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International students wary of Trump’s view on immigration

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Strict immigration policies in the US on the horizon – international students shying away

The latest to fall in the line of dominoes are the US universities, feeling the sting of reduced admissions from the international student community. According to a study, officials from a dozen or so universities from the US have reported varying degrees of decline in the number of international students.


The statistic seems to indicate that the downward spiral is mostly among students from India and China. Combined together, the number of applications usually make up more than half of the revenue stream for these universities. This has hit them truly where it hurts.

This development is not a surprising one though. It is the direct result of recent events. The sudden talk of clamping down on H-1B visas and the OPT has put a stop on most students’ plans post education. With uncertainty about potential employment after graduation looming on their heads, the students now have a valid reason to be apprehensive. Additional checking and paperwork may also adversely impact some students as they try to struggle with deadlines for enrollment.

As if this situation is not bad enough, intolerance is at an all time high and xenophobia is making its way in the minds of locals at an alarming pace. Clashes between far-right radicals and the diverse ethnic groups have increased in number, which puts most students at risk. Fearful about their security, the potential applicants are preferring to choose less frigid destinations to call home their land of dreams.

It is unclear whether this situation will change in the near future. But one thing is certain. If adequate measures are not put into place quickly, the US may lose its status as the most preferred destination for students to pursue their higher education.

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