Surprise Christmas Gift from Canada to Family of Disabled Girl

Posted on: 29 Dec 2017  |   Tags: visas , World News ,

Many countries avoid giving permanent residency status to disabled individuals as it is a health burden on the country and its economy. But Canada is an exception to it. A disabled girl and her family were allowed to stay back in the country after initially getting rejected. The girl’s mother, Karissa Warkentin, said that it is the best Christmas gift ever. All of them are still in shock. The mother of five heard from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada on December 5 and the family is overjoyed. The family lives in Manitoba, and the parents, Karissa and Jon received widespread support from all across the country after they decided to uncover the problems faced by them while dealing with Immigration Canada. It seems like Immigration Canada realized how harshly they treat people with disabilities while giving permanent residency card. The couple has a six-year-old daughter, Karalynn, who was diagnosed with epilepsy little over a year ago. Her disability was diagnosed in Canada after the family of five shifted from Colorado to Canada to run their dream hunting and fishing lodge that they purchased a while ago. To get the permanent residency visa within a year, the family also invested $600,000 Canadian dollars in a rural community of Waterhen, Manitoba. The rural area has a population 142 and had the full support of the community.

Application was still denied

Even after the family gained support from the province and the municipal council, Immigration Canada still denied their permanent residency application. Canada has a publicly funded health program, and the agency said that Karalynn’s care would drain the country’s resources. After the mother talked to Global News, Immigration Canada decided to re-open the case and asked the family to re-submit their visa application. The mother said that it seems like Immigration Canada realized that her daughter has value and that their policies are pretty outdated.

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