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Canada Permanent Residence

Enhanced Provincial Pathways Provide Easier Way for Canada Immigration

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Canada’s new, improved provincial pathways to immigrationCanada Express Entry associated PNP’s spent the months of July, August, and September are creative and announcing higher than 3,000 invitations to appeal for a provincial nomination for Canada PR.

The great news in the Q3 of 2018 included the most massive invitation round so far this year by

  • Human Capital Priorities Stream of Ontario
  • Labour Market Priorities Stream of Nova Scotia
  • Saskatchewan’s switch to an EOI system for its sub-category of Express Entry

PNP’s, enable joining Canada provinces and territories to choose a set number of immigration applicants for PR each year.

All Canada territories and provinces with a PNP now have minimum one “enhanced” nomination stream that is associated to the system of federal Express Entry, which handles the profiles of applicants in Canada’s three main categories of federal economic immigration

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class

Express Entry candiadtes who get a provincial nomination are given an excess 600 points toward their CRS score, which definitely fast-tracks them for an invitation to apply for Canada PR.

Throughout the third quarter in 2018, Express Entry-associated PNP streams over Canada announced higher than 3,000 invitations for a provincial nomination to candidates in the Express Entry.

Ontario falls minimum CRS to 400

Human Capital Priorities Stream of Ontario held the biggest invitation round of the Q3 on August 9, when it announced 947 NOI’s to Express Entry applicants with a job offer in Ontario. The Express Entry applicants with CRS scores ranged from 350 to 439 announced with NOI in this draw.

Saskatchewan Choice of an EOI

The different big story in the Q3 of 2018 was the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program’s choice of an EOI for its sub-category of Express Entry in July.

Nova Scotia Starts New Express Entry stream

Among the Atlantic provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and PEI’s Express Entry-associated had a special active Q3.

On August 2, Nova Scotia declared the creation of its LMP Stream, saying it will be utilized to invite Express Entry applicants who satisfy market-identified labor deficits to appeal for a provincial nomination.

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Canada is Successful in Attracting High Number of Foreign Tech Workers

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As the US President Donald Trump administration has intensified examination of H-1B visas for experienced foreign workers and intends to prohibition of their spouses from handling jobs in the U.S., Canada has been running sharply to suck the top international talent out of Silicon Valley and different technology-rich areas of the U.S.

Though immigrants secure up merely 20% of the population in Canada, they exist about half of the science, technology, engineering and math degrees at the level of bachelor’s and higher, government figures reveal.

Key Points that Supports Canada is Much Better than the USA

Prior to the program started, Canadian employment permit method for skilled workers needed months. Trump’s proposal to reform the H-1B visa designed for the kind of skilled workers tech organizations depend on but criticized by experts as a tool to replace American workers with lower international labor has ratcheted up tension levels and generated uncertainty for several experienced overseas tech workers in the USA.

Rather than merely obtain a work permit, many opted to get Canada PR — the equal of a green card of the U.S. It took nearly 6 months. In the USA, many H-1B workers remain years, if not for decades to get the green card. Following this month, many people plan to begin his startup’s artificial intelligence supported parking tech product.

A spokeswoman for the government of Canada also refused to address the impact of the contemporary policies of U.S. administration, saying only that Canada chooses permanent residents for their positive effect on the economy of the country.

Immigration will advance to play a significant role in maintaining Canada at the forefront of the international economy, as per the government’s statement. Appreciations to immigration, Canada is in a great position to handle projected labor-force difficulties arising from our aging population.

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Canada Tops The List The Global War For High Talent

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is helping the country tremendously. It is a two-year program launched by Canada to help companies to find talent that want to expand quickly. Through this program, Canadian companies have been able to find 1,600 employees from around the world. And it has only been two and a half months since the program started.

The program’s Global Skills Strategy reduces the amount of time it takes to clear a work permit application. The decision is made within two weeks rather than a month. It takes only half the amount of time than it usually needed. Navdeep Bains, minister of innovation, science and economic development, the tech sector has given a positive feedback. In these two and a half months, around 2000 people applied, out of which 1,600 already got the work permit. This means that the work is being done at a fast rate.

Canada wasn’t a first choice for many employees. They wanted to go to the US but looking at the political climate there, they chose Canada. Petra Axolotl, a former Twitter employee, moved to Canada from Singapore using this program. She didn’t want to move to Canada but she had to because Singapore didn’t identify her same sex partner.

Source: Muslim Link

Trump is having a strong effect on everyone

Petra Axolotl had planned to move to the US after staying in Singapore for a while. But looking at the political condition she chose Canada. She said that Canada’s new program only took 10 days to approve her visa. It was very easy as well. Petra Axolotl is a data scientist and is currently working with a small tech company Platterz. She has already received the permanent resident status.

Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Immigration Minister, and Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, have always emphasized on immigration bringing them growth and prosperity.

Infants Of Expats To Get On-Arrival Visa In Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia relaxed its visa laws for newborn children of its foreign residents. According to the new visa law, newborns of expats do not need a visa from their home country to enter Saudi Arabia. The news was announced by General Directorate of Passports on October 21, 2017.

The General Directorate said that a visa will be issued for the baby upon entry in Saudi Arabia. The newborn should have an independent passport of its home country. His parents should be residing in Saudi Arabia. The child’s mother should be dependent on the father. A visa will be given upon arrival only if the infant satisfies all these criteria. This law applies to expats of any country living in the Kingdom.

Mom Junction

Good news for travelers

Any traveler coming to Saudi Arabia and have a cute little baby with them can take a relaxing breath. If you are a family traveling to Saudi Arabia, your infant will get a visa on arrival at the airport. Many people are confused about the procedure being difficult. It really isn’t.

Saudi Arabia demands the baby to be at least six months old, have an insurance card, polio vaccination certificate (if from India), child’s photo, original & copy of parent’s Iqama, original and copy of all passports, and one Iqama form for the baby. Officials charge SAR 20 to fill out the form.

You will also need to present the baby’s original birth certificate and a copy and get it attested by Saudi Arabia officials. You will have to translate it into Arabic and give a copy to the Directorate. You need to make a deposit of SAR 2000 as dependent entry visa fees collection. At the airport, go to the General Directorate of Passports’ office and get the Iqama issued.

The officials at the airport are friendly and will take you through the process quickly.

Canada Becoming A Hotbed For Startups and Innovation

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Canada is on its way to become the preferred destination for many ‘technopreneurs’ worldwide. Toronto is set to edge out the Silicon Valley and other places elsewhere, like for example many European countries.

The country north of USA has taken impressive measures in making the place attractive to businesses and entrepreneurs. It is not a surprise that this development coincides with the political changes happening globally. For example, the Canadian government has launched a startup visa this year. It allows foreign entrepreneurs to pitch in their innovative business plans to investors and allow them to have a PR if the investors come on board.

At the same time the political class in both Toronto and at the national level have adjusted policies and taxation levels to compliment the attraction. As more highly skilled talent migrates over to Canada, existing business and startups are lapping it up at a fast pace.

Source: scholarshipsads

Another event that propelled Canada and more specifically Toronto was the anti-immigration stance by the US administration. Many workers in the technology sector are migrating, or planning to migrate to Toronto. Their reasons are multi-fold. As if the scaremongering and immigration reforms were not enough, their primary reason seems to be the arduous journey in obtaining the coveted green card. Compared to the US, getting a permanent residence in Canada is much easier, according to some of them.

The heuristic view on this situation suggests that Canada is capitalizing on the visas and immigration fiasco that the US is undergoing now. It is not necessarily a bad thing though. Competition is always good for business. There is no conceivable doubt that when the US realizes what it is losing, there will be a quick reversal in its policy. Or it may begin to relax its visa norms.

In any case, the winner of this competition will neither be the US, nor Canada or any other developed country. It will always be you – the skilled migrant.

Acquiring Permanent Residency will be Easier for Immigrants in Canada

in Canada/Featured/Immigration/Visas/World News by

Acquiring Permanent Residency will be Easier for Immigrants in CanadaThe processing of electronic visas will be modified in order to make it easier for the immigrants to acquire permanent residency for those who study or work in Canada. The modifications will start from the Express Entry Program which awards points on the basis of age, education, linguistic ability and work experience. The applicants then will be categorized according to their suitability for employers in Canada. It was made effective from November 2016.

According to The Globe and Mail, it will be easier for foreign students and talents to get permanent residency of Canada from now on. It can be inferred that these changes reflects upon the intention of government to invite more and more skilled workers in Canada.

The changes in Express Entry System means that foreign workers in Canada under LMIA who wish to live here forever do not need points for LMIA under Express Entry Scheme of jobs. Moreover, those workers having job in Canada under North America Agreement and Intra Company Transfer for minimum two years can easily apply for permanent residency in Canada.

However, the points needed in Express Entry System have been decreased drastically. Where 600 points were required for jobs backed by LMIA earlier, it is only 200 points required for the same after November amendment. It will prove to be a great benefit for those who are looking for a permanent residency in Canada.

Mr. John McCallum, Immigration Minister of Canada has said that it is one of the key steps taken to improve the economy of Canada through foreign talents. According to CEO of Wattapad, Allen Lau it was much needed for tech sector as native talents of Canada are not meeting the demand of work.

Mr. Allen Lau pondered upon the importance of competing with the global talents which can boost the high spirit of Canadian industries to work even harder.


60,000 Immigrants Profiles has been Recorded in Canada Express Entry Program

in Canada/Featured/Immigration/Visas/World News by

60,000 Immigrants Profiles has been Recorded in Canada Express Entry ProgramDean Jorgenson, Employer liaison officer of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, reported that Canada’s Express Entry Program has 60,000 immigrants profile. The Express Entry Program was launched for employers in Canada to hire foreign skilled workers easily. This program helps foreign talent to migrate to Canada in order to earn a living.

The program works under applications of different types of visas such as Federal skilled Trade Program Visa, Canadian Experience Class Visa, Federal Skilled Worker Program and some other types of provincial programs. According to Jorgenson, the system of Express Entry System is much advanced than the earlier system which was based on the First Arrival – First Exit Scheme.

On further explanation Mr. Jorgenson said that the Express Entry Program is completely digital which means the applications of candidates can be processed easily using different resources. This system is much faster than the earlier system and also candidates applying through LMIA mode would not have to pay the processing fee.

The Express Entry System demands to create a profile online with the information of candidates like education, basic personal details, age and information about the current job if any. Points are allotted to the candidate on this basis. Up to 1,200 points can be awarded and then their application is recorded in job bank of Canada. This gives data to employer in Canada to choose the right candidate. Top ranked candidates are further invited to apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada.

According to Mr. Dean Jorgenson 54,000 people have been invited to apply for the permanent residency from the date of launch of Express Entry System. The system is basically for those who need a permanent residency for permanent jobs. These jobs can be technical, management and other skilled trades. The government of Canada is focusing upon the partly skilled workers now for the future purposes.

Moving to Canada to be much easier in 2017

in Canada/Featured by

Moving to Canada to be much easier in 2017The Annual Immigration Target of Canada in 2017 is out and it says a figure of 300,000 immigrants have flocked to Canada. However, many people think that the rates would be even higher, as there is huge spurt in the number of migrants these days. It is a matter of fact that the target was same for the year 2016 when the government of Canada had the goal of bringing in 56,000 refugees from Syria.

The immigration plan consists of different aspects which show the numbers of immigrants expected from different categories. Statistics reveal that there are 172,500 immigrants from Economic category, 84,000 immigrants from family category and 40,000 refugees which add up to a total of 300,000 immigrants. In 2017, numbers of refugees is expected to decrease while the economic immigrants are expected to increase.

These figures can extend up to 320,000 as the upper limit set for economic immigrants are 183,500. If it is likely to go by this figure then the score for Express Entry System would be further decremented. According to the hypothetical condition, in 2017 the economic admission may face a decrease of component of about 25%. It will reflect upon the allowance of 55,275 new admissions in Canada coming from the categories like skilled worker, Canadian experience class, post graduate students and Atlantic Immigration Plot Program.

It is also expected that international students who had graduated from Universities based in Canada will be able to secure an ITA without a LMIA, when they are submitting an application for Permanent Residence (PR).

The larger number of invitations can only get positive response if the CRS score will be decreased. New rules will help the postgraduate students to settle down in Canada only with the permanent residency. This in turn will create a whole new category with 5,000 applications. If this system is continued to follow then it will be very much easier to move to Canada through Express Entry System in 2017.

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