Shocking Migration Level in New ZealandThe migration level in New Zealand broke its own past record which reached 70, 000 in till the September 2016. With more people coming in rather than going out, the migrations level have hiked tremendously. Six percent growth was observed in the migration process as compared to its previous years. The main migrants arrived from India, South Africa, China and Australia. Moreover, the rate of migrants leaving the island country reduced by 3% with the least numbers from Australia and the United Kingdom. This surge in migration level has also reflected positively in the economy of the nation and helped the nation thrive.

The holiday makers and the visitors increase to 11% and 17% respectively and the citizens who left New Zealand accounts for the 60% of the migrants leaving the country. The record arrivals of the tourists and the increased activity due to it have also helped to flourish the economy of the nation.

Asia is dominating both permanent and long-term migrations to New Zealand. Student visas from India, China and Philippines have witnessed a sharp increase in 2016. Students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore have also started exploring the possibilities of New Zealand.

Studies revealed that the net migration will be highest in June going up to 70, 000 before finally falling to its average of 12, 000 by June 2019.  There was a total growth of 10.7% observed in the number of migrants arriving from New Zealand with work visas while 13% arrived to the country in Oceanic Region with residence visas.

Recently it was stated that the New Zealand government will make the immigrant’s policy stricter for the Skilled Workers category so as to reduce the existing range of 90,000 to 100,000 residence approvals to the range of 8,500 to 9,500 in the next two years. The most number of individuals who arrived with the residence visas belonged to the countries like India, China, United Kingdom and Samoa. However, the number of migrants arriving on student visa fell by 5% to 25, 600.

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