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Immigrate to Canada

Indians Working for Free in Vancouver for Better Resume

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Indians Working for Free in Vancouver for Better Resume

Many immigrants in Vancouver are volunteering in work placements through a program started by South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, which is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. These new immigrants want Canadian volunteer experience so that it adds value to their resume and help them find a good job in the near future. Many immigrants are also working for free at for-profit organizations like Subway, where they work as sandwich artists and pharmacy assistants at Medicine Shoppe franchises.

Labor lawyers feel that the program is perfect for newcomers as they are by Employment Standards Act and even if they are doing it for free, they are given minimum salary and other protections.

More than 27 immigrants participated in the program in 2016 and 2017, and the placement is for 40 to 100 hours long. Susanna Quail, the Vancouver-based lawyer, said that any work done by an employee is employed. If someone’s making sandwiches at Subway, then you have to pay them. Sunny Sanan, a Subway franchise owner, feels that it is a good program. Vancouver has an unemployment rate of below five percent, making it very difficult to find good employees. David Lee, manager, Medicine Shoppe franchise hired a few volunteer pharmacy assistants through the program but didn’t know about the Employment Standards while associating with it.

Not an employment program

Lee said he likes the idea of showing immigrants how things operate in Canada. Eric Lau was hired around six years ago to head the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House program. He said that the essence is to help new immigrants who don’t have any Canadian work experience. Lau warned that it isn’t an employment program but a part of Settlement and Integration program and is about giving them the opportunity to succeed. The Canadian labor market is strict about Canadian work experience and prefers hiring those who are integrated into the system. The volunteer program is an opportunity for them to get valuable experience.

Canada Becoming A Hotbed For Startups and Innovation

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Canada is on its way to become the preferred destination for many ‘technopreneurs’ worldwide. Toronto is set to edge out the Silicon Valley and other places elsewhere, like for example many European countries.

The country north of USA has taken impressive measures in making the place attractive to businesses and entrepreneurs. It is not a surprise that this development coincides with the political changes happening globally. For example, the Canadian government has launched a startup visa this year. It allows foreign entrepreneurs to pitch in their innovative business plans to investors and allow them to have a PR if the investors come on board.

At the same time the political class in both Toronto and at the national level have adjusted policies and taxation levels to compliment the attraction. As more highly skilled talent migrates over to Canada, existing business and startups are lapping it up at a fast pace.

Source: scholarshipsads

Another event that propelled Canada and more specifically Toronto was the anti-immigration stance by the US administration. Many workers in the technology sector are migrating, or planning to migrate to Toronto. Their reasons are multi-fold. As if the scaremongering and immigration reforms were not enough, their primary reason seems to be the arduous journey in obtaining the coveted green card. Compared to the US, getting a permanent residence in Canada is much easier, according to some of them.

The heuristic view on this situation suggests that Canada is capitalizing on the visas and immigration fiasco that the US is undergoing now. It is not necessarily a bad thing though. Competition is always good for business. There is no conceivable doubt that when the US realizes what it is losing, there will be a quick reversal in its policy. Or it may begin to relax its visa norms.

In any case, the winner of this competition will neither be the US, nor Canada or any other developed country. It will always be you – the skilled migrant.

Canada one of the top four nations for high-skilled immigrants

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Canada one of the top four nations for high skill immigrantsWorld Bank report states that Canada has become one of the top four attractive destinations for high skill immigrants. However, the US continues to draw top-notch overseas immigrants, borne out by the fact that three-fourths of the immigrants are tech professionals in Silicone Valley.

A research carried out by Christopher Parsons, William Kerr, Ça?lar Özden, and Sari Pekkala Kerr under the aegis of the World Bank indicated the immigration pattern of the previous five decades that took into account the total migrants the world over, and their origins and destinations.

The research threw up some interesting facts, such as the US, Britain, Canada and Australia continue as top destinations for overseas immigrants; immigration trends have neither drastically increased, as feared by some section of people and political groups, nor decreased, but have remained unchanged for the last 50 years; well-educated and above average people migrate for better financial gains; the US attracts 40 percent of international immigrants and Britain, Canada and Australia together account for another 35 percent.

The study foresees an extremely positive development for Canada, since a majority of high skill immigrants to the country possess funds and skills to boost its economic growth. The research specifically highlights an increase in high skill women migrating to greener pastures. A case in point is the year 2010 in which more high skill women migrated overseas, than men – a trend that has been witnessed for the first time. The maximum number of women, who migrated overseas, was from Asia and Africa and their preferred destinations were North America and Europe.

The countries not left far behind the top four nations in attracting highly skilled immigrants are  Germany, France and Spain, who have left no stone unturned in appealing to the top skilled immigrants to move over. Whether their efforts are bearing fruits is yet to be seen.

The future trends, as per the projection of the research, indicate a continued dominance of the top four nations over international immigration.



Quebec’s Unemployment Hits The Lowest In Records

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Quebec’s Unemployment Hits The Lowest In RecordsIn the month of November, lot of changes have occurred in the employing sectors of Quebec. Unemployment rate in Quebec had hit the lowest of the records during November ( lowest since rates have first been recorded).

The record system began way back in the year 1976. The rates fell at about 0.6 points, reaching to 6.2 per cent. This had been a shock, because the province added a whopping amount of 81,000 jobs last year.

Speaking on a national level, Canada has also not been doing so well in the employment sector. In November, the country’s unemployment rates fell down to 6.8 per cent. This happened because of people showing more interest in other jobs, showing an impressive amount of development in the job’s front rather than the employment side of the coin.

Employment in Canada has shown development of only 1 per cent, that is about 183,000 jobs in the last twelve months according to the new statistics of Canada figures. Looking on the demographic side, in November, gains came from men aged between 25-55 years old and maybe the over 55’s. Nova Scotia had the largest gains in employment.

The key sectors that had observed gains are finance, insurance and real estates. Recreation and agriculture also saw significant improvement in employment. In November, about 14,000 people found work in finance, insurance and real estate. These sectors saw an increase of 4.7 per cent in employment. It is also surprising to note that the unemployment rate for women over 25 years , was lower (5.1%) compared to the unemployment rate of men over 25 years (6.4%). Unemployment rate is least in British  Columbia (6.1%), whereas unemployment rate is highest in Newfoundland & Labrado (14.3%).  More jobs were created in the private sector, compared to public sector.

There has been a gain of 13,000 jobs in information, culture and recreation. These sectors had an increase of 5.9 per cent in terms of new job opportunities. In agriculture, employment rose to about 6,000 jobs.

Canada prepares itself for rush of immigrants from Mexico

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Canada prepares itself for rush of immigrants from Mexico

Canada prepares itself for rush of immigrants from MexicoCanada is preparing to welcome the immigrants from Mexico. This is exactly at the same time when Donald Trump has announced to expel and eradicate illegal migrants. Additionally immigrants from Mexico do not require the visa to Canada from now on wards. The spokespersons for the Immigration Ministry of Canada said that there might be a possible increase in the number of immigrants from Mexico particularly. Most of them would be tourists and corporate travelers.

The visa for immigrants from Mexico was implemented back in the year 2009 in order to look into the issue of fake asylum seekers. On the other side, the visa waiver comes at a time when Trump has declared to expel a large number of illegal immigrants from the US. This has caused tension to the immigration officials of Canada who predicted an increase in the numbers of the refugees from Mexico. The Canadian government introduced visa to eradicate and limit the number of asylum seekers. Resulting in reduction of the number of refugees to Canada from Mexico to approximately 120 in the year 2015.

Thereafter Mexico exerted immense political pressure on Canada, requesting them to remove the visa requirement for Mexicans to Canada. The Canadian government had readily agreed to waive the visa in a condition for Mexico to increase its imports of beef from Canada. But at that time many would not have predicted the victory of Trump in the US presidential elections who had particularly declared to build a wall across the borders that US shared with Mexico.

However, citizenship Minister and Immigration refugees of Canada have a different view on the matter. They say that visa waiver will help to strengthen ties between the two countries and encourage tourism. John McCallum said that Canada was obliged to welcome more nationals from Mexico and are prepared to facilitate the necessary requirements for the same.

Immigrants are major help in improving economy: IMF Reports

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Immigrants are major help in improving economy: IMF ReportsAccording to IMF (International Monetary Fund) reports, Immigrant workers (including both low skilled and high skilled) helps in boosting up the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country due to their contribution over time. The benefits being gained is shared by the population of the host country.

Immigrants can cause short term problems of Integration and more government spending but it is overpowered by long term advantages. The risk of migrants not getting along with the native ones can be a serious trouble. However, the higher GDP per capita of the host country sidelines all the demerits of immigration.

In countries like Canada, the major focus is on labour market as the generation is aging. High skilled workers can pass the knowledge to native ones and low skilled workers can help in joining the pool of natives. The best use of low skilled workers is in childcare as they can boost up the native people to work for longer hours.

Moreover, the reports further states that the fiscal benefits of the immigration are still hidden. The general contribution is measured through the tax and social security offered by immigrants but in this process, the indirect contribution remains unnoticed. The process of faster contribution of immigrants can be aided by language training and active policies of labour market, identification of immigrant’s skill and less barriers to entrepreneurship.

A study entitled under topic Immigration, Business Ownership and Employment in Canada, states that ownership for private business and self employment are higher in immigrants than natives in Canada. It was also made public that immigrant children are leaving behind their Canadian counterparts in terms of educational attainment.

The statistics shows that immigrants graduating high school at a rate of 91.6% which is 88.8% for native Canadian children. Whereas, the data is 35.9% for immigrants and 24.4% of Canadian group in the university scenario.


Canadian Immigration blues? Try alternatives to express entry system

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hqdefault (3)

If you had applied for Canada’s Express entry program and are worried that you are yet to receive a ITA, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you either get one or better yet, able to explore other options in order to migrate to Canada.

Usually, applicants are required to complete an online profile, with all their background information, from skill sets to background information, education, job profile etc. This information must be verifiable, and would be used to determine the applicant’s CRS score. There’s no sure fire formula on how to land an ITA, but if you have not obtained one in the last few months, here are a few things you can do, apart from setting up an interesting profile. Apart from setting up a profile, make sure you do an exhaustive research regarding CIC policy updates, and the outlook for 2016.

More applicants in the Express Entry pool are turning out to be more creative in their quest for a Canadian citizenship, from trying new routes to improving their CRS score, since their profile will be active only for a period of twelve months from the time of application.

Setting up a new profile

Canadian immigration services make it easy to register your information so setting up a new profile once your old one is no longer active is not going to be hard. But remember, you can only set up a new profile after your old one lapses or after a period of twelve months.

Once you have re-entered your information, your information will be re-assessed and provided you meet the least criteria listed, you will be issued with another Express Entry profile number, and Job Seeker Validation Code will be given.

Your profile information will be used to match up with prospective jobs in the job bank, additionally provinces and territories can also review and select applicants for jobs in their local zones through their provincial nominee program.

Canadian migration alternatives outside the Express Entry framework

The provincial nominee program is one such program that serves as an alternative to the express entry system. There are different projects — the Provincial Nominee Programs — that have movement streams that work outside the Express Entry framework. Numerous people are relied upon to make an effective application to one of these projects in 2016.

For instance, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) International Skilled Workers – Occupations In-Demand sub-classification, which exists outside Express Entry, was one of the numerous sub-classifications that received countless applications this week. In addition to the provincial nominee program, there’s the QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program) and SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program) which are just two of numerous non-Express Entry Canadian migration choices.

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