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Latest US Immigration Move Tagged Political Opportunism

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Latest US Immigration Move Tagged Political Opportunism

800 US troops are moving to the Texas border as well as 5, 200 troops expected to be deployed to the south-west region by the end of the week according to the head of US northern command, General Terrence O’Shaughnessy. The government’s is responsible for the thousands of Central American migrants who are presently in southern Mexico and are heading north. They are said to include families, children and elderly people.

US President Trump, en-route winning the presidential election in 2016, fueled fear and anger concerning illegal immigration. His latest move is coming just days before the midterm elections. He is leveraging on the caravan situation in his campaign for next week’s midterm polls with the expectation of firing up his core support. In a tweet on Monday, he ordered the migrant caravan to go back as they won’t be received into the US except through legal process. He also stated that the Military is waiting for them at the border as their movement is seen as an invasion of the country.

Critics Response

This latest move has been condemned as political opportunism by the American Civil Liberties Union, a human rights organization.

Policy counsel, Shaw Drake said the military is being forced into furthering the president’s anti-immigrant agenda of division and fear. He continued to say it is another aggressive move by Trump to trump immigrant families including children seeking the country’s protection. He concluded by saying military personnel are not permitted by the law to be involved in immigration enforcement, and nothing justifies this move.

Mexico is equally tightening the security on the country’s southern border. Migrants usually use rafts to make their way across the Suchiate River on the southern border. It is not known if the US has a hand in Mexico’s move, but their move is obviously in favour of the anti-immigrant agenda by the Trump government.

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Trump’s Immigration Nominee Says No To Mexico Wall

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US President Donald Trump elected Kirstjen Nielsen as the head of Department of Home Security. She is a fierce woman and very sensible. During this presidential speeches, the US President had promised a wall across the border of US and Mexico. Well, Kirstjen Nielsen just said in her recent speech that America will not cover the entire US-Mexico border. She also showed some leniency towards young illegal immigrants.

Nielsen is completely in charge of the immigration department, which means she has more control over it than Trump. Nielsen and her former boss White House Chief of Staff John Kelly both agree that cost of building wall across the geography is not possible. It is an unfeasible idea. Border fencing has marked some areas where the wall will be built, but there are several issues.

The top two issues are – the border comes in private property for people living at the border and rugged physical terrain. She filled the position as the head of Department of Home Security after her former boss took another position. According to some financiers and estimators, building the US-Mexico border wall will cost tens of billions of dollars. That’s not the type of money you spend on building a wall. Trump feels that Mexico will contribute to the cost as well, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Decision about DACA

During his tenure, former president Barack Obama had started Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA. It allowed young illegal immigrants to stay in the country, get work permits, and not be deported back to Mexico. Trump had said that he will put an end to the program.

However, Nielsen said that the program is going to be extended further. Around 700,000 young immigrants are covered under DACA. Nielsen said the US government owes to help them find a permanent solution.

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