Report Proposes New Visas to Tackle Tech Skills Gaps in the UK

Report Proposes New Visas to Tackle Tech Skills Gaps in the UK According to the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), there is a shortage of skilled workers in about 90% of technology companies, and 61% of these companies have difficulty in finding staff with practical or technical skills for the job. A lot of companies are having difficulties in recruiting skilled workers in the UK, and as such, the new immigration system is being blamed for the inability to recruit foreigners. This report was funded by the Founder of Deliveroo, Will Shu. He said that the company prefers US workers because they possess the skills required. Also, another person from the e-commerce industry reported that the company recruits technology staff from Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook because of the inability to find a UK worker with skills in the e-commerce sector. A report from the Herding Unicorns suggests that a targeted visa scheme should be made to give firms with the potential of becoming “Unicorn companies,” the ability to hire from abroad. It could involve expanding the number of technology visas under the Exceptional Talent (Tier 1) route; however, the best benefit would be gotten from a class of Unicorn Visas which fits the requirements. The report insists that the vacancies in organizations with great potential should be given the same treatment as other professions on the shortage list. A certificate of sponsorship would be given to organizations based on qualifications to aid in attracting the best and excellent brains from around the world.

‘Less Bureaucratic’

The proposed process is tipped to be extremely less bureaucracy than the current immigration system for the skilled profession, and this will enable employers to grow with their businesses rather than deal with everyday paperwork. The report encourages that the process would work correctly with what the government has in mind, as Ministers have stated clearly that they are in search of ways to give out this additional  offer to experts in digital technology approved under Tech Nation Visa, which is under the Tier 1(Exceptional route) and digital Tech occupations in shortage. While one-quarter of Tech scale-up has complained about the computer and software literacy skills, 21% expressed their difficulty in finding the skills in administrative management. As such, the report suggests that to help make sure that there is Talent in the UK, reassessment of skills be done by the government, with the private sector and tech scales-up in the lead. This includes a thorough inspection of digital training at colleges and universities. Also, a council of sector skills should be formed to evaluate the digital skills which are needed by organizations of high-growth. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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