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canadian citizenship

Indians Working for Free in Vancouver for Better Resume

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Indians Working for Free in Vancouver for Better Resume

Many immigrants in Vancouver are volunteering in work placements through a program started by South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, which is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. These new immigrants want Canadian volunteer experience so that it adds value to their resume and help them find a good job in the near future. Many immigrants are also working for free at for-profit organizations like Subway, where they work as sandwich artists and pharmacy assistants at Medicine Shoppe franchises.

Labor lawyers feel that the program is perfect for newcomers as they are by Employment Standards Act and even if they are doing it for free, they are given minimum salary and other protections.

More than 27 immigrants participated in the program in 2016 and 2017, and the placement is for 40 to 100 hours long. Susanna Quail, the Vancouver-based lawyer, said that any work done by an employee is employed. If someone’s making sandwiches at Subway, then you have to pay them. Sunny Sanan, a Subway franchise owner, feels that it is a good program. Vancouver has an unemployment rate of below five percent, making it very difficult to find good employees. David Lee, manager, Medicine Shoppe franchise hired a few volunteer pharmacy assistants through the program but didn’t know about the Employment Standards while associating with it.

Not an employment program

Lee said he likes the idea of showing immigrants how things operate in Canada. Eric Lau was hired around six years ago to head the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House program. He said that the essence is to help new immigrants who don’t have any Canadian work experience. Lau warned that it isn’t an employment program but a part of Settlement and Integration program and is about giving them the opportunity to succeed. The Canadian labor market is strict about Canadian work experience and prefers hiring those who are integrated into the system. The volunteer program is an opportunity for them to get valuable experience.

Gender Neutral Option Comes into Effect in Canada’s eTA

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Gender Neutral Option Comes Into Effect In Canada’s EtaNow there will be a new option of choosing ‘other’ for the visitors visiting Canada. This requirement in Canada’s electronic Travel Authorization came into full effect from November 10, 2016.

Through this step Canada joined itself into the list of selected countries like Australia, Nepal, New Zealand and others who offers the facility of choosing from a third option other than the male, female genders. Apart from it, Canada is also offering the facility to people who have changed their genders to switch the status in their passport and other documents.

A US based nonprofit group named Lambda Legal who fights for the rights of LGBT community said that inaccuracy of the documents only lead to the discrimination of people who are neither male nor female. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau also supported this step as he raised the pride flag over parliament for the first time.

The eTA is basically the process for entering Canada for those visitors who do not need Temporary Resident Visa. To obtain the eTA, a person would have to fill an online form and then the process takes place. This system first came into existence in late 2015 and then several modifications took place into it.

US residents who belongs to other country would need an eTA to enter Canada. These visitors must have the US permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and valid passport to visit Canada. Moreover, US citizens would not need an eTA or TRV to enter Canada.

There is a special case for the visitors who have dual Canadian citizenship which means they have the citizenship of Canada as well as other country too. They can apply for special authorization under which they can enter Canada through their valid passport of other country. However, this measure is only valid till January 31, 2017 for the dual citizen.

Canada’s express entry – why it pays to have the right occupation

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Express entry was introduced by Canada in January 2015, to streamline the immigration process.  Since then, the current government has set to overhauling the whole process which is why the year end report on express entry assumes importance. The latest Express Entry report on the first 12 months on the immigration process to Canada provides a wide range of extremely useful information for those who have enrolled for it. Also, the data mentioned in the report covers the first 23 draws in 2015.

What is Express Entry?

Here the eligible applicants are required to submit a profile into the introduced pool of Express entry. Then their profiles are ranked according to the CRS score where the score is calculated based on their education, background, occupation etc. From here the government selects the topmost ranked applicants on a priority basis.

In 2015, the total number of invitations issued was around 31,063 to those who were looking to migrate to Canada. As per the report :

  •  A number of applicants have IT as a part of their occupation issued by the ITAs, whereas those who were working for the food and related services have also scored pretty well.
  •  A majority of applicants who were issued the ITAs were already residing in the country itself.
  •  There are also a huge number of candidates who were invited from all over the world especially from countries like China, UK, India, Philippines, and Ireland.

Primary Focus on occupation

The Government of Canada has stated that the new Express Entry system would make sure that Canada’s economy and the labor market’s requirements are met by all successful applicants. Also, when the Express Entry system was compared to the previous ones, the total intake of the work permit caps for certain occupations were done away with. There’s no doubt that the Express Entry is a flexible system, one which is more responsive to the requirements of the Canadian employers and other provinces.

The eligible candidates who get a qualifying job offer or a Provincial Nomination Certificate are reportedly issued ITAs by a draw from the pool, on the basis of the occupation of the candidate. You should also note that a valid job offer is not the only consideration when it comes to getting an ITA. Last year over 40% ITAs were issued to those who did not have a job offer or did not meet the bare requirements, for a valid one. Nevertheless, it has become apparent that the main focus of Express entry happens to the applicant’s profession and any valid job offers they may have received – for with a good job offer, the applicant may receive an ITA at the earliest.

Canada Eases Restrictions On Immigrants And Students Planning To Applying For Citizenship

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Canada eases restrictions on immigrants and students planning to applying for citizenship

As per the latest Canada news and updates, it has been reported that the government of Canada is gearing up to reverse the most controversial bill, amending their Canadian Visa program and citizenship charter that were introduced earlier under the previous government. The program was initially led by Stephen Harper the hide bounded ex Prime Minister of Canada but now, the controversial bill post amendments and changes, will be passed into law, under the current liberal government.

The bill introduced is named as C-6. This bill is also considered as a masterpiece of the New Canadian Government and its latest legislative agenda. Whereas the Liberal bodies of the Canadian House Immigration Committee announced that the bill is expected to pass into the law during Canada Day which is July 1, 2016.  As for additional changes and amendments being introduced on this bill, it will depend on how the bill is received by the senators and the resulting debate on the same, before it is enacted into law by them.

It is expected that the legislation will also reduce the time a permanent resident needs to reside in Canada so as to become eligible in order to apply for the citizenship – this can be from 4 out of 6 years to 3 out of 5 years. This would allow the immigrants who spend time in Canada on the temporary resident status to calculate and meet the bare minimum that would be required, as by the new law so as to apply for citizenship. This proposal has been welcomed by immigrants, foreign workers and the students who are currently enrolled in international study programs who look forward to a longer stay in Canada.

Additionally, as per the Canada Visa news and Canada Visa Updates the government of Canada now has the right to seize all the documents that are utilized to get the citizenship via illegal methods or fraudulently.

Presently the Canada’s immigration authorities are moving towards the cancellation of citizenship of a number of people right after the auditor general made some unsavory comments where he claimed that the current government is not doing much to curtail fraud especially in those seeking to apply for citizenship. According to the reports there are certain instances of the people residing in Canada with some serious criminal records, yet managed to obtain Canadian citizenship using fake addresses.

The proposed changes in  the Citizenship Act

Below is the  list of all the  proposed amendments along with  how they will commute to the present Citizenship Act :

The Present  Act The Proposed Amendment
Here, the Officials can revoke the citizenship for some of the acts that are totally hostile to the national interest of Canada and its government. The mentioned grounds includes the  persuasion of terrorism, acts of treason towards the host country or  spying offenses along with the type of the sentence received or for the membership in any armed militia, lastly engaged in any  armed or illegal conflict with Canada. Revoke national interest grounds for revocation.
The applicants are required to have the intentions in terms of residing in Canada if they are granted the citizenship. Revoke the intent to reside provision.
The applicants must be physically present for 4 out of the 6 years before applying for the citizenship. The time for the presence has been reduced to 3 out of the 5 years before applying for the desired citizenship.
The total time spent in Canada temporarily will not be counted The Applicants may now calculate the days and time of their presence in the country as a temporary resident or as a sponsored person before applying for citizenship
All the applicants must be 14-64 of age Should also meet all the language requirements and must pass the knowledge test. The applicants must be of 18-54 of age and should meet all the language requirements along with clearing the knowledge test.
No visa authority is allowed to seize fraudulent documents when it comes to processing applications. Now, the authorities are allowed to seize all the documents provided to the authorities during the processing of the Citizenship act, if there is a reasonable ground to be believed that the application is fraudulent or it is being utilized fraudulently.

Immigrating to Canada? Here’s what you need to know

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canada see

When you are applying for immigration to another country like Australia, UK or Canada the process can be overwhelming and tedious. Canada is one of the top tier destinations for immigrants and while the process for Immigration to Canada has become a lot tougher than before, that’s not to mean that, you cannot qualify for immigration provided you meet some of the basic criteria as set by the Canadian government.

The Federal Government and the CIC (citizenship and immigration) are the ones who set up the immigration policies, frame the requirements and the process, so if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you need to apply through the CIC. Before you decide to file an application for immigration, here are a few basic things that you need to handle on your own, prior to the application process and additional documentation would be required to ensure that these basic requirements have been met in full.

Medical history: Since this is a process for immigration, the Canadian authorities would require you to carry out a set of invasive procedures to ensure that you are medically fit and are not a carrier for any infectious diseases. This is done to prevent any outbreak and In this regard various tests including blood tests, urine tests and X-ray is carried out in order to make sure that person is medically fit for immigration. Your application can be denied if there is any problem with your health that can directly impact other Canadians and put them at risk. There are exceptions where visitors have been permitted to enter Canada to seek specialized medical care, but with a temporary residency permit.

Security evaluation: A detailed security evaluation is carried out to ensure that you do not plan at any point of time, to cause harm either directly or indirectly to other Canadians. So if you have an arrest record, chances are it might impact your application but it is a good idea to be upfront about the same and explain the reasons behind the record in question.

Decide the category and see if you pre-qualify: You can apply to immigrate to Canada under several categories, federal skilled workers, family sponsorship, investors and self-employed and much more. You would need to meet the requirements for which ever category you choose to apply under, but the good news is that you can opt for the express entry system where in you would be required to complete a profile, and update the same with your information and supporting documentation.

And you would be entered into a common pool where each applicant is ranked based on their job experience, educational qualifications, language skills etc.; the higher the score, the chances of you landing an invite to apply increases. So do check the CIC website and see if you pre-qualify and are invited to apply for a permanent residency visa to Canada.

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