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Australian immigration

Good Time for Australian Immigration As It is Growing Tremendously

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Good Time for Australian Immigration As It is Growing TremendouslyLast year, immigration to Australia for skilled workers experienced a slowdown. The score required for obtaining an invitation to apply for the skilled visa moved up to 70 and above as a result of the reduction in the number of invitations made available. People got ITA (invitation to apply) for as low as 60 points before this time while during this time, people could lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) when they acquired 60 points but were very unlikely to receive ITA. Hence this resulted in longer waits and inevitably pursuance of other options. Giving room for the imminent inflow of New Zealand citizens was the reason ascribed to the reduction in ITA. Experts also cited some economic issues as other compelling reasons. Recently things have changed as increased migration has been observed.

What observed an increase in migration for Australia’s immigration?

Against the backdrop explained above, Australia’s immigration very much looks like it’s on the rise again. In fact, the figures observed are similar to the levels that were experienced during the latter end of the second mining boom of Australia earlier this decade. Three month annualized terms revealed a recent sharp rise in the rate of annual net overseas migration according to Macquarie Bank and ABS. ABS’s data has proven to be a leading indicator of less-timely statistics on migration even though permanent and long-term movements are not the best for statistics pertaining to migration. Demographic statistics for the second quarter of the year won’t be out until late December, but the figures and data by ABS and Macquarie Banks suffice as sufficient evidence to show that migrate to Australia is accelerating. Some experts attributed this rise in immigration to the improvement seeing in the Australian economy in the last ten to twelve months.

For everyone that waited for so long without getting ITA and was not able to pursue or get other alternatives, this might just be your time. Immigration to Australia is on the increase, now may the best time to move.

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Hike in Short Term Visas for Australia

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Hike in Short Term Visas for Australia Seen in India and ChinaA great hike was seen in the short term visas issued by Chinese and Indian Immigration Department for Australia. A number of 350,000 immigrants were recorded from China and India travelling to Australia for different reasons like pursuing higher study, tours and travelling, jobs, provisional workers and other types of visas. This brief study was conducted by Immigration Department of Australia.

Several controversies were seen in the limelight with respect to the right of immigrants working in Australia. The Australian Government under Turnbull also made it clear that, those immigrants who are having 457 visas now may not be allowed to apply for different jobs.

According to a report of Australia’s Temporary Entrants and New Zealand Citizens, a fall has been seen in the 457 visa immigrants in Australia. As per the statistics, around 170,590 immigrants were there in Australia through 457 visas till July. This is actually 9.3% less than the figures that were recorded in previous year. Not only this type of visa witnessed a fall but other visa type has also seen the same reduction.

The Working holiday visa to Australia saw a fall by 4.4% as its numbers which is recorded this time is only 137,380. However, a hike was seen in immigrant students heading to Australia who have partial right to work. It was increased by 7% with a figure of 401,420 students.

The database from different countries reveal that the number of students reaching South Korea was 17,770, Nepal was 18,780, Vietnam was 20,650, India was 41,920 and China with 53,000 students.  Maximum number of students moved from China and the least number of students from South Korea.

As per the statistics of Australia, the provisional visas issued were 1.06 million, which is 5.1% higher than the statistics of last year. Apart from it, there was also a 16% hike in the number of visas issued for visitors which makes a total of 262,450 people this year.

CEDA Demands Improved Work Authorization In Australia

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CEDA Demands Improved Work Authorization In AustraliaThe existing work authorization 457 was a failed move and hugely affected the migration policy of the nation along with the self-confidence of the Australian natives. Therfore, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia has recommended that the work authorization in Australia should be improved for overseas immigrants.

The current 457 authorization was not properly systemized and hence many companies misused it to bring in a large number of low skilled workers, which set in the fear that due to this visa policy, the number of jobs for the natives was decreasing.

According to a report prepared, the current system allowed companies to bring in the workers for jobs that were in scarcity, completely neglecting the factual data. There are many cases of abusing of the provisional work visa recorded. The evidence given by the report included an agency called 7-Eleven that paid the immigrant workers a very low pay, even lower than the basic limit and also producing false payrolls.

Stephen Martin, Head of CEDA has mentioned that the country has a very good immigration policy that has hugely supported the financial growth of Australia. The current work system was appreciated by the whole nation in the past but it is truly sad news that the immigration by political factions has spread a wrong word about the benefits of migration. This actually has created a hole in the current work authorization of the country.

To confirm a better growth of Australian economy and also to take complete advantage of financial richness in Asia, it is necessary for the country to increase the yearly intake of immigrants to twice of its current number in the next forty years.

It is recorded that in year 2014-15 around 202,853 permanent visas were accepted. The report also included a recommendation to the government that it must take initiatives to nurture the growth of population inclusive of immigration in terms of service, infrastructure facilities, overcrowding of urban areas and also the unaccepted influence on the environment.

Australian Work Permit Offered To Foreign Nationals

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Australian Work Permit Offered To Foreign NationalsIn recent events, Australian government granted 2,600 foreign nationals with the Australian 457 visas during the 2015 – 2016 financial year and offered them jobs that could not be filled by the local workers. Australian 457 visa is a temporary permit that enables Australian employers or any overseas employers to sponsor a skilled worker for a period stretching from one day to four years.

Out of the total 457 visas issued, a large number of workers were health professionals and a small percentage of them were public sector workers. Many of them were entitled a job in managerial role coupled with communications and technical roles in different departments. Doctors were recruited in the leading cities like Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. However, for the candidate to fill an application for 457 visas, he or she has to provide sufficient evidence that local labour market has been tested. This prevents the Australian citizens from missing out a job opportunity.

However, this criterion of labour market testing is not a mandatory requirement, as stated by the Australian Medical Association. Loraine Baker, the AMA’s president stated that there was a shortage of doctors in the country 10 years ago, but now that’s not the case. She also explained that there was a rise of 150 percent in medical schools since 2004.

There is a very disturbed distribution of doctors in Australia and 457 visa scheme had done nothing to tackle this situation. There is a shortage of doctors in rural areas whereas high-density medical practitioners in inner-metropolitan areas. Lack of nurses also posed a problem, where Victoria took in 88 registered nurses along with 5 surgeons, 11 midwives and 26 practitioners and New South Wales accepted 34 nurses along with 12 surgeons, 5 midwives and 64 other practitioners. The complete solution for doctors in Australia is not yet solved but there are hopes that measures will be taken to distribute health professionals evenly in the nation.

Visa-free Migration between Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada

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Visa-free Migration betweenOver 200,000 people have voted ‘aye’ to a petition which shall enable free movement between the leading economic hubs – UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

In a move started by the CFMO at its website, change.org, the e-petition had more than 1.5 lakh backers and nearly 50,000 co-signers. The movement was led by a poll finding which stated 58 percent of the British, 70 percent Australians, 82 percent of the Kiwis and 75 percent of the Canadians supports free movement between these 4 countries. The petition states that “joint principles, linguistics and ethics” would render these 4 countries, key associates in free movement.

UK had given up the free movement strategy when it had opted to be the part of European Union. The total count of work visas allotted by the United Kingdom to the other 3 countries has increased many-fold in the last two years. Since 2014, there has been an increase in the issuance of work visas by the United Kingdom by atleast 5.3% for Australians, 4.6% for Canadians and 21.2% for the New Zealanders. This new policy if implemented would help the four nations to achieve significant benefits in terms of research, education and employment opportunities.

The patrons from United Kingdom, Australia and NZ, even today, can fly into Canada without a visa, if they meet certain criterion, like, being healthy, having enough money to survive and of course, no criminal records.

James Skinner, founder of The CFMO stated: “We have the prospects to improve our immigration strategies, as 4 independent countries, and reinstate the free movement practices that have remained quiescent in the legislatures”. He also said: “The prospects ahead of us are boundless. We have the prospects to create better fortune and enhanced relationships between the 4 countries, and all it demands is the tactful collaboration of the governments to go all-out for a better future for us and the generations to come.”

Australia Reinforces Tough Border Controls

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Australia reinforced its tough border controls when illegal immigrants from South Asia, possibly Sri Lanka, were returned to their point of departure.

The group of illegal immigrants arrived Australia by boat this week. They were seized mid-way between Australia and Sri Lanka close to the Cocos Islands. Their arrival breached Australia’s border security for the first time in two years, according to the latest immigration news.

The 18 asylum seeker included seven children and babies; it was under the cover of darkness with vehicles positioned to obscure view, and they were sent back. The asylum seekers were made to board a charter aircraft that landed in Sri Lanka.

Australia cannot send refugees back, according to the latest immigration news, under the international law, to countries wherein they may face possible harm. The screening process used by the Australian government has been criticised.

In 2014, the asylum seeker boat of 157 people to arrive Australia was intercepted near Christmas Island. The passengers were transferred to the Curtin Detention Centre after they spent a month on an Australian Customs ship offshore.

Australia successfully tackles the problem of migrant boats.

Australia tackles the issue of migrant boats and is the only country to do this successfully by saying ‘no’ to seafaring arrivals those are irregular. It monitors genuine refugees and admits them entry through an orderly points system according to the latest immigration news.

The Australian government enforces a policy of returning boats before they reach Australian waters to their point of departure. In case, they fail to comply they are then removed from the vessel which are made to sink by gunfire and sent back in government-supplied lifeboats with provisions.

Response to Australia’s refugee policy internationally

Australia refuses migrant boats illegally entering the waters, according to the latest immigration news. The country’s policy towards asylum-seekers arriving by sea is different. They are placed offshore on two islands in detention facilities, and their asylum claims are processed while keeping them there. On an average asylum seeker spend a year as it sets no bail, and there is no time limit to their stay in camps.

There have been several cases of self harm in an act of desperation, according to the latest immigration news. The self-harm controversy is proof enough that Australian immigration detention centres are inhumane. Australia is increasingly becoming a country where the asylum seekers policy reflects intolerable cruelty.

Australia’s refugee policy has been tested time and again the way a country maintains balance between those evicted and it’s right to allow entry and seek asylum.

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