Skill Independent Visa Applications to Australia sees uptick in Volume

5838875693_0c926e25e9_z By and large, the number of application invites for immigration to Australia from India increased appreciably during the first two months in 2016. This reduced the waiting time for Skillselect occupation invitations, and also resulted in lesser bare minimum point score for provisional occupation invitations such as business analysts, CA’s, and software professionals. Australia has an online service called SkillSelect to help manage the skilled migration program. This program helps to streamline migration into Australia, based on its economy and current requirements. Each round has 1,300 invitations per round while the least required score points for provisional occupations have seen an uptick.. The number of invitations that have been sent out, the wait-time and the least points required for the different visa categories like Skilled Independent Subclass 189 and Family sponsored 489 with regards to the provisional occupations such as business analysts, chartered accountants, and software professionals are mentioned. When applying for an Australian visa, consider approaching immigration consultants, since they are best placed to help applicants seeking immigration to Australia from India. The invitations for Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa per invitation round has decreased On the number of invites for the Skilled Independent Subclass 189, the number of invitations dropped to two thousand six hundred per month. In January, the invites issued were approximately Five thousand and around three thousand in February. The bare minimum score required for an invite for Subclass 189 is 60 points while the wait time is close to twenty days. There was a spike in the invites for accountants in the first two months of 2016; however, the number of invitations dropped to 200 or so per month with the minimum or least score requirement at 70 points and the waiting time is about 1 week. When applying for the visa, check the minimum score as the invitations have been reduced for those seeking immigration to Australia from India. Invitations for Business and System Analysts were higher for the first two months, and have now reduced to an all-time low, with only twenty two invitations being issued, for this occupation. With this fall in the number of invitations, where the least or minimum score required has increased from sixty to seventy. The number of invitations for Software and Applications Programmers decreased to 218 invitations which were lower than the ones issued in Jan-Feb of this year, but however matched the mean for the financial year. The number of points required increased to sixty five while the waiting time is less than seven days. Limited number invitations for family sponsored Subclass 489 There are very limited number of invitations issued for the Skilled Regional Provisional family sponsored Subclass 489, with only 5 invitations being issued per round with a minimum score of 70 and a wait time of under a week. Before applying for this category for the Australian visa, check the required score and then consider consulting a few immigration consultants, while seeking immigration to Australia from India.

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