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Canada Provincial Nominee Program

40,000 Immigration Applicants Allowed into Canada in January

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40,000 Immigration Applicants Allowed into Canada in JanuaryBy the end of January, Canada – federal and all provinces across the country – have received a total of 40,000 immigrants via strategic economic immigration as well as sponsorship programs for families. At this rate, Canada is well poised to achieve the goal of receiving a million immigrants between 2019 and 2021.

Canada earmarked both family sponsorship program and economic immigration as key ways of achieving its three-year immigration plan, with a target of 331,000 new permanent residents set for the starting year – 2019. Targets for 2020 and 2021 are 341,000 and 350,000 respectively.

The 350,000 target for 2021 is about one percent of the total Canadian population. One percent rate of increase in population is deemed important to maintaining the continued labor force, and ultimately the economy, growth of the country.

Biggest Start Ever

Canada’s economic immigration program includes the Provincial nominee program and federal express entry system which is the primary source of skilled foreign labor to the country.

The country saw the most significant start ever to its express entry system in January. Via the system, 11,150 invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence were issued. This appears to be a take-off from last year when a record 89,800 ITA were announced, representing the highest since its inception – five years ago.

Provincial nominee program (PNP) also contributed about 5,000 invitations to apply (ITA) in January. The reopening of the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) is another major factor in January.

Speaking on the January record, senior partner at a Canadian immigration law firm in Montreal – David Cohen, said January’s figure is really impressive and is a start to what is expected to be a great immigration year for the country.

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International Migration Hits High Record in Canada

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International Migration Hits High Record in Canada

International Migration Hits High Record in CanadaBetween 1st July and 1st September 2018, there has been an unexpected rise in the number of foreigners migrating to Canada from all over the world.

An estimate has shown that in the third quarter of the year, the population of the country has risen by 183,715 people. According to Statistics Canada, this number was the highest quarterly ever since 1971 when the present accounting system was introduced.

The major part of the increase in number the of people who trooped into Canada between July 1st and October 1st came in via international migration, which accounted for 146,531 people out of the 183,715 people that came in.

That was the highest number ever recorded by international migration, and the rise was said to be caused by the arrival of the unexpected number of people who are not Permanent Residence and the strong levels of migration.

Of all those who were admitted into the country, 79,417 of them were not permanent residents of Canada, and 82,316 of them were permanent residents. Statistics Canada said that most of those who did not have Permanent Residence were holders of study and work permits.

Factors affecting population growth in Canada between July to September 1998 to 2018

Since 1971, The first record of the fifth largest number of permanent residents admitted in one quarter was between 1st July and 1st September.

In the third quarter of 2018, the normal population growth in the country was estimated to be 37,184. In the records prepared by Statistics Canada, the number of births was 103,199, and the number of deaths was 66,015.

Statistics Canada also reported that looking at it from the third quarter of 2012, the natural rate of growth of Canada’s population has been depreciating. This, they say could be as a result of an ageing population and the case might remain the same for some time.

Major population growth taking place at Prince Edward Island

It was mentioned in Statistics Canada that in nine provinces, the primary source of population growth between 1st July and 1st September was from international migration.

The smallest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island, happened to see the greatest rate of growth in population, having a 1% rise in its population.

Factors affecting population growth in Provinces and Territories between July and September 2018

In the Prince Edward Island, there have been specific measures undertaken by the government to attract more skilled workers to its province through its Provincial Nominee Program, to salvage its declining population which is due to immigration to other provinces and a large number of ageing people in its population.

Benefits of International Migration to Provinces

According to Statistics Canada, the ill effects of interprovincial migration in Provinces like Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba can be reduced by international immigration.

It has also reduced the effect of having more deaths than births in the population of Provinces like New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

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