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Illegal immigration

Canada Ahead of United States in Immigration

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Canada ahead of United States in Immigration

Canada ahead of United States in ImmigrationAs the United States brace itself for a heavily discussed illegal immigration by thousands of Caravans, the country’s immigration policies are under immense scrutiny. Why send such a massive number of troops to hold a bunch of helpless people back? Why allow dangerous men into the country? These and many more are the questions being asked in the US. Certainly, the position of the government is clear: ‘No to Illegal Immigration’. However, many saying that it is politically driven and it has become a major point of debate at campaigns for the midterm election.

In contrary to the situation in the US, Canada is doing well on the immigration front. At a summit (Fortune ‘s Most Powerful Women International) in Montreal, Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, said Canada is a country that is open to immigration at the moment while addressing the question about how well Canada is doing in attracting businesses compared to the US. He added that the advantage Canada has over the US in this respect is so huge that he doesn’t see it closing anytime soon.

The attitude of Canadians to immigration

Mr. Trudeau emphasized that everything Canada has achieved immigration wise has been made possible by the positive inclination of the people of the country to immigration. Immigrants received into the country each year are at least 1% of Canada’s total population. These immigrants consist of top talents that are innovative and entrepreneurial. He said this is what places Canada at the top of the world of business regardless of the latest move by the US in which corporate tax was slashed.
At the moment, Canada is a country that favors immigration and has seamless processes in place while the US has many issues to attend to on the immigration front.

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UK Needs Better Immigration Laws To Tackle Growing Population

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united kingdom

A report by Downing Street forecasts the United Kingdom’s population will most definitely cross 70 million by the end of 2030. In 2016, the UK had a population of 65.64 million. This only means that the UK needs to reduce immigration rate. The UK government announced that it will soon put a post-Brexit immigration law into action. It will also reduce immigration counts to tens of thousands per year.

A report published by National Statistics says that between 2016 and 2041, the Uk population will grow by 7.3 million. That is the combined population of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, said that the numbers are future projections. They have helped us come to a conclusion that we need to take actions to bring down immigration rates and make it sustainable. Former Prime Minister David Cameron and his administration failed to control immigration during this tenure.

The ONS had projected that the population will increase to 70 million by 2027 in 2014. But they made a revised report, saying that it will increase to 70 million by 2030. ONS also said that the rate of immigration is slightly lower now. The number of children per woman has become less. The rate of life expectancy is also lowered.

Source: Fanpop

Number of inhabitant highest in the UK as compared to EU countries

The number of inhabitants is growing in the UK at a rate of 16 percent. This is predicted rate of growth between 2015 to 2041. It is 10 percent for France and four percent for Germany. On the other side, Italy’s population is on a decline.

The UK will have higher number of older population. In 2016, 1.6 million people in the UK were senior adults. It is projected to double to 3.2 million by 2041. For a small island that is a lot of population. There will be problems in accommodation and prices will rise.

New Zealand Reports Reduced Number Of Overstayers

in New Zealand by

The Immigration department of New Zealand has reported a stark decrease in the number of overstaying foreigners as compared to the situation ten years ago. The department credits its strict border security as well as streamlined processes which track the activities of foreign visitors.

The agency compared numbers from the past and the present which were around 20,000 and 10,894 respectively. This decrease is almost about half in number.

There are multiple factors influencing this situation. According to Professor Spoonley, immigrants from Samoa and Tonga constituted about three quarters of the overstayers. He also said increased checking was not the only factor responsible for this drop.

Many of the overstayers actually found jobs instead of staying on as undocumented people. The end of the global financial crisis played an important role in these circumstances. It actually spurred the demand for labour, which the employers and immigrants were happy to capitalize on. This is in part due to the initiatives taken by the New Zealand government. For example, the Recognized Employer Scheme allowed Tongans to find legitimate employment.

border control
Source: NZ Government

However, the efforts of Border Control agency can not be ignored. They played a key role in keeping an eye on all the visitors arriving in New Zealand. This is an incredible feat, considering the net visitor count is approximately six million, of which 2.7 million visitors are from overseas.

They were also successful in weeding out and rejecting people visiting New Zealand pretending to be tourists. Other visitors failed to show good character and clean criminal records, or were deported from other countries Had they been allowed, they would have been unlawful residents and a burden to deport. Consequently, a lot of tax-payer money was saved.

All in all, decisive action on part of New Zealand Immigration and Border Control departments is working as intended and keeping things under control.

US Administration Progresses Slowly To Stem Illegal Immigration

in Immigration/USA by

Rita Chiqui

According to US immigration news, the administration has responded to illegal immigration from Central America, months after it was announced. The immigrants from Central America are fleeing violence and crossing the southern US border illegally.

A program was introduced, in Jan 2016, by the Secretary of State, which allowed only 9,000 Central Americans to submit an application for the refugee status in the US and begin their journey.

People from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador were welcome to the country under the current program and the rest could travel to some other nations located in the region. As suggested by the US immigration news, this program is not yet up and running and no immigrant has so far arrived to the United States. as a person seeking refugee via the program.

Illegal immigration is on the rise after slowing following the 2014 crisis

The program was initiated with the hope of stemming the flow of illegal immigrants to the US and offer asylum to those fleeing from Central America. This program is designed to slow down immigration which is on an uptick after the crisis in 2014, according to the US immigration news.

The State Department plans to develop and expand the current admission program for the refugees and help the vulnerable people of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala and provide a safe haven as well as a legal entry to the US rather than opt for the high risk journey they undertake.

The current service is more inclusive than the previous program

Children, who do not meet the standards required for refugee status, and whose parents are already in the US, will be given consideration and reviewed for parole. The program allows them to unite with their parents in the US, according to the US immigration news.

Under the Central American Minors Refugee/Parole Program (CAM), more than 300 individuals have arrived in the U.S. The expanded program screens the applications, from the organizations that regularly work with the vulnerable children and adults from these countries, on the basis of eligibility for the refugee status under U.S. law.

But as per the US immigration news and some experts, the newly overhauled refugee program is not functional due to the fact that no third country is willing to process the applications. One of the nations located in Central America, Belize, has requested aid for any assistance rendered by them.

Negotiations with non-government entities are still in progress regarding certain specific features of this program even though the current refugee admissions system has been processed in-country for the last three decades and more.

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