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Illegal immigration

Is the US Tough Immigration Policies Beneficial to the Country or Not?

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US Immigration Policies Scares Legal Immigrants While President Trump’s aggressive move against illegal immigration which is clearly written all over his administration’s policies may be welcomed on many fronts, moves affecting the ability of skilled immigrants and fresh international graduates to work legally in the United States are of significant concern to stakeholders in the country.

Recent tough policies surrounding work visa and student visa are making a significant number of students, and skilled immigrants seek much easier destinations like Canada, according to immigration lawyers.

Over the past two years, reports have shown a decline in international student applications, and enrollment to U.S. institutions – the first ever year-on-year decline – and this could be as a result of the changes in student visa. Shah Peerally, president and managing attorney of a law group in San Francisco, said the changes have made student visa a nightmare. An example is an F-1 visa.

F-1 visa, which is clearly the most popular student visa, allows the student to work while they study as well as after study. In 2013, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) were mandated to seek additional information or clarification before the declining request, but in July 2018, USCIS was given permission to decline request without seeking additional information. Now, mistakes that happen while filling the forms can lead to deportation.

An associate attorney of a firm that handles immigration cases of any kind, Sarah Pitney, said it has now become a common thing to see client pursue their luck in Canada.

Buy American, Hire American

Canada has become a really attractive destination for students, Peerally said. It is easier for students to get work visas and permanent residence via Canada’s Express Entry, he added.

Henry Chang, a Toronto based Canadian immigration lawyer, attributed the anti-immigrant policies in the US to Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order.

As far as Trump remains US president, no guarantees can be given regarding anti-immigration policies in the country; hence it is more likely to see more immigrants favor a move to countries like Canada.

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USA: About Half of Illegal Immigration Will be Stopped by Border Wall

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USA: About Half of Illegal Immigration Will be Stopped by Border WallAmidst enormous controversy, including a partial government shutdown, surrounding the building of a US-Mexico border wall, a new report released by CBS unequivocally says half of the total illegal immigration into the United States can be stopped by building a border wall according to data from the Center for Migration Studies.

According to the report, the southern border made it possible for one-third of the total recent undocumented immigrants in the US to be in the country while the other two-thirds have overstayed various kinds of visas.

Bringing Data to Focus

The latest data from the Center for Migration Studies reveal that a little below half (42%) of the undocumented immigrants residing in the United States entered the country legally on work visas but failed to leave the country when such visas expire.

In 2016, undocumented population in the US hit a 12-year low according to Pew Research Center. The center equally revealed that only about 500,000 Mexicans entered through the southern border illegally between 2011 and 2016 representing a huge fall from the above two million that entered in 2007 according to CBS.

Roughly 700,000 foreigners are residing in the United States on an expired visa as at September 2017 according to CBS report. The report acknowledged that the current administration has measures in place to cub visa overstays. A measure is U.S. Immigration, and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) sending of mail to visa holders to flag them about their visas were about to expire.

This will make people reconsider overstaying their visas according to the director at the Center for Immigration Studies.

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US to Shut Government Down Over Border Wall Funding

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US to Shut Government Down Over Border Wall FundingPresident Trump’s move to build US-Mexico border wall has been met with stiff opposition from the opposition party, Democrats, who now has the strength of number in the house.  However, Trump’s administration remains bent on getting the border wall built, whatever it takes.

On Sunday, a top aide to the government revealed that the administration is ready to do anything, including shutting down the government, in order to get the necessary funding for the wall.

A senior Adviser to the US government who has been crucial to the governments’ aggressive and controversial immigration policy, Stephen Miller, revealed on Sunday that they are prepared to do whatever they have to do to get the wall built.

In defense of the wall, Miller said the barrier is imperative to stop the ongoing crisis of illegal immigration – referring to the migrating caravans presently at Tijuana.

The administration needs the support of Democrats if the budget funding makes it as part of the broader budget on Friday. Without this, the government may be left with no option than to shut down government according to Mr. Miller.

Border Wall: Part of Trump’s Campaign

Trump stated during his presidential campaigns in 2016 that he will fix the wall with the expectation of making Mexico fund it. Unfortunately, Trump has not been able to get the funding from Mexico and has since turned to Congress to fund the wall.

Democrats’ Dauntless

After last week’s meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Democratic House and Senate leaders respectively, Trump revealed he would shut down the government if he doesn’t get the $5bn funding for the wall.

Schumer reiterated after the meeting that the government will not get his desires as far as the wall is concerned. He said they will only give not more than $1.3bn in public funds exclusively for fencing upgrades and other border security measures.

In reaction to this, Miller said Democrats will have to choose either fighting for America or to promote illegal immigration.

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Canada Ahead of United States in Immigration

in Canada Immigration/Immigration by
Canada ahead of United States in Immigration

Canada ahead of United States in ImmigrationAs the United States brace itself for a heavily discussed illegal immigration by thousands of Caravans, the country’s immigration policies are under immense scrutiny. Why send such a massive number of troops to hold a bunch of helpless people back? Why allow dangerous men into the country? These and many more are the questions being asked in the US. Certainly, the position of the government is clear: ‘No to Illegal Immigration’. However, many saying that it is politically driven and it has become a major point of debate at campaigns for the midterm election.

In contrary to the situation in the US, Canada is doing well on the immigration front. At a summit (Fortune ‘s Most Powerful Women International) in Montreal, Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, said Canada is a country that is open to immigration at the moment while addressing the question about how well Canada is doing in attracting businesses compared to the US. He added that the advantage Canada has over the US in this respect is so huge that he doesn’t see it closing anytime soon.

The attitude of Canadians to immigration

Mr. Trudeau emphasized that everything Canada has achieved immigration wise has been made possible by the positive inclination of the people of the country to immigration. Immigrants received into the country each year are at least 1% of Canada’s total population. These immigrants consist of top talents that are innovative and entrepreneurial. He said this is what places Canada at the top of the world of business regardless of the latest move by the US in which corporate tax was slashed.
At the moment, Canada is a country that favors immigration and has seamless processes in place while the US has many issues to attend to on the immigration front.

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US Administration Progresses Slowly To Stem Illegal Immigration

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Rita Chiqui

According to US immigration news, the administration has responded to illegal immigration from Central America, months after it was announced. The immigrants from Central America are fleeing violence and crossing the southern US border illegally.

A program was introduced, in Jan 2016, by the Secretary of State, which allowed only 9,000 Central Americans to submit an application for the refugee status in the US and begin their journey.

People from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador were welcome to the country under the current program and the rest could travel to some other nations located in the region. As suggested by the US immigration news, this program is not yet up and running and no immigrant has so far arrived to the United States. as a person seeking refugee via the program.

Illegal immigration is on the rise after slowing following the 2014 crisis

The program was initiated with the hope of stemming the flow of illegal immigrants to the US and offer asylum to those fleeing from Central America. This program is designed to slow down immigration which is on an uptick after the crisis in 2014, according to the US immigration news.

The State Department plans to develop and expand the current admission program for the refugees and help the vulnerable people of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala and provide a safe haven as well as a legal entry to the US rather than opt for the high risk journey they undertake.

The current service is more inclusive than the previous program

Children, who do not meet the standards required for refugee status, and whose parents are already in the US, will be given consideration and reviewed for parole. The program allows them to unite with their parents in the US, according to the US immigration news.

Under the Central American Minors Refugee/Parole Program (CAM), more than 300 individuals have arrived in the U.S. The expanded program screens the applications, from the organizations that regularly work with the vulnerable children and adults from these countries, on the basis of eligibility for the refugee status under U.S. law.

But as per the US immigration news and some experts, the newly overhauled refugee program is not functional due to the fact that no third country is willing to process the applications. One of the nations located in Central America, Belize, has requested aid for any assistance rendered by them.

Negotiations with non-government entities are still in progress regarding certain specific features of this program even though the current refugee admissions system has been processed in-country for the last three decades and more.

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