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Immigration News Updates

Thousands of Immigration Cases Indefinitely Delayed Due To Shut down

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Thousands of Immigration Cases Indefinitely Delayed Due To Shut downThe federal government has delayed thousands of immigration cases due to the ongoing partial shutdown by the Trump administration.

It is reported by the ABC News that most courts handling immigration cases have closed down due to the shutdown, thereby causing delay. As a result, a lot of asylum application and immigration claims cases are still untouched as the shutdown is moving to its third week.

The Immigration judged have reported that these delays have made the cases worse and also made the President’s goal, in terms of the border security, not achievable.

The People Laments

The Vice President of the National Association of Immigration Judges, Amiens Khan complained about how frustrating the situation was. He spoke on the irony of the whole situation, stating that the government was shut down to ensure border security and yet, it was affecting the Immigration system.

In December, there was a report that the Department of Justice’s Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), without prior notice, had informed a lot of immigration attorneys of the postponement of their cases.

There are complaints from attorneys that EOIR didn’t notify them and this had rendered a lot of the attorneys and their clients (migrants) clueless about what the future holds for their cases.

An attorney with the African Hispanic Immigration Organization (AHIO), Kidhen Banet, had tweeted, at that time, how he was clueless about the cases until he had tweeted other attorneys and also called the court.

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US: New Asylum Policy will Help to Block Illegal Immigration

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US: New Asylum Policy will Help to Block Illegal ImmigrationKristen Nielsen, the Homeland Security secretary, has announced a significant change in the policy that will help stop illegal immigration.

The Homeland Security department is making amends in the Immigration system in the asylum system. The major problem is the fact that illegal migrants, especially the ones from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, can claim asylum once they cross the border to avoid being deported.

However, only less than 10% of these people actually qualify for the asylum.

But this is not really the objective. Most of these people, after the first screening, are released into the states. The loopholes such as the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act and the Flores Settlement have made the matter worse.

As a result, these “migrants” simply disappear in the states after being released, without even seeking asylum.

This pathway should have been closed years ago by the Congress. Instead, claims of asylum and migration of children illegally have increased, and this has not served in the best interest of the US government or the real asylum seekers who have legitimate claims.

The Government Finds a Way

As such, the government sought a legal way to stop these illegal crossings and such as provided in the Immigration and Nationality Act which stated that the aliens are to be returned to Mexico while they await their hearing in the court.

Hence, Homeland Security is ending one of the major problems in the US immigration system by using the “catch and return” method instead of “catch and release.”

In support, the Mexican administration has promised protections, work authorizations and humanitarian visas and protection to those migrants waiting in the country.

This relationship between the US and Mexico is a big solution, and as such, Trump’s administration should be applauded.

This is after the Congress was advised by the Heritage Foundation analysts to shift the process of the asylum to consulates in Mexico so that the US government would not have to detain those seeking asylum and also they won’t be released into the states without their asylum claims being proven.

With this, the Congress is advised to fix these loopholes in the Immigration system.

The court may likely challenge the orders and reforming the broken asylum may only be possible using the legislation. As such, Congress is advised to do their work if the US government is actually going to fix the Immigration problems.

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USA: Democrats Reject Building Border Walls

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Democrats Reject Building Border WallsDonald Trump, President of the United States, has blamed the opposition Democrats for the demise of the two immigrant kids who were in the US custody.

According to Trump, the death of children and others at the border are a direct result of the Democrats’ refusal to agree to the erection of the border walls, thereby permitting immigrants to enter the country illegally.

This comment came after the separate death of the two children from Guatemala who illegally crossed the border with their relatives, and had been in the U. S. Patrol border’s custody.

This was after he had tweeted that he was waiting for the democrats at the white house to conclude the border walls deal.

The Guatemalan eight-year-old, Felipe Gomez died of fever while in the US custody with his father, Augustin Gomez. This same occurrence happened on the same day, earlier this month where another Guatemalan kid, Jakelin Caval also died.

It is recorded, that in the last two months, 139,817 people have been apprehended by the US border patrol agents, on the southwest border. This is compared to the 74,946 people who were apprehended same time a year ago.

Trump is Resolute to Build the Borders

On December 22, when the US government shutdown which affected a quarter of the US federal government began, Trump promised to stay at the white house, thereby cancelling his trip to Florida for the holidays – though he visited the US troops in Iraq unannounced.

With his fight to build the US-Mexico border walls, the US President has even threatened to close the border if there is no substantial agreement with the Democrats on the deal. Meanwhile, the Democrats are firm in their decision not to support the agreement, claiming it as a waste of money.

A vow to reopen government

Nancy Pelosi, the expected Speaker in the new Congress, has vowed to reopen the government immediately her Democrats take control of the lower chambers from Thursday next week.

It seems that with the holiday celebrations ongoing, the effect of the shutdown has not been felt as most of the workers who have been sent off or without pay are on holidays will be called off, but we are sure the pressure will be higher in the New Year.

Though a more significant part of the US military isn’t affected, same cannot be said about the 42,000 coast Guard members, a branch that is under the Homeland Security, who are working without pay.

This is actually the third shutdown the government has made in a year.

A recent poll has shown that the Americans are in favour of a compromise rather than the President’s firm stand on the deal.

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British Authorities Advised to Stop English Channel Migrant Crossings

in UK Immigration by

UK to Stop Channel Migrant CrossingsWith all the crossings over the English channels recently, the British government authorities have been advised to put a stop to the possible trafficking behind the crossings.

Recently, there have been numerous accounts of migrants crossing, involving people who claim to be Iranians, Afghans, Iraqis, etc. Dover MP, Mr. Charlie Elphicke said that such crossings are very dangerous ones during this winter period and as such, the situation should be well handled by the UK National Crime Agency and Home Office. But it appears the reverse is the case, as the government is not explaining the actions that have been taken to stop the crossings which may lead to possible people trafficking.

Mr. Charlie Elphicke said the French and British government authorities should stop the traffickers behind these crossings before a tragedy occurs in the channel.

Home Office Responds

A spokeswoman from the Home Office, in response, said that the Border force officials had intercepted and rescued three men on a small boat who presented themselves as Iranians. They were taken to the UK authorities for interviewing.

The National Crime Agency and Home Office also reported, on Tuesday afternoon, that many boats containing migrants were also intercepted and rescued by Border force while trying to cross the channel overnight and that these incidents will be dealt with appropriately.

According to them, there may be a criminal gang activity behind these illegal migrations by boats through the English channels, as such the UK authorities are working in connection with the law enforcement agencies and French officials to capture these gangsters who are putting lives at risk.

Meanwhile, the authorities have been advised by the campaigners to help the migrants if they wish to claim asylum so that they would not risk their lives by going the busy shipping lanes.

According to the spokeswoman from Kent Refugee Action Network, Bridget Chapman, there has to be a way for these people to travel safely rather than being forced to embark o a hazardous journey which would risk them being exploited or falling I to the hands of human traffickers.

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ICE Releases Hundreds of More Migrants on Christmas Day

in USA Immigration by

ICE Releases Hundreds of More Migrants on Christmas DayOn Christmas day, a hundred more migrants were released in El Paso, Texas by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) according to officials.

While El Paso, Texas has been trying all it can to accommodate about 200 migrants released at a bus station in the community on Sunday by ICE, another group migrants were released in the community yesterday, Christmas day.

Speaking to newsmen, the director of Hope Border Institute, Dylan Corbett, said the minimum of 180 migrants were dropped off in downtown El Paso in the latest release. He said about half the latest release are children with some parents having more than a child with them.

He also revealed that all migrants dropped off are now at different Annunciation House shelters, and they are not expecting any drop-offs on Wednesday, 26 December, according to information from ICE.

The Drop Offs

Outside a Greyhound bus terminal in El Paso on Sunday night, more than 200 undocumented immigrants were dropped off by ICE without any housing plan according to the police. US Rep.-elect, Veronica Escobar, said dozens more were dropped on Monday before the latest drop-offs of hundreds of migrants on Christmas day.

Escobar said thankfully, just about 60 were dropped off on Monday compared to Sunday’s 200 which made it more manageable.

US Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Escobar’s predecessor, revealed on Facebook that more than 200 and 500 would be released on Christmas day and Wednesday respectively.

According to reports, local musicians serenaded the migrants and were given food and water as they waited for buses to shelters.  The community fears that about 500 migrants could be dropped off on Wednesday as well as Thursday, but no one could say for sure until the drop-off.

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UK Immigration Plans Mark Another Failure on the Path to Brexit

in UK Immigration by

UK Immigration Plans Mark Another Failure on the Path to BrexitIn yet another turn of event in a whirlwind of situations rocking the UK, the long-awaited immigration paper has been finally unveiled by the government.

The Whitehall has been through a handful of tumultuous situations in recent weeks, including more cabinet splits, alleged sexist comment about Theresa May by Jeremy Corbyn as well as Conservative ministers’ threats to leave the whip, in case no deal Brexit becomes government policy. The white paper is the latest.

The White Paper

Free movement of workers between the UK and the US will be hampered as the immigration white paper is aimed at reducing immigration level by ending free entry of workers between the two countries.

As from 2021, generalist workers can enter the UK without already having a job offer and remain in the country for up to a year seeking work. At the end of these 12 months, they must leave the country as part of what is called ‘cooling off period’ after which they can enter the country again. This transition period will be between 2021 and 2025.

People who use this system are:

– Required to pay for their visa,

– Not allowed to take advantage of public funds (e.g., health care) and

– Barred from using another visa route.

These proposals have been tagged problematic. Josh Hardie, CBI Deputy Director-General, described the issue as follow: firms would be encouraged to hire different personnel per year by the temporary 12-month visa route for immigrant workers that receive below £30,000. This results in unnecessary cost hike as well as discouraging migrants from being part of local communicates which is a pertinent social concern. He described the situation as good for neither business nor the public.

The limitations on skilled workers will be removed, and due consultations will be made regarding the proposal of £30,000 minimum salary requirement for skilled migrants. No immigration target will be set for each calendar year through Home Secretary Sajid Javid said they immigration will be maintained at levels considered sustainable.

Removal of such caps should ordinarily have signaled positivity as businesses will be able to access their required foreign talents more efficiently, but this move will most likely end in a considerable rise in cost and administrative burden of getting these migrants because of the end of the free movement. With free movement, employees can be sought at much lower costs from the EU.

It is crystal clear that this white paper is a representation of the government’s toxic approach to immigrants and holds no promise of better days post-Brexit.

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US Insist on Deporting Vietnam War Refugees

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US Set to Deport Vietnam War RefugeesAfter deporting about 40 Cambodian immigrants on Monday 17 December, United States is now ramping up the effort to deport refugees of the Vietnam War who were convicted of crimes after their arrival in the country.

The Cambodian immigrants deported is one of the largest groups the US has ever deported at a time, but a larger group may soon be deported as about 9,000 Vietnamese immigrants who came to America decades back when they escape the Vietnam war now face possible deportation. In this regard, the US and Vietnam officials held a meeting earlier this month to address reinterpreting an agreement between the countries that has been shielding the refugees from deportation.

This is just one of the many instances of Trump’s aggressive move against immigration that has seen deportation surpass entry into the US. Many who have been in the US almost all their life, with very little or no connection to their home country, have been victims of such a hard stance against immigration by Mr. Trump’s government.

Mr. Washington Approved Protection

In 2008, Washington inked an agreement with Hanoi which protects all Vietnamese war refugees that entered the US before 1995 against deportation.

While addressing issues surrounding reinterpretation of the agreement inked, litigation director at Advancing Justice – an Asian-American civil rights group, Ms. Phi Nguyen revealed that the refugees were granted green cards when they entered the US hence becoming permanent residents of the country, but because of fund or the process involved, many did not apply for citizenship.

Ms. Phi Nguyen also said that neither Vietnamese officials nor the US Department of Homeland Security officials had discussed the outcome of their meeting.

Mr. Trump deported many Vietnamese immigrants early last year when he initially attempted to reinterpret the agreement. August this year, the administration appeared to have backtracked on the reinterpretation but is now at it again.

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Students Associations Tell Canada to Remove Barriers to PSW

in Canada Immigration by

Students Associations Tell Canada to Remove Barriers to PSWIn a bid to improve the immigration system for international students in Canada, the Canadian Alliance of Students Associations (CASA) presented recommendations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

In September, Canada launched a study on migration challenges and opportunities for the country in the 21st century with CASA as one of the evidence providers.

While commenting, Adam Brown, chairman of CASA board, told the study committee that the Canadian government needs to get rid of administrative and regulatory barriers that may proof stumbling blocks for students seeking jobs and residence after graduation because international students are imperative to finding solutions to skill shortages.

CASA’s recommendations

CASA proposed a few key recommendations to the committee including; a six-month window after graduation to look for employment as well as internships and work experience program participation minus an additional work permit. They also advised that rules that hinder post-secondary staff from giving immigration advice be relaxed to provide room for flexibilities.

CASA board chair argued that it takes five months, on the average, to get a job in Canada after graduation hence the need for a longer window. He explained that the current window of 90 days (three months) given for getting employment after graduation is not realistic regarding current workforce situations in the country, let alone taking into consideration the life’s complications that could happen after graduation.

Mr. Brown also added that the requirements set for post-secondary staff to get a certificate that will permit them to give immigration advice are so high that many international students are not able to get migration information on campus. He said some institutions could not meet the commitment of time and resources required for the certification.

CASA believes that if these things are adjusted, international students will give more back to the system; hence Canada will be better off.

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