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Singapore To Implement Thumbprint Scans, Increase Scrutiny In Immigration

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The Singapore ICA, or Immigration and Checkpoints Authority are planning to introduce thumbprint scanning in addition to passport checks. ICA will introduce this extra level of scrutiny at checkpoints over land-based routes in Tuas and Woodlands.

 ICA is planning to implement these checks specifically on Causeway and Second Link. This phase-wise implementation is the best bet when a testing out a new system and collecting data. ICA will monitor the execution of this plan and observe if it is operational within tolerances, or if the plan has adverse effect on the traffic.

ICA knows that first time travelers and checkpoint personnel may face issues in operating the system. In light of this, ICA officers will be present to assist both with the system and clear any doubts or provide technical assistance. Additionally, ICA has provided a thorough manual and a guide on their website for download. According to the guide, the travelers should get out of their cars, show the passport and use the provide their thumbprints from both hands on the scanner. Only then will the security allow the travelers to arrive or depart from Singapore.

ICA needs to increase this security in order to identify every traveler entering or leaving Singapore. It will help the authorities to track immigrant activity and adjust policies or take appropriate measures.

Source: themalaysiantimes

There might be a side effect of this process though. Since this is an extra measure in addition to the passport checks, it will cause a delay in processing. This delay also depends on how quickly the scanner works and registers the information. If the connectivity to ICA servers is good, then the system should work flawlessly. If any of these factors increase the delay, the checkpoints will see massive traffic snarls.

In either case, this is a step towards security and complaints will eventually drown out when people see the benefit in introducing this system.

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