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Latest Immigration News Updates

UK Universities Ask to Decrease Salary Threshold for High-skilled Visa

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UK Universities Ask to Decrease Salary Threshold for High-skilled VisaUK government has been urged by the director of Universities UK International, Vivienne Stern, to reduce the proposed salary that all European Economic Area (EEA) workers must earn in order to be able to get a high-skilled work visa.

A proposal that was earlier submitted by Migration Advisory Committee on behalf of the UK government includes a salary threshold of £30,000 for all skilled migrants after March 29, when UK is expected to leave the EU – post-Brexit. This is the level preferred by Prime Minister Theresa May because she sees it as imperative to achieving her lower immigration aim.

Though the aim of reducing immigration is a welcome goal for the majority in the UK, nevertheless a salary threshold of £30,000 is considered to be outrageous and would result in staff recruitments problems that will ultimately have adverse effects on key services like National Health Service.

If things go as planned, the proposal is expected to be implemented by the start of 2021 immediately after the post-Brexit transition period.

High Skill Occupations not Always the Best Paid

Since the proposal was made public, Universities UK has not shied away from voicing its views on behalf of its members. The association does not support the new salary threshold stating that high skill occupations are not always the best-paid jobs.

The median salary threshold for language assistant roles as well as production, science and engineering technicians is significantly below the proposed threshold of £30,000, Universities UK revealed. If enforced, assessing skills will be challenging. Stern emphasized that it is essential to ensure that an attempt to check migration does not affect the talents pool of the country. She said the Home Secretary understands that the threshold will be harmful to a number of sectors. Universities in the UK want the threshold reduced to £21,000.

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International Students not Deterred by Brexit

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International Students not dampened by BrexitAs uncertainty continues to persist regarding the outcome of Brexit discussions, it has been observed that international students do not seem to be discouraged by the situation as figures released yesterday showed that this year had seen a record number of applications to study in UK universities by international students.

Applications from Chinese students increased significantly while a little increase was recorded in a number of student’s applications from European countries. At the moment, applicants from China and Hong Kong represents about a third of the total applications to UK universities by non-European citizens.

Talks Continue over Brexit

The record increase in the number of applications to UK universities is recorded at such a time when discussion surrounding the departure of the UK from the EU continues to linger without definite agreement yet. With approximately seven weeks remaining for the expected separation, worries and agitations fill the air of various sectors in the UK and many other stakeholders alike.

Theresa May, British prime minister, held discussions with European Union leaders in Brussels yesterday but from all indications, the meeting was billed to be unable to get the country the desired breakthrough regarding withdrawal agreements.

A no deal Brexit will affect many ties the UK has with EU countries including Universities. Earlier this week, Universities UK released a warning that UK students will not get funding to study in European Universities in the event of no deal Brexit.

In the midst of this ocean of fears, international students seem to be undeterred by Brexit situations. In the wake of the Brexit news, applications from EU students fell, but it has since seen a gradual recovery.

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MPs Condemn the Use of Android-only App in Getting Settled UK Status

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MPs Condemn the Use of Android-only App in Getting Settled UK StatusUK Home Office has been accused of digital discrimination for the creation of Android-only app for settled UK status application for EU nationals.

Sajid Javid, the home secretary, received an open letter – from top Labour MPs and MEPs – stating that the Android-only app system does not represent the fair treatment of all EU nationals.

Need for Trust

The MPs stated that the settled scheme for EU nationals must not be allowed to be bedeviled by public distrust because the public unprecedentedly observes the administrative obstacles and difficulties facing UK’s immigration system since the Windrush scandal. Unfortunately, the Android-only app system does not give the public, including EU nationals, the much-needed confidence, they said.

Beginning from January 21, EU nationals living in the UK started the application for settled status with the aid of the Android-only app designed by the Home Office. All EU nationals in the UK are required to confirm their identity using the app after which they are to visit the government website for the final part – provision of evidence that they have been in the country continuously for at least five years.

Individuals who do not have capable phones are required to visit any of the 13 centers in the UK for their verification. This has led to criticism from many of the group who have to embark on long journeys to get to the closest center.

The number of centers is expected to increase to 50 by March 30, a day after UK leaves the EU. The current system is only a test, and it is entirely voluntary, said the Home Office.

The MPs do not agree with the Home Office on this stating that the system is causing distress and promise of more centers in the future cannot give anybody certainty or confidence. What stopped it from being right from the start? They asked.

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UK Parliament Votes in Favor of Post-Brexit Immigration Bill

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UK Parliament Votes in Favor of Post-Brexit Immigration BillUK’s Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination Bill was voted in favour of, by the British Parliament on January 28th, 2019.

The aim of this post-Brexit immigration bill, also known as the EU withdrawal bill, is to ensure that the independence of the nation’s immigration policy after Brexit, by adapting its present immigration policy.

Although at the first reading, the MPs were not unified, they came to the same conclusion at the second reading where 297 votes were counted in support of the bill, and 234 voted against it.

In the Commons, Caroline Nokes, the Immigration Minister in the UK said that a significant contribution had been made by immigration to the economy of the nation. She equally added that the government would relay the new immigration rules to a range of businesses over the next year.

What It Entails

The Home office had made a statement earlier in January, 28th 2019 to put a stop to free movement immediately if there is no deal when Britain leaves the EU.

However, it is part of the bill that citizens of the European Union and their families will still have access to the country but only for a certain period of time, after the country leaves EU.

But, in case the citizens intend to prolong their stay beyond 3 months, application for European Temporary Leave to Remain should be made. In the case of wanting to stay beyond 3 years, application for a new permit under the new Skills-based future immigration system, which begins from 2021, would be made.

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Immigration is the Important Foundation of America

in USA Immigration by

Immigration is the Important Foundation of America One of the biggest challenges in the society today is immigration. It involves the people, the country as well as the people who come to the US for greener pastures.

The topic, immigration, is not a new one, as well as the battle against it; yet, an effective way to tackle it has not been found. The US has been shaped by the immigrants’ cultures which are diverse. A better life, believed to be found in the US, is sought after by people far and near. This is why some even cross the oceans to come here.

Obvious concerns have been made about the country’s economy as well as how secured the future and jobs are; but from the research made, it is seen that no correlation exists between high rates of unemployment and immigration.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) reported that it believes that immigration is an integral part of the growth of the economy of the nation.

According to the report, by 2024, the estimated jobs to be available in the country is 35.3 million approximately. If the considered jobs to be created is 9.8 million, and with the country’s decline in birth rate, there is evidence of insufficient manpower to carry out the jobs. As such, the demographic challenge which the US is facing has immigration as an essential piece.

The Harsh Truth

The issue with the current immigration is not how these immigrants cross the borders or their intentions, but how our system is handling the whole situation.

Significant immigration reform legislation has not been passed by the government since 1986; making it about 33 years since this problem has not been appropriately addressed.

The effect of immigrants and immigration on our country today and our daily living is not fully comprehended.

Immigrants either found or own most of the country’s establishment and businesses. About 28% of the US businesses are owned by entrepreneurs who are immigrants. 48% of the overall growth of business ownership between 2000 and 2013 was accounted for by immigrants. Examples include: a Poland immigrant, Maxwell Kohl founded the Kohl’s Department Store. Also, an immigrant from Russia, Sergey Brin confounded Google.

The time has come for this challenge to be tacked. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped, without the lives of those individuals seeking better lives being in danger.

A plan should be formulated to clear the problem and not worsen it. However, the way this situation is handled will reflect on us as a people and as a country wholly. It is better if it has a positive reflection and not negative.

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Canada Announces A Pilot to Boost Immigration in Rural and Northern Region

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Canadian Government Announced A New Program to Boost ImmigrationA new pilot program is going to be launched by the Canadian Federal government. This program is to aid the boosting of immigration in Northern and rural communities that are suffering from the decline in population and Labour shortages.

Ottawa has been sought after by smaller towns and communities’ municipal leaders to help them attract new migrants. This is because immigrants, about two-thirds or more, love settling in the bigger cities.

As many people are leaving Canada small town to the urban centers, these communities believe that the key to what will help them fill the gaps in Labour is immigration.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is the model used to design this new program, because the population growth and the market Labour growth, which was needed in the Atlantic Provinces, were filled when the Atlantic Immigration Pilot was used.

This Atlantic model prepares a settlement with job offers for immigrants coming to the region. A recent increase in population in Nova Scotia this year was pointed out by Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister, as proof of the effectiveness of the program.

However, to retain immigrants in places which are outside Atlantic Canada has been a challenge. According to the 2016 census data, only 16% of immigrants that filed for return of tax in 2011 in Prince Edward Island still lived there five years later.

Retention is a special focus area for this new rural pilot

Hussen said that the communities participating will prove that there is settlement infrastructure in the communities as well as show their need for these skilled workers. In other words, the community should understand that there is employment and language support so that the new immigrant can adapt quickly.

To be part of this pilot, the northern or rural community should have a population of less or equal to 50,000 people or the Statistic Canada have already designed such a community as a remote city. Apart from Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, other communities are free to submit their proposals.

About a hundred newcomers or less than 3,000 people with their family members are expected to be welcomed per community. In the spring, the communities that have won will be announced.

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Brexit Boosts Employment, Earnings, Job Openings in Britain

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Brexit Boosts Employment, Earnings, Job Openings in BritainOn Tuesday, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published figures which stated that between September and November 2018, 75.8% of individuals between age 16 and 64 were employed with paid salaries.

According to the report, 21% are not job hunting (economically inactive), while 4% are unemployed and this is also the lowest record since 1971.

Also, about 853,000 jobs were available between October and December 2018. This record beats the former which was taken a year before, by 39,000.

The net European Union migration has reduced since 2012, and this is good news for the British workers.

While the media and the politicians bewailed that the drop in the EU citizens number eager to use the free movement to move to Britain was because of the “Brexit uncertainty”; however, an average British worker has benefited from the drop in foreign Labour because employers now believe that the job markets which are now competitive means higher salaries for the Britons.

Last year at the Resolution Foundation, Stephen Clarke, a Senior Economic Analyst gave a warning to employers to adjust migration environment which is much lower, in regards to their products, their workers as well as their operations. This was in prospect of the end of low-wage workers which were unlimited, from the continent.

The Bank of England noticed the emerging rise in salaries and mobility of employees in Nov 2017, 17 months after the vote to leave the EU. At that time, Gertjan Vlieghe, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee in the Bank, did say that they have heard news of difficulty of firms to recruit not just in individual sectors but there is also an issue of broad-based pressure. However, lately, the firms are responding well with the increase in wages.

Low-skilled migrants still needed

While the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) of the government reported that the migrants who are low-skilled are not required in the UK after Brexit, but the Tories have bowed to industry pressure, and thus, a 12-month work visa will be given to the migrants by Britain after Brexit.

This opens the door to the influx of less expensive migrant Labour is going to destroy the pledge made by the Conservative Party to reduce immigration, as well as, bring down the British workers’ wages.

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Statistics Show US Needs More Immigration not Less

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Economists say America Requires More ImmigrantsAccording to economists on either side of the United States’ political spectrum, the country needs more immigrants, representing an absolutely different position compared to the US president’ hard stance of fending off illegal immigrants.

To maintain our workforce and economic health, we need to significantly increase the pace of immigration in the US according to Shikha Dalmia – an analyst with Reason Foundation.

Explaining further, business analysts and economists pointed out the reduced birthrate in the country since the previous administration, at the least. They are hence advocating for more people, innovation, and capital being brought into the country.

Mass immigration in the US is a Myth

Shikha Dalmia backed up by the fact, revealed that with careful consideration, the belief that America is experiencing mass immigration is nothing but a myth. He said the opposite is actually the reality in the country – the US is a low immigration country.

If the country does not open its doors wide to immigration, a huge bottleneck for growth will soon be evident as suggested by demographic trends in the country which is pointing towards a severe labor shortfall, Dalmia said.

Without a strategic immigration move, the all-time low birthrate in the country is a pointer to tough times ahead. Despite this, Mr. Trump is not only hindering illegal immigration, but he is also putting tough measures in place for legal immigration.

In conclusion, based on the data available, Dalmia said the United States should be receiving at least double of what it is currently receiving as immigrants per year until 2050. He said this still will not amount to mass immigration for the country given that foreign-born population in the country at 2050 will be at about 26% at the rate suggested which is still below what is obtainable in Australia as of today.

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