Romanian and Bulgarian Visitors would not need Visa for Canada

Romanian and Bulgarian Visitors would not need Visa for CanadaRomanian and Bulgarian visitors can now visit Canada easily and need not bother about visa. If reports are to be believed then by the end of 2017, there will be no need of Temporary Resident Visa for visitors from Romania and Bulgaria. The news became public from the EU-Canada Summit Joint Declaration. Prime Minister of Romania, Dacian Ciolos labeled it as an important step for the Romanian-Canadian relationship and trade. This program is a win-win situation for Canada, Romania, and Bulgaria.

The process will be completed in two steps in May 1, 2017 and December 1, 2017. In the first step, visitors from Romania and Bulgaria who has already visited Canada in last 10 years will be allowed to visit Canada without Visa. In fact an Electronic Travel Authorization will be issued to travelers from these countries. In the second step, all the travelers from Romania and Bulgaria will be allowed to visit Canada without requirement of Visa.

It would prove to be a remarkable step for strengthening of relationship between European Union and Canadian Government. It will also enhance the cultural, family and trade relations, education related development and the relationship between Canada and Europe.

According to Romanian Prime Minister, the decision of visa free visit would not only facilitate the economy and trade development between European Union and Canada but it will also end up the discrimination against Romania as compared to other EU to visit Canada.

The major change that will be drawn through this new law would enhance the business opportunities, project development and other significant economic factors between both the countries. The prime minister of Romania thanked the Prime minister of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau for this major step towards the establishment and uplift of Romanian Canadian bonding. Now, this is to be seen that whether this visa free visit would invite more visitors to Canada or not.

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