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Brexit ‘will scrap the rules that let Britain turn back Channel asylum seekers’

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Brexit ‘will scrap the rules that let Britain turn back Channel asylum seekers’An Ex-senior Home office official has said that though there are claims of more crossings in the channel except the migrants were sent back, backing out of the European Union will put an end to agreements which is designed to aid such attempts.

The Ex-director general of immigration enforcement at the Home office and former deputy Chief Executive of the Border Agency, Mr. Davis Wood said that Britain is likely to lose the protection they have through the Dublin Agreement which permitted migrants to seek asylum in the first safe they find themselves at.

He told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programmer that Brexit is likely to affect everything. Mr. Wood said that though the number of migrants was on the decrease, it was likely to increase sooner.

The Way Forward

A minister in the government reported that the key to reducing the crossings was to return the migrants. He said it is better than the migrants believe that they cannot remain in the country when they come. This will refrain them from entering and will also not benefit the traffickers.

Mr. Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, had earlier announced that two cutters would be sent to patrol the channel, though it is not sure whether the patrol team was to rescue the migrants crossing or to stop the crossings.

The Home office had confirmed that it is working with the French officials and the National Crime Agency to tackle the issue of criminal gangs trafficking people in the French waters.

It was confirmed that today, Mr. Javid visited the border forces in Dover. His spokesman said Britain and France relied on their bilateral relations to work against the migrants.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor leader has spelled out the good aspects of the crossing as per its “humanitarian aspects” when he said that the borders should not be closed.

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UK Sends More Border Force Boats Despite Migrant ‘Magnet’ Warnings

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UK Sends More Border Force Boats Despite Migrant ‘Magnet’ WarningsOn Monday, Mr. Sajid Javid, the home secretary, announced that HMC Searcher would be joined by two cutters which were currently deployed in the Mediterranean. This was so they could patrol the English channels after 139 migrants were apprehended in the UK territorial waters over the Christmas break.

This decision was made following the pressure from Tory MPs and warnings indicating that the presence of the UK authorities in the waters may attract migrants.

Mr. Javid said that in as much as he is responsible for the UK border, he is also responsible for human lives as well.

Mr. Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP was glad about the decision. He said the best way to stop the migrants and traffickers from entering the country is by not giving them hope of finding a refuge in the country. This can be done by safely returning the migrants to France.

The migrants who were picked up in the British Channel will be taken to the UK, so that their asylum claims will be heard, confirmed Mr. Sajid Javid.

He further added that he would find ways to make sure that asylum is denied the illegal migrants from safe places like France. He promised to work with the French authorities to stop the crossings.

Counter View

David wood, the former director of immigration enforcement at the Home office, said if more cutters were sent to the channel, it would attract more migrants to cross over as they would be assured of being rescued. As such, there will be no positive results, unless these migrants are sent to France – with an agreement with the French government, of course.

He said some of the migrants may likely be economic migrants who want the best for their relatives and themselves. It is likely they are paid to make the crossing. He also said that the crime groups might advise the migrants on how to respond to questions to avoid being deported.

Majority of the people that are crossing are male who also claim to be Iranians. It may be true because the Iranians are considered wealthier than the Eritrean or Afghan migrants who wait in France, looking for a chance to enter Britain.

Also, it may be as a result of the visa program in Serbia which was closed recently. This has permitted them to illegally enter the Western European Union states nearby, with the intention of moving to the wealthier European Union nations to seek asylum.

Be it as it may, Mr. Wood also warns that most of the immigrants may not be Iranians as they claim. As such, they may be lying to lower their chances of being ejected from the country.

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EU says no more visa waiver for US and Canadian citizens

in Canada Immigration/Immigration/UK Immigration/USA Immigration/Visas by

Europe flagThe latest immigration news is that the EU has proposed that Americans and Canadians must apply for a visa, irrespective of whether they plan a short visit or a longer one. The EU has insisted more EU countries need to be included to the list of those countries whose citizens are not required to obtain a visa when traveling to the US. If the United States doesn’t meet the terms then American travelers will be required to apply and obtain a visa when heading for Europe.

Americans and Canadians have only required a passport at the time they visit the EU. Citizens from Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Poland visiting the US need to apply and obtain a visa, prior to the visit. Romanians and Bulgarians also require a visa when visiting Canada.

According to the latest immigration news, the EU’s objective is to get better reciprocity for all member state citizens traveling to the US and Canada; in short, a complete waiver on all visa requirements. The current situation is unfair and is a main concern for the European Union, according to one of the spokespersons, for the EU Commission.

The requirements for US Visa Waiver Policy have not been fulfilled by some countries

Some EU countries have still not fulfilled some of the requirements for the visa waiver policy. According to EU’s State Department officials, they are in discussion with these countries regarding the program’s core requirements as well as the progress they are making.

According to the latest immigration news, even the Canadian visa policy fails to recognize visa waiver reciprocity. Under the EU rules, two years after the countries have been advised of the state of affairs, the European Union needs to initiate the mutual visa waiver requirements for the countries that prefer not to waive the visa requirement for citizens from European Union.

The UK and Ireland being the only two EU countries to have opted to be out of EU’s current visa policy program, however, the Americans can still travel to both Ireland and UK, without a visa. Currently, there are 38 Countries whose citizens can travel visa-free to United States are listed –Andorra, Brunei, Australia, Iceland, Chile, Japan, Monaco, Lichtenstein, San Marino, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and the 23 European Union countries.

The visa requirement proposal is on hold

The visa requirement proposal has been put on hold by EU authorities until mid-summer. The deadline has been set for July twelfth by the commission set up by EU for reviewing and revamping EU’s visa policy. The EU member states and the EU Parliament will advise as the latest immigration news concerns the transatlantic relations.

However, after the deadline, the commission may possibly start enforcing visa requirements for Canadians and Americans.

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