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Asylum Seekers

Toronto Came Forward to Build Temporary Residence for Asylum Seekers

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Toronto is Canada’s largest city and most populated by immigrants and going through a major illegal immigration crisis. That hasn’t stopped the local government from building a temporary residence for asylum seekers so that who come to the city during the summers. It is definitely a rare move for a city which is swamped with a crisis. Apart from building refugee shelter, college dorms will accommodate around 800 asylum seekers in the summers. This plan will only work until August because colleges will start in September and it will start getting colder, so they’ll have to think of a new plan, and there isn’t much time to come up with one.

After Donald Trump became the US president, more than 27,000 illegal immigrants crossed the US – Canada border in that most of them were Haitians, Salvadorans, and Hondurans, whose temporary protected status was canceled by the president of US. Francisco Rico, co-director, FCJ Refugee Centre, Toronto, said that influx of asylum seekers had put excessive pressure on Canada’s backlogged refugee seeking system. He called the temporary residence a bandage, and it doesn’t help for the long term but gives them some months to come up with a solid plan. According to a bilateral agreement with the United States, Canada is supposed to turn away illegal immigrants, but that rule no more stands true with Canadian government’s values.

Issue with Nigerians

At the same time, the federal government is starting to reject a higher number of asylum claims from Nigerians who enter Canada by crossing the US – Canada border. Already 7,600 Nigerians have crossed the border between January and March 2018. These Nigerians apply for a US travel visa, and when they get it, they travel to the United States, roam for a few days and then walk their way into Canada. To dissolve the issue, Ahmed Hussen, Canadian immigration minister, had to travel Nigeria.

Asylum Seekers At The Canadian Border Triple In Number

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Canada prepares itself for rush of immigrants from Mexico

Canada is a place which has been attracting a fair share of immigrants since the visa debacle in the US and the restrictions in the UK. However, it has also been facing the problem of having asylum-seekers crowd up the borders illegally and this problem shows no sign of going away.

According to the latest Canadian government data, asylum seekers illegally crossing the U.S. border into Canada tripled if not more in the last month. Worried about Trump’s crackdown, some migrants are heading north to look for safety.

More than three thousand people crossed the border illegally in July in order to file refugee claims. They were arrested in numbers which was much higher than what was recorded in June.

Maximum of them went to Quebec where there has been a recent rise in the influx of asylum seekers. Opposition politicians and anti-immigrant groups are strongly opposed to the situation. Quebec also saw the entry of 3800 people in the first half of August. The federal and provincial governments are under tremendous pressure to deal with the situation where thousands of newcomers have arrived in less than two months.

Understanding the Problem

While Canada is known to be one of the most compassionate countries out there, the problem of refugee seekers is something that the Government of Canada has yet to address successfully. What is aiding the problem is that more refugees are now choosing Canada as their next home.

Canada is unable to provide shelter and social assistance for all the asylum seekers. The refugee crisis has hit an all-time low. The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) has redeployed resources to efficiently deal with the Quebec arrivals. Haitians, who might be deported from the US after the expiration of their temporary protected status, are seeking asylum in Canada and are responsible for more than half the influx.

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