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International Students

Indian Students now Exceed Chinese Students at Canadian Schools

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Indian Students now Exceed Chinese Students at Canadian Schools Currently, there is a hike in the number of Indian students in Canadian universities, and this is greater than the Chinese students.

According to the statistics given by the Canadian High Commission to the Globe and Mail newspaper; in 2018, Canadian study permits were held by 172,000 citizens from Indian compared to the 142,000 Chinese citizens.

As reported by the same newspaper, in 2018, 85,825 new Chinese students arrived in Canada; while 107,795 students from India – a 300% increase since 2015 – arrived in Canada.

The accessibility of an open work permit after graduation is the major factor that drives the Indian students to universities in Canada. Also, citizenship and permanent residency have simplified pathways in Canada.

These Canadian policies contrast the US government’s effort to restrict foreign workers with H-1B work visas, one thing which the Indians really benefitted from.

Other reasons include diverse population, quality of education and the multicultural nature of the Canadian universities. Also, the fact that Canadian education is less expensive as compared to the US is another driving force.

Work Permit, Immigration Options for International Students

International students are termed immigration candidates due to their competency in French or English, form of education and the integration of their large numbers into the Canadian society.

Hence as a form of encouragement to remain in the country, a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) can be applied for by foreign graduates of eligible Canadian colleges and universities. This visa is valid for three years and requires no job offer.

Job opportunities at anywhere in the country are available to any foreign graduate with PGWP, even with the opportunity to change employers at will. This is as a result of the open work permit.

The Express Entry System which is the main economic immigration gateway in Canada rewards Canadian education with extra points. Also, pathways to the permanent residence are provided by provinces in Canada for eligible foreign graduates of the country’s universities.

To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

Canadian Work Permit Enabled For the Denied Graduates

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Canadian Work Permit Enabled For the Denied GraduatesPast two years turned out to be a bit difficult for the post-graduates who completed their coursework though distance learning in their final study program. All the graduates were denied Post-Graduate Work Permit along with their residential status.

Now after two years of consideration, the Canadian court has finally allowed open work permit for three years along with the restoration of temporary residential status. The pre-requisite to this agreement is that only the post-graduates who were denied work permit between September 1, 2014, and March 15, 2016, are allowed for the restoration of temporary residential status.  Also, they should have completed their final study through a distance learning method. The time given for reconsideration of work permits for these candidates expires on March 17, 2017.

All the candidates who fall into this category are requested to step forward for reconsideration. Moreover, two more conditions are added for the benefit of these graduates. First one, work permits can be accepted within Canada. Irrespective of missing the 90-day deadline to apply for temporary restoring of residential status, their application will still be accepted.

All this happened only after a successful graduate challenged the denial of work permits in the Canadian court. Also, the fee for different applications was also altered and was changed to the following

  • $200 for restoration of temporary residential status
  • $155 for work permit application
  • $100 for open work permit

Immigration McCallum believes that these foreign graduates are competent and skilled to improve the country’s economy. He also referred to the country as an aging one and young blood from other countries can affect the countries growth majorly. The number of international students grew intensively from 184,000 to 355,000 in the year 2015.

This is a golden opportunity for the graduates and it is expected that many candidates will take advantage of this offer. This program is sure to boost the economic growth of the nation to an all-new level.

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