SA tinkers with the State Nominated Occupations list

Posted on: 30 Jun 2016  |   Tags: australia , DIBP , immigration , occupation list , skill select ,

15604546554_febcabbd00_m South Australia’s Immigration department has reported that there will be few changes for its State Nominated Occupations list or the SNOL, starting from July this year. As a result, all online applications that have been paid for, or just submitted, will be deleted post first week of July after which applicants are requested to file fresh applications. The new occupations list would be posted in the first week of July and would also include updates and additional English and work requirements for some of the occupations listed. A few changes Beginning from Fourth of July, 2016 every overseas candidate, including those applying for ICT occupations in the occupations list will be required to obtain at least seventy DIBP points including the Five for State Nomination, five for subclass 190 and ten points for subclass 489. This is in addition to the current state and territory criteria, in force, which you would be required to meet. These changes are subject to change, depending on the number of applications submitted. Just remember high DIBP points does not necessarily mean that you’ll get the job, as an applicant you’re responsible for researching opportunities and applying for jobs, provided you meet the basic criteria for both English and work requirements. The new high point’s requirement will not apply on the off chance that you are:

  • An overseas graduate of South Australia
  • as of now working in South Australia in a gifted occupation
These changes are to take immediate effect from the following month, and while there are changes to some of the language and work requirements, the fact that SA immigration has announced these changes in advance points out to a more transparent process, which should help all those seeking to immigrate to southern Australia. Long term commitment: All applicants are required to commit to a long term stay in Australia, for at least a period of two years. This requirement has not changed and the applicant must make provisions for the duration of his or her stay, during this period. Moreover, candidates who have secured eighty and above on skillselect, can access additional occupations list. And now, with these changes coming into effect, it means that applicants, who score well, can now review and apply for nearly 475 vocations in the list. And with requirements being toned down, it should be easier for applicants to apply and secure their permit. For more information, please check out SA’s immigration website.

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