Regional Immigration: A Top Priority For AustraliaIn a recent conversation, the minister of Australia’s immigration, David Coleman stated that ‘getting migrants to struggling regional communities is his priority’. Though his plan to strengthen citizenship requirements have not been neglected, he is flagging a revamp of regional visas in response to the cry for migrants. David said that he’s looking very closely at the various classes of regional visa. He is also assessing the effectiveness of all these programs as well as the means of improving them. According to him, many regions are seeking additional immigration at the moment in order to meet economic needs. Few regional gaps are observed in the employment of various regions. Mr. Coleman was given the immigration portfolio, as well as the ministries of Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, after its separation from the Ministry of Home of Affairs which is under the leadership of Mr. Peter Dutton. He acknowledged that immigration has been so fundamental to our success as a country. Our nation's history is that of immigration because we're all immigrants, apart from Indigenous Australians.

Stricter Citizenship requirements

Responding to stricter citizenship requirements like tougher English test, he said: “having English language in Australia is obviously a very desirable thing. People will be able to contribute more to progress the Australia's through speaking in English”. If you are looking to migrate to Australia, it is exciting times for you. Demand for migrants is higher. Stiffer regulations plan has not yet come to fruition as it was quashed by the Senate towards the end of last year. To get your possible Immigration options, approach ImmigrationNews now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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