Scandinavia Inspires and Plans to Immigration Policy of Canada

Posted on: 13 Jan 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

For long, Scandinavian countries have been an inspiration for all other countries for their policies on gender equality, social welfare, coalition government, environmental policy, and public healthcare system. Just like India, Canada is also a policy-borrower, having borrowed policies to form its constitution from around the world. But the tables have changed as Scandinavia is now inspired by Canada’s immigration plan and they will soon implement it. Scandinavian countries - Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are new to the whole increased immigration idea. After searching for good immigration policy, the country found Canada’s most attractive and stable. Since the early 2000s, Canada has played a model country for Scandinavia’s reform process. The countries like how Canada treats immigrants as a resource and has improved and inspiring attitude towards to labor market. Canada has a skilled immigrant sector that easily integrates into the labor market. It is an alternative to family and humanitarian migrants. Denmark has adopted Canada’s comprehensive ranking system to select candidates, and Norway has adopted the North American country’s citizenship ceremony. The Scandinavian countries haven’t exactly copied the entire system but only taken a few, made it more domestic and pragmatic.

Which countries does the Canadian immigration system suit the best

We all know that Canada is a country of immigrants. It is multicultural and unified. So countries with a similar background can easily adopt Canada’s immigration policy. Even though that’s not the case with Scandinavian countries, slightly modifying the policy will get the work done. In the recent history, one can confidently say that Canada has shifted from a policy borrower to a policy lender. It is an international leader in immigration. The Canadian model is very stable as it is beneficial for the immigrants and government both. Immigrants get an excellent and easy lifestyle while the government earns.

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