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UK Embassy Introduces Self-upload Visa in Immigration Application Portal

in Visas by

In a commitment to the improvement of UK Visas and Immigration Services (UKVI), changes have been made to the Access UK services by the UK’s Home Office to enable the enjoyment of a smooth and convenient application process.

These changes include the introduction of new technology, digitization of services and improvements to the online customer journey.

The Way it Works

The Access UK offer customers the ability to booking visa application center appointment and also scanning and uploading their supporting documents from their homes.

This can be done through the eDossier solo documents upload application which is offered by TLS, their commercial partner on Android and IOS, and the purpose of any additional service that will help enhance their experience.

Continuous uploading of supporting documents for the applications can be done until the day of the appointment.

This development implies that original documentation submission isn’t necessary, although individual passports will be required so that vignettes can be placed on it after the visa is granted.

The service is now global and also available in Ghana currently. Its availability on mobile devices makes it convenient to access the platform and complete applications, which is rather clear, brief and relevant to what the customer had answered before.

Applications can be edited, reviewed and downloaded before submission. Understanding the total cost is easy as fees are displayed in the appropriate local currency.

Furthermore, customers also enjoy the ability to book an appointment to submit their biometrics at their chosen VAC, self-upload supporting evidence and also pay for additional services if needed.


In summary, Access UK provides visa customers with:

1. Quick and easier visa application through intuitive online form

2. Access to upload required documentation till the day of application

3. Ability to effect changes to the application at any moment.

4. Flexibility through using a mobile device

5. Selection of any suitable and available service for the customers, be it super-priority, priority, and standard.

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Theresa May’s No-Deal Brexit Plan Rejected by Lawmakers

in UK Immigration by

What a no-deal Brexit means for the UKOn Wednesday, 13 March, British Parliament said no to Theresa May’s no-deal Brexit as exit deadline looms. You will recall that the MPs had on two different occasions rejected the Prime Minister’s plan for the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Mrs. May had earlier supported a non-binding motion stating the MPs rejected a no-deal exit 29 March, but the PM’s wishes were surprisingly denied as 312 to 308 votes were cast by Parliament to amend the motion to oppose a no-deal Brexit at any time.

Parliament also won in upholding the motion by 321 to 278 votes following the government’s attempt to get the lawmakers to defeat the motion entirely.

UK’s decision to exit the EU began about 2 years, but things did not move as fast as anticipated. Desperate urgency is now in full gear as deadline looms.

The eventualities of no-deal Brexit

There have been serious concerns across several quarters in the UK and beyond about the complications that could come with a no-deal Brexit which has made it a more unlikely outcome.

If no-deal Brexit goes through, some goods from the EU will have tariffs for the very first time while some products from non-EU countries will be without tariffs for the first time as well.

Following this latest rejection, the Parliament is expected to seek an extension to Brexit deadline in a vote slated for Thursday, 14 March.

The deadline of any Brexit extension will be May 29, according to the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Some others think it could be extended as far as the end of June.

It is unsure if any short extension will help resolve the challenges faced so far.

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New Zealand to Increase Immigration Staffing to Meet Visa Processing Demand

in New Zealand Immigration by

New Zealand to Increase Immigration Staffing to Meet Visa Processing DemandAfter waiting for two months, a group of Chinese tourists have not been issued visitor visas by New Zealand for a week-long tour in the country which is due to start on January 2. This has therefore led to questions being asked of Immigration New Zealand’s ability to handle the very much anticipated increase in volume of visa applications NZ-China 2019 Tourism.

In respect to the volume of applications, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) admitted it is struggling to cope with such volume. There is the need for more staff according to Simon Cheung, chairman of NZ Chinese Travel and Tourism Association.

Visa Applications Volume

Approximately 45,000 temporary visas are being processed by INZ at the moment. It includes 19,000 onshore applications and 26,000 offshore applications.

Mr Cheung said delays in visa applications lead to unpalatable experiences even before the start of the holiday resulting in a bad reputation for New Zealand.

He revealed that increase ranging between 10 to 20 percent is expected in the volume of Chinese tourists against 2019 and efforts are being made in alliance with both INZ and Customs to ensure seamless arrival and entry of these tourists.

He explained that about a hundred thousand Chinese visitors enter the country per year with their applications usually made in groups. Delay in just one of the visas can cause a delay for every other applicants.

INZ will be helped to get information on entry requirements for visitors as well as advising applicants to lodge applications early online to interested tourists according to Cheung nevertheless he acknowledged that INZ will need more manpower to deal with these visas once received.

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International Migration Hits High Record in Canada

in Canada Immigration by
International Migration Hits High Record in Canada

International Migration Hits High Record in CanadaBetween 1st July and 1st September 2018, there has been an unexpected rise in the number of foreigners migrating to Canada from all over the world.

An estimate has shown that in the third quarter of the year, the population of the country has risen by 183,715 people. According to Statistics Canada, this number was the highest quarterly ever since 1971 when the present accounting system was introduced.

The major part of the increase in number the of people who trooped into Canada between July 1st and October 1st came in via international migration, which accounted for 146,531 people out of the 183,715 people that came in.

That was the highest number ever recorded by international migration, and the rise was said to be caused by the arrival of the unexpected number of people who are not Permanent Residence and the strong levels of migration.

Of all those who were admitted into the country, 79,417 of them were not permanent residents of Canada, and 82,316 of them were permanent residents. Statistics Canada said that most of those who did not have Permanent Residence were holders of study and work permits.

Factors affecting population growth in Canada between July to September 1998 to 2018

Since 1971, The first record of the fifth largest number of permanent residents admitted in one quarter was between 1st July and 1st September.

In the third quarter of 2018, the normal population growth in the country was estimated to be 37,184. In the records prepared by Statistics Canada, the number of births was 103,199, and the number of deaths was 66,015.

Statistics Canada also reported that looking at it from the third quarter of 2012, the natural rate of growth of Canada’s population has been depreciating. This, they say could be as a result of an ageing population and the case might remain the same for some time.

Major population growth taking place at Prince Edward Island

It was mentioned in Statistics Canada that in nine provinces, the primary source of population growth between 1st July and 1st September was from international migration.

The smallest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island, happened to see the greatest rate of growth in population, having a 1% rise in its population.

Factors affecting population growth in Provinces and Territories between July and September 2018

In the Prince Edward Island, there have been specific measures undertaken by the government to attract more skilled workers to its province through its Provincial Nominee Program, to salvage its declining population which is due to immigration to other provinces and a large number of ageing people in its population.

Benefits of International Migration to Provinces

According to Statistics Canada, the ill effects of interprovincial migration in Provinces like Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba can be reduced by international immigration.

It has also reduced the effect of having more deaths than births in the population of Provinces like New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

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UK Considers Ending Indefinite Immigration Detention

in UK Immigration by
UK Considers Ending Indefinite Immigration Detention

UK Considers Ending Indefinite Immigration Detention

Caroline Nokes, UK’s immigration minister, has informed MPs she is seriously considering calls to nip indefinite immigration detention in the bud.

The UK does not have a cap on its immigration detention and as a result a lot of cases involving detainees being held for months and even years.

During her appearance before the joint committee on human rights, the immigration minister revealed that she is watching the issue of immigration detention time limits very closely. She said her focus is to ensure a detention system that does not just uphold the country’s immigration policies but is also fair to those detained.

Detention Survey

Every year, UK incurs cost in the range of 108 million pounds on about 25,000 new detainees awaiting deportation. High court judges, parliament committees, UN and local authorities have all criticized the Government’s practice of indefinite incarceration.

It has been discovered that more than 50% of detainees are eventually not deported and a good number of them have taken legal action against the country for their detention. According to a report by Home Office, three million pounds was paid by the Government to 118 people in the 2017/2018 fiscal year on the ground of unlawful detention.

A survey that involved about 200 detainees across seven different deportation centers in England revealed that more than half (about 56%) were categorized as an adult at risk, who are only supposed to be held in cases considered extreme. This result suggests breaching of Home Office guidelines on detention.

The same survey revealed that 84% are on open-ended detention – have not been told when they will be deported. About 50% of the detainees did not commit any crime, many of whom have been detained for four months on the average.

Minister Nokes appeared before the joint committee on human rights after a bill to impose a 28-day statutory limit on immigration detention received cross-party support when tabled by Labour MP Tulip Siddiq.

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Migrant students can now stay in US for more time

in Immigration/Student Visa News by

Migrant students can now stay in US for more time

President Obama’s activities to broaden the government policies related to education visa, which permits immigrant students to work as well as study in the U.S. has gathered positive response from numerous migrants. Students in technology, math, biology and engineering fields can stay in the nation on visas for 12 months before and 29 months after completing their graduations as per government’s norms. The precise policy details and its implementation date are still unknown; However, Obama has guided the education ministry policy makers to start formulating policies that could incorporate extending the stay of such students.

Experts state that the nation is encountering a superfluous brain drain as numerous foreign students who migrated to the U.S. and get degrees in much demanding fields leave soon after completing their studies. They hardly contribute anything to the country’s economy. This is the flip side of the coin.

The count of foreign students studying engineering in the U.S. has increased by 14 percent between 2014-15 and 2015-16, as per latest data. The number of students who are seeking for math and software engineering majors has expanded by almost 22 percent. A huge number of citizens wants this policy to be implemented as early as possible so that they will be allowed to serve the nation they love the most without any restrictions.

Obama likewise opened the ways to all those immigrants who wish to study in school by removing age limitations on his previous official activity known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The activity permits multiple students to get a respite from expulsion, and minimum 19 states permit children in the DACA project to pay an in-state educational cost. Since the activity was actualized, around 7.5 million students have profited from the policy.

Immigration, at its core, is about individuals and their desires for better lives for themselves and their families. As the US keeps on losing market share of researchers to nations with friendlier immigration policies, president’s amiable strategies for students to stay and work is bringing cheers among numerous migrants.

Lawsuit filed, to challenge Treatment of Children facing deportation from U.S.

in Australia Immigration/Canada Immigration/Denmark Immigration/Immigration/USA Immigration/World Visa News by


Nine children, suspected of crossing the border illegally, were arrested. Their lawyers argued with the aim to get the court to appoint an attorney for the children. A lawsuit was filed challenging the opinion that these young children can proficiently stand for themselves.

The lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union along with various other interested parties in one of the federal courtrooms, in Seattle. They want the current administration to make available attorneys, for these hearings on immigration, and to address the issue of illegal undocumented children who face deportation.

The Lawsuit aims at changing the age-old policy on ‘handling children’ in immigration courts

This lawsuit has been filed with a hope to ensure that the proceedings in the court are fair and that the children will have a legal representative, as there’s no rationalization for creating an exception to the immigration law.

One of the Judges overseeing the immigration courts made a statement that he can successfully explain the nuances of USA immigration law to children which apart from being an irrational statement has got all then activists outraged. The activists were outraged as children young as three and four years old were expected to understand the nitty-gritty’s of immigration and law.

The complaint was filed in 2014 suggested a violation of constitutional guarantees and federal laws that require an absolutely fair hearing before a USA immigration judge.

Immigration of Children crossing U.S. border

A flow of solitary unaccompanied children across the United States border was mostly to flee from gang violence along with the financial harsh conditions in countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, in the latter half of 2014.

The wave subsided; however, the surge of young immigrants, mainly children was greater than before again towards the close of 2015. Between October first and November Twentieth of 2015, the number of children increased to 12,505 that were taken into custody.

The Case

Amongst the children, in quest for adequate and fair legal representations regarding their case are those abandoned by their mother. This includes an 11-year-old from Washington State and a 4-year-old who’s from El Salvador but currently residing in Los Angeles. There are several other children in Texas as well as Florida.

There were arguments on several motions in the case. Some include dismissal of the plaintiffs and to permit the lawsuit to proceed as a class action suit. The young minors are secluded by current policies and pro-bono legal options.

Deputy Assistant U.S. Attorney General Leon Fresco suggested that offering non US citizens legal rights including representation by an attorney would shatter the USA immigration system. He suggested that people may recognize this leverage to sue the government and as a result, the immigration system would be bound to be impacted.

The judge will take a call on the motions, which would affect countless children, already under the purview of immigration laws, in force today.

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