Special visas for immigrants in Israel

Posted on: 06 Dec 2016  |   Tags: Israel , Israel startups , Israel technology , Visa to israel ,

Special visas for immigrants in IsraelIn Israel, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy in Israel- Mr. Avi Hasson has recently announced that, Israel will soon release special visas for investors in the technology sector by the end of November. A huge amount of investors are soon going to be invited and offered lots of opportunities to invest in Israel in the technology sector. They will be arriving in Israel through this special visa that they announced about.  At one specific conference- the DLD Conference, Mr. Hasson requested and expressed that Israel needs more investors and entrepreneurs to visit and invest in enterprises that would be based in Israel. He also specified that the Ministry of Finance and Immigration Authorities were working on some new system that would accelerate the entry and the amount of investors that would prefer to come and invest in Israel. There is enough investors in the nation, but for the tech environment to grow up there should be ample engineers. There is acute shortage of quality engineers in Israel, who need to develop quality engineering solutions and compete with techgiants like FB, Verizon, etc. who are well armed with engineers both in terms of quality and quantity. Any investor who would prefer to have this special visa would have to complete a stint at one of the twelve incubators and accelerators in Israel. This way they could test the waters of the technology sector in Israel. Once they will be done with this “stint”, they would be given a permission to start their company and run it for about five years. The cost of the visas were not specified, but their approximate cost would be lesser than $1000. Mr. Hasson also specified that, conventional Jews and women would also be given a chance to begin their start-ups. As of now, Israel has about 4000 special visas, and 1000 of these are reserved for specialists in the technology sector.

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