Russia wants the immigrants the world refused

Posted on: 16 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

immigration-in-russia In today’s current situation when the USA government is asking for changes in their immigration policies and to abandon the insurance policies issued under Obamacare act and while the UK government is trying to pass the Brexit to make changes in the EU immigration policies, the government of Russia is trying to walk a totally different path. Just like the other European countries, Russia has almost 11 million foreign immigrants who are currently living in the country and among these huge numbers of immigrants, most of them are from central Asia and Muslim countries and staying here without any visa. While the government of USA and UK are trying to make changes in immigrant to visas to make better competition for the country workers and when the refugee crisis in Europe is on its top, Russia is handling these problems in a different manner. On the other hand, President Putin believes that anti-immigration is basically a form of anti-establishment and according to the report, the country is on a recovery from its immigrant’s recession. Moreover, this editorial also mentions that Russia needs a huge number of workers and which cannot be filled up from inside the country and if the government also walks along with immigrant cut off policy then there will be 15% deficiency. But with Putin’s vision, the Russian government is willing to allow immigrants from countries like Tajikistan, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan and by doing this all these immigrants will fill up the workforce deficiency from which Russia is fighting. Statistics has shown that the number of foreign immigrants is rising in the country due to government’s soft approach and as a result of these numbers almost increased by 35 thousand in a single year. The government has also issued 10% work permits more than the previous year. Some of the European countries are planning to abandon the foreign immigrants due to reason like terrorism and economic displacement. But Mr Putin said that Russia does not fear about that and hence it has announced 2, 00,000 work permit visas for Tajik's immigrants. According to one officer, the anti-immigration policies will remain unchanged here in the country no matter what happens. The government also says that immigrants from Kazakhstan and Armenia no longer need to have any work visas as these countries have taken part in the union formed by the Russia in 2010. Ildasr Gilmutdiov – a government representative also says that current immigrant visas offer more security for the people who are entering into Russia by crossing the border.  

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