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education in Canada

Indian Students now Exceed Chinese Students at Canadian Schools

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Indian Students now Exceed Chinese Students at Canadian Schools Currently, there is a hike in the number of Indian students in Canadian universities, and this is greater than the Chinese students.

According to the statistics given by the Canadian High Commission to the Globe and Mail newspaper; in 2018, Canadian study permits were held by 172,000 citizens from Indian compared to the 142,000 Chinese citizens.

As reported by the same newspaper, in 2018, 85,825 new Chinese students arrived in Canada; while 107,795 students from India – a 300% increase since 2015 – arrived in Canada.

The accessibility of an open work permit after graduation is the major factor that drives the Indian students to universities in Canada. Also, citizenship and permanent residency have simplified pathways in Canada.

These Canadian policies contrast the US government’s effort to restrict foreign workers with H-1B work visas, one thing which the Indians really benefitted from.

Other reasons include diverse population, quality of education and the multicultural nature of the Canadian universities. Also, the fact that Canadian education is less expensive as compared to the US is another driving force.

Work Permit, Immigration Options for International Students

International students are termed immigration candidates due to their competency in French or English, form of education and the integration of their large numbers into the Canadian society.

Hence as a form of encouragement to remain in the country, a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) can be applied for by foreign graduates of eligible Canadian colleges and universities. This visa is valid for three years and requires no job offer.

Job opportunities at anywhere in the country are available to any foreign graduate with PGWP, even with the opportunity to change employers at will. This is as a result of the open work permit.

The Express Entry System which is the main economic immigration gateway in Canada rewards Canadian education with extra points. Also, pathways to the permanent residence are provided by provinces in Canada for eligible foreign graduates of the country’s universities.

To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

Canada will require strong overseas tech workforce by 2019

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Canada will require strong overseas tech workforce by 2019It is estimated that Canada’s technology sector will require a high workforce by the year 2019. Additionally, no Canadian citizen will be  available to fill these posts. Approximately  182,000 jobs in the tech industry would be  available for overseas immigrants. Donald Trump’s victory in the US as well as  Brexit policy of the UK will bring out Canada to be the ideal  destination for immigrants across the globe.

The preferences of international immigrants are becoming narrower according to the latest trends in the UK and US politics. Brexit referendum was clearly in favor of restricting the number of immigrants entering UK. International immigrants who were poised to move to the US, might consider Canada for work opportunities.

Canada has approximately 71,000 firms in the technology sector that account for six percent of jobs in Canada and contribute for more than seven percent of the nation’s economy. Undoubtedly Canada has huge requirement of workers. Firms in Canada at the present scenario are looking for hiring diverse workers. Skilled employees in the technology sector, sales sector and marketing sector of the top level managerial posts are in a great demand in the job sector, according to the HR Vice President Heather Galt at Communitech. He says that Canada is the preferable choice for immigrants when compared to the US as it has a comfortable environment, lesser commuting time and quality education system.

The government of Canada has introduced new policies to enable the smoother hiring of overseas talents by firms in Canada. The H1-B visa of the US requires six months for processing at present but now The Canadian government has planned to make the process of visa more easier and faster to the overseas immigrants. The picturesque environment in Canada along with the flourishing technology sector has now also attracted the attention of many international migrants which will help in flourishing the economy in Canada.

Change in law for maximum age of dependent children

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Change in law for maximum age of dependent childrenIn a move that may influence many immigrants of Canada, the legislature of Canada is planning to change the maximum age of the dependent child to less than 22 years old i.e. 21 or under. This is a great news indeed for all the migrants.

This rule was framed to promote family reunification program. The proposed change will stay as a draft for a period of 30 days, amid which it will be explored and if needed adjustments will be done for improving the rule. This change has been developed in view of Canadian demographic information. Moreover, the national census supports the need to implement this law.

It is perceived that many young adults stay with their folks for a more extended period. Given the significance of education, it is not abnormal for a few kids to stay with their nuclear family while seeking education before starting the job.

Many adults aged somewhere around 19 and 21 may not be qualified to apply for Canadian citizenship under the financial migration program, basically denying them the chance to join their family in Canada.

At the point when families can stay together as an economic family unit, their integration into Canada and their capacity to work and contribute to society increases. The proposed increase of the maximum age of the dependent child is consistent with the underlying financial pattern that kids stay at home longer with their folks, especially those studying for lengthier periods.

While the minimum age for candidates under Canadian economic movement projects is typically 18, numerous people may not yet have the required training or work experience to make an application. In this way, an explicit target of this proposed change is to empower these youngsters to acquire permanent resident status while pursuing their studies. It is expected that this program would prove to be beneficial for post-graduate students.

Bill Gates appreciates Trudeau’s effort for immigration, refugees and business

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Bill Gates appreciates Trudeau's effort for immigration, refugees and businessPeople across the globe are looking for the latest news about immigration. When it comes to USA and Canada, there are free movement and the European nations too except UK. Now UK is also in a new phase to implement immigration law for their country and across the rest of the world. Hope, the Brexit news is outdated as such no country can survive with their existing manpower and need multi skills from other nationals too for its economic development. Although there are free movement within European Nations, people are looking for major developed nations to implement free visa migration with the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and USA.

Bill Gates on New Immigration Reforms

In a recent Emerging Cascadia Innovation Conference, the Microsoft business giant Bill Gates expressed his interest over Canadian immigration policy. CEO Mr. Satya Nadella accompanied him and spoke about his ventures with Canadian Universities and job opportunities in IT sector. According to their speech, Canada is one of the most preferred nation, when it comes to education, health and employment opportunity. Canada can be held as a melting pot, creating a suitable environment for people of different origins and businesses to sustain together.

Satya Nadella believes that the human resource can make a crucial impact with respect to the future of Microsoft. Canadian government has earlier hustled the migration procedure  by excepting Microsoft from having its overseas workforces complete labor market impact assessments.

What is New in Immigration Reform Today?

Canada has given priority for the new corridor with USA. However, with the present scenario of election in USA, the hope for new immigration law is the expectation of the US nationals. There will be a positive impact of immigration with respect to free visa policy. The immigration reform is an ongoing process.

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