Report urges new permanent residence UK visa for EU citizens

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UK visa

A recent study coordinated by the Trade Unions Congress, business groups, EU remain campaigners and leave campaigners has suggested giving permanent residence status to the citizen belonging from European Union countries if they can prove that are living in the UK for at least five years. Later this permanent residency status can be converted into indefinite leave to remain if the UK exits from the group of European Union countries.

Sanwar Ali, a reputed news editor expressed his thought in this matter and he said that the discussion is going on the for visa schemes of EU citizens. He also said that currently the Tier 2 sponsorship license and Tier 2 visa system for the non-EU citizens are very much tough and thus the EU people who will be working in Britain after the post-Brexit situation may find the visa scheme as a much harder condition.

This report has made an appeal to the government so that they can confirm that the almost 2.8 million EU citizens who are currently residing in the UK become able to stay here after Britain leaves the committee of the European Union. This report also warns the government as it may take more than a century to complete all the application filed by the UK citizens for permanent residence visas.

Mr. Stuart, a renowned member of the Conservations expressed that the British government should emphasize on the topic of the rights and status of the EU citizens while debating with the other EU country members on the negotiation table. But the government said that they can’t guarantee anything about the future of 2.8 million EU citizens until and unless another EU country member agrees on the post-Brexit situation. She also mentioned that the prime minister should take a step forward to unblock the uncertainty about the future of EU citizens in Britain.

According to the report and Mr. Stuart, the Britain government should clear the future of these EU citizens if they can stay here after the Brexit. This announcement is important to create an impact on the citizen of the EU about the goodwill of the British government and will also help the country to continue a good relation with the other European countries.

In the conclusion of the report, it is stated that the EU citizens should be granted a permanent residence visa in the UK when article 55 will be triggered. Moreover, people who have a proof of residing in the UK more than five years should also be allowed for the permanent resident visa. This report also studies also asked the home officers to investigate how fast all the application can be processed while the home office said that they are piloting a fast online system to solve this matter as soon as possible.

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