Rise of Immigrant EntrepreneurshipIn recent studies, it is found that the most of the immigrants turn out to start a new business as entrepreneurs. According to the recent studies,  these immigrants contribute to 15% of the US labor force out of which 27% turn out to be entrepreneurs. You can find all these details in the paper forged by Sari and William Kerr named “Immigrant Entrepreneurship”.

These facts are proven true by the research done by Canadian Study. Immigration, business ownership and employment in Canada conclude that rates of private business ownership are higher among the immigrants when compared to the Canadian natives. These immigrants set up business in the countries they stay and increase the GDP of the countries they belong to.

However, the new business startup by immigrants creates more job opportunities for the local people and also boosts the economy of the country by paying taxes. Government all over the world consider entrepreneurs as key to economic growth and hence these successful business turn out to be the lifeblood of economies. Most of these immigrants are granted with permanent residency status and citizenship by the respective governments.

According to the Kerr study, the overall rate of entrepreneurs is declining whereas it is given more focus by immigrants.

Also, the studies show the immigrant’s children do much better in studies (graduating with the rate of 91.6%) compared to the native children (graduating with the rate of 88.6%) . When it comes to university, the gap grows with 35.7% immigrants graduating as compared to 24.4% of the native children. Further studies show, that the percentage of immigrants in working-age is steadily rising since past decade as the Canada-born proportion drops, which is fulfilled by bringing in foreign workers.

These figures keep on increasing in favor of the immigrants and keep on decreasing for the native born. Thus, the immigrant's startup are of high demand now and are easily offered to accept the gratitude of citizenship and permanent residence status.

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