Redesigned green cards with more security features from May

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Last week US Citizenship and Immigration services, commonly known as the USCIS announced that they are going to issue a new modified and redesigned green card for all the legal migrants who are currently residing in the United States of America. In the press announcement USCIS also mentioned that the new green cards will have more fraud resistant features and enhanced graphics, required for security reasons and moreover, it will be harder for anyone to decrypt these cards and to make a duplicate one.

The plan for a resigned green card came from a joint venture of US Customs and Border Protection and US Immigration Customs Enforcement and USCIS. The joint project is known as the Enhance document security and deters counterfeiting and fraud and it is also a commitment from USCIS towards protection of document tampering. One of the immigration regulators from this joint committee also said that the new green card will be tampered-proof, more than a previous one for a better protection purpose. He also said the committee will start to release these cards for the legal American migrants from 1st date of the upcoming month.

In the press release, USCIS announced that the new type of green cards will have a photo of an individual on the both sides of it and will also contain an embedded type holographic image. It also mentioned that the new card will no longer contain a signature of an individual and strip with an optical feature on the back side of it. The new card will come with some new features like a predominately green palette and an image of the famous Statue of Liberty.

While mentioning about the validation of a new type green card, a USICS official said that a particular date will be printed on the card and up to date that date, the card will remain valid. After the expiry date is over, the card will expire and the Americans migrants have to apply for a new one after that.

USCIS also mentioned that after the introductory issue of the new green card from 1st May of this year, they may issue some of the green cards with the older version to finish the existing stock of green cards. Currently, the old version green cards don’t come with an expiry date and for this USCIS official said that migrants can use these cards as a valid one.

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