without the lawmakers’ approval, may threaten the constitutional balance of powers between the executive and the Congress.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, shied away from predicting the outcome of Senate legislation after Vice President Mike Pence had a closed meeting with Republican senators. McConnell said he is yet to conclude if the emergency declaration by the President is legal and the meeting with the Vice President a robust one.

Congress has been formally notified by White House that Mr. President could veto the order if the proposal passes Congress.

President Trump insists he has the power to declare the national emergency explaining that US national security is threatened by the humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border.

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Is the US Tough Immigration Policies Beneficial to the Country or Not?

in USA Immigration by

US Immigration Policies Scares Legal Immigrants While President Trump’s aggressive move against illegal immigration which is clearly written all over his administration’s policies may be welcomed on many fronts, moves affecting the ability of skilled immigrants and fresh international graduates to work legally in the United States are of significant concern to stakeholders in the country.

Recent tough policies surrounding work visa and student visa are making a significant number of students, and skilled immigrants seek much easier destinations like Canada, according to immigration lawyers.

Over the past two years, reports have shown a decline in international student applications, and enrollment to U.S. institutions – the first ever year-on-year decline – and this could be as a result of the changes in student visa. Shah Peerally, president and managing attorney of a law group in San Francisco, said the changes have made student visa a nightmare. An example is an F-1 visa.

F-1 visa, which is clearly the most popular student visa, allows the student to work while they study as well as after study. In 2013, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) were mandated to seek additional information or clarification before the declining request, but in July 2018, USCIS was given permission to decline request without seeking additional information. Now, mistakes that happen while filling the forms can lead to deportation.

An associate attorney of a firm that handles immigration cases of any kind, Sarah Pitney, said it has now become a common thing to see client pursue their luck in Canada.

Buy American, Hire American

Canada has become a really attractive destination for students, Peerally said. It is easier for students to get work visas and permanent residence via Canada’s Express Entry, he added.

Henry Chang, a Toronto based Canadian immigration lawyer, attributed the anti-immigrant policies in the US to Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order.

As far as Trump remains US president, no guarantees can be given regarding anti-immigration policies in the country; hence it is more likely to see more immigrants favor a move to countries like Canada.

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Record-setting 2019 Continues as Canada’s Express Entry Reach 14,500

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Canada Reaches Another High in Latest Express Entry DrawIn the Express Entry draw held on February 20, 3,350 invitations were issued to candidates to apply for permanent residence in Canada by the Canadian government bringing the total invitations so far this year to 14,500.

This is the best start to a year the program has ever had since it began in 2015 according to figures from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

In 2018, IRCC achieved a record Express Entry invitations to apply (ITA) of 89,800, but at this time last year, only about 8,500 ITAs have been issued to candidates representing a 70 percent year-on-year increase.

Express Entry system

Canada designed this program to cater to the country’s High Skilled economic immigration programs which include Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and Federal Skilled Worker Class. It aids faster immigration process for candidates who got invitations to apply for permanent residence in the country.

Invitations to apply are issued to candidates who rank highest in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores. Each candidate has a CRS score that is based on the evaluation of factors including language proficiency, education, age, and skilled work experience. Invitations are usually issued by IRCC every two weeks.

The minimum CRS score in the latest draw was 457 representing an increase of 19 points in comparison to the previous one held on January 30. The rise in CRS score is said to be as a result of a longer period -three weeks – between the draws because it offers candidates more time to replenish.

The lower CRS score seeing on January 30’s draw was due to a shorter time between the draw and the previous one held on January 23 leaving candidates with a lower chance of submitting a profile.

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