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EU Citizens

UK Government’s Plan for New Immigration System Despite Brexit Stalling

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UK Government’s Plan for New Immigration System Despite Brexit StallingWhile there seems to be much uncertainty regarding the visa programme to replace the current one after Brexit owing to the Parliament’s disagreement, the UK government has embarked on seeking views on the future immigration system of the country.

Sajid Javid, Home Secretary, has informed the public that the government is engaging both locally and internationally in order to have the opinions of stakeholders for the overall best immigration system to adopt.

The views from business, education, voluntary, public and even private sectors across the country and abroad will influence the proposed skilled-based immigration system which is set to be a replacement to the current free movement, he said.

He also said that the proposed system would be in line with the UK’s Industrial Strategy which is targeted at having a workforce that is innovative, skilled based and highly productive.

“This aims at gathering specific detailed ideas before the agreement on the final policy is reached, so as to foster an Immigration system which will serve the country’s interest, provide a positive environment for Migrants and also contribute positively to the nation’s economy,” he said.

The new immigration system is planned to be introduced in a phased approach beginning from January 2021, unless the postponement of Brexit takes longer.

The new Immigration system, as announced by the government, will be skilled-based, preferring talents and experiences to Nationality. It will ensure that skills and talents all around the world are accessible to employers, as well as, providing that the net migration is at sustainable levels.

Removal of Annual Cap

As recommended by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), there’s a plan to remove caps on the number of work visas issued, broaden the threshold of skills to accommodate persons with equivalent qualifications of A level, and also stop labor market tests by employers in a bid to sponsor a worker.

This will be the biggest change witnessed in the UK’s Immigration system, aiming to lure the best and smartest immigrants to the country.

A new route is likely to be made for skilled-workers at any level temporarily. This is to ensure that all businesses acquire their needed staff while training youths at the same time.

The labor market will be accessible to those with a 12-months visa, but there will be no benefits. With this visa route, family members are not permitted to come along, no settling rights in the country, but the visa bearer is entitled to a cooling off period of 12 months.

With the proposals from the white paper, genuine international students will not be limited by number barrier. However, it will extend the post-study period to 6 months for Bachelor’s or Masters and 12 months for a Ph.D.

Border Security checks will be reinforced with new measures. As such, the use of national ID cards rather than passports by EU citizens for traveling will end as this is extremely insecure and abusive.

An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme will be introduced to get the data of those individuals (EU citizens, UK citizens, Australians, Canadians, Americans, South Koreans, Japanese, New Zealand, and Singapore citizens) who don’t require a visa to travel to the UK. This will enable them to use the E-gates on arrival to the country.

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Migration from India Soars as Businesses Plan for Life Beyond Brexit

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Migration from India Soars as Businesses Plan for Life Beyond BrexitLast year, the quantity of South Asian migrants like Indians working in the UK increased by 30% as a result of non-EU workers being sought after by businesses, especially the IT and health care sectors.

The number of registration for National Insurance (NI) by migrating Asians which include India, Pakistan and the Philippines also increased to 68,381 as at 2018 compared to the 53, 594 in 2017.

Indians alone had a 43% increase in the registration for the NI, accounting to more than 45, 000; thus making it the third major source of new immigrants.

The figures show that businesses are beginning to appreciate foreign talent especially a reduction in available skills looms after Brexit. However, the number of EU nationals working has increased twice than the non-EU nationals in 2018, and the fall of EU workers by 78,409 also dwarfed the increase of 28,010 non-EU nationals in the UK workforce.

Over the year, NI registration from the EU countries fell by 16% with the EU8 countries leading in the fall.

Businesses Appreciate the Non-EU Migrants

The news was received at the time where new negotiations are expected to be reached concerning Brexit with the possibility of going through a no-deal Brexit or probably an extension of the process.

The Senior Labour Market Analyst at CIPD, Gerwyn Davies said that it won’t be surprising if the IT sector is increasing, as he has seen through the latest statistics gotten from the Works and Pensions Department, which also corresponds with the survey of CIPD on the shortage of skills in the UK and other official data. This is due to the number of individuals employed in 2018.

According to him, the limited number of EU workers in the UK has prompted the use of intra-company transfer scheme, which is a part of the Tier 2 visa regime, to bring in the non-EU citizens and this has been helpful to the IT and Healthcare sectors.

A Senior Immigration consultant at Migrate UK, Karendeep Kaur also pointed out the increase in the non-EU workers from Asia through the intra-company transfers.

She further said that despite the gradual fall in the Migration of EU, as shown by the National Audit Office last week, the increase in the Migration of non-EU citizens to the country is a positive sign. She said that it can be seen that in as much as Brexit has stopped the EU citizens from coming to the country, the non-EU citizens are still coming.

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UK Parliament Votes in Favor of Post-Brexit Immigration Bill

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UK Parliament Votes in Favor of Post-Brexit Immigration BillUK’s Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination Bill was voted in favour of, by the British Parliament on January 28th, 2019.

The aim of this post-Brexit immigration bill, also known as the EU withdrawal bill, is to ensure that the independence of the nation’s immigration policy after Brexit, by adapting its present immigration policy.

Although at the first reading, the MPs were not unified, they came to the same conclusion at the second reading where 297 votes were counted in support of the bill, and 234 voted against it.

In the Commons, Caroline Nokes, the Immigration Minister in the UK said that a significant contribution had been made by immigration to the economy of the nation. She equally added that the government would relay the new immigration rules to a range of businesses over the next year.

What It Entails

The Home office had made a statement earlier in January, 28th 2019 to put a stop to free movement immediately if there is no deal when Britain leaves the EU.

However, it is part of the bill that citizens of the European Union and their families will still have access to the country but only for a certain period of time, after the country leaves EU.

But, in case the citizens intend to prolong their stay beyond 3 months, application for European Temporary Leave to Remain should be made. In the case of wanting to stay beyond 3 years, application for a new permit under the new Skills-based future immigration system, which begins from 2021, would be made.

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Brexit: UK outlines NoDeal arrangements for EU Citizens

in UK Immigration by

Brexit: UK outlines No Deal arrangements for EU Citizens

Home Secretary had yesterday outlined provisions to make it possible for EU citizens to still come to the UK after Brexit, should there be no deal.

If Brexit occurs without Britain agreeing to a deal, the government will move to put a stop to free movement and has thus introduced an immigration bill to this effect.

However, the Swiss citizens, as well as the EEA nationals and their family members, are still free to go in and out of UK as they wish, just as they do presently.

But, this is only for a transitional period, as for them to stay more than three months in the UK, application for permission should be made to acquire the European Temporary Leave to Remain, valid for three years.

If after three years, the citizen still wishes to prolong his stay, another application should be made under the new system of Skills-based future immigration, beginning in 2021.

What’s going to happen?

According to the Home Secretary, if there is no deal when UK leaves EU, the free movement will be ended so that the UK will gain control of all its borders, which has never happened in decades. He also stated that the arrangements to still grant EU nationals free access to the UK after 29 March is not applicable to the EU citizens who are already living and working in the country presently, as these have the protection of the EU Settlement Scheme; claiming that the value placed on such individuals is high.

If no deal is met, the following will happen:

  • The citizens of the European Union who come to the UK and wish to stay for more than 3 months will be subject to security, identity and criminality checks after they had applied for the European Temporary Leave before permission will be granted.
  • A family permit will need to be applied for in advance for an EU citizen’s family member who is a non-EU and wishes to accompany the EU citizen.
  • E-gates will be needed by an EU citizen when he/she uses a biometric passport to travel, though he would still be granted free access to and from the country.
  • The European Temporary Leave will be paid for, but the fee is yet to be announced. However, the leave for the first 3 months after 29 March will be free.
  • This policy is not applicable to Irish citizens who will still be granted free access into the country under the Common Travel Area.

A new single Skills-based immigration system, set to start operation from 2021, has been planned by Mr. Sajid Javid. This system is to curb immigration, as well as empower the employers with skills from around the world.

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