Study in Australia: Heavy Impact of Visa change on International Students

Study in Australia: Heavy Impact of Visa change on International Students

Applications for a Student visa from the aspirants belonging India, Nepal and Pakistan presently are rated in the high-risk category because the assessment level for the countries was changed to Level 3 from Level 2.

The Changes are Impactful

Also, in the current student visa framework, there is a change in application requirements based on the level of the education provider and the country of passport.  In Australia, the assessment of a student visa application is based on factors of financial requirements, educational qualifications, and English proficiency.   Also the Assessment Levels reorganize the present visa system, and dictate the norms set for the visa application. There is a change in requirements depending on the risk of immigration posed by applicants from particular countries proposing to study in Australia.  These changes will apply to all applications of student unless they are for an educational provider having Assessment Level One, mainly in the reputed universities.

Furthermore, the new applicants from these nations now face a compulsory requirement for funds availability and English proficiency.

A Change from the Past Practices

This was not the case previously, but now the students must meet the streamlined requirements of the visa authorities.  The students are concerned as they now need a minimum score of 5.5 in IELTS or a compatible score in PTE. The process to get the visa now is rigorous for students belonging to high-risk countries as they require providing better supporting evidence to their claims in student visa. Also in the Simplified Student Visa Framework many parameters exist like the rate of visa cancellation, visa refusal, or the rate of when student visa holders become illegal non-citizens, or apply for a protection visa.

Indian Students

Migration experts notice the fact that it is common for the visa authorities to make changes in assessment levels now and then. This change is not different and serves as a response to the concerns on non-genuine students who are enrolled in many courses without properly assessing their language proficiency and authentic access to funds. It is indeed a positive step to maintain the integrity of Australian framework in issuing a student visa. The students afterward struggle in completing the courses, which in turn tarnishes the reputation of Australia as a pinnacle to get quality education. These changes will not impact the genuine students, who decide on education providers in the Assessment Level 1.

Highlighting a Few Practices

Moreover, there was an investigation regarding Australian higher education that is weakened by an increasing reliance on overseas fee-paying students that revealed showing an education industry particularly scornful on the quality of students that hail from the Indian sub-continent, and resort to extensive plagiarism, misconduct in academics, and a high failure rate.

IELTS is also a measure to assess the proficiency in a language of candidates intending to study/work in places where English is extensively used for communication and growth. Also the applicants must be aware that all Case Officers can use their discretion and make a request regarding the English language scores and access to funds. They must be diligent and also meet these requirements.

Australian Immigration and Relevant Facts

At present 1, 08,292 Indian students are enrolled in Australia, making India a large source of global students after China.

In 2019, Australia had 8, 76,399 global students.  As per the statistics of Australian Embassy at New Delhi, it is a popular destination for students from India next only the United States.

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