Quebec’s Unemployment Hits The Lowest In Records

Quebec’s Unemployment Hits The Lowest In RecordsIn the month of November, lot of changes have occurred in the employing sectors of Quebec. Unemployment rate in Quebec had hit the lowest of the records during November ( lowest since rates have first been recorded). The record system began way back in the year 1976. The rates fell at about 0.6 points, reaching to 6.2 per cent. This had been a shock, because the province added a whopping amount of 81,000 jobs last year. Speaking on a national level, Canada has also not been doing so well in the employment sector. In November, the country’s unemployment rates fell down to 6.8 per cent. This happened because of people showing more interest in other jobs, showing an impressive amount of development in the job’s front rather than the employment side of the coin. Employment in Canada has shown development of only 1 per cent, that is about 183,000 jobs in the last twelve months according to the new statistics of Canada figures. Looking on the demographic side, in November, gains came from men aged between 25-55 years old and maybe the over 55’s. Nova Scotia had the largest gains in employment. The key sectors that had observed gains are finance, insurance and real estates. Recreation and agriculture also saw significant improvement in employment. In November, about 14,000 people found work in finance, insurance and real estate. These sectors saw an increase of 4.7 per cent in employment. It is also surprising to note that the unemployment rate for women over 25 years , was lower (5.1%) compared to the unemployment rate of men over 25 years (6.4%). Unemployment rate is least in British  Columbia (6.1%), whereas unemployment rate is highest in Newfoundland & Labrado (14.3%).  More jobs were created in the private sector, compared to public sector. There has been a gain of 13,000 jobs in information, culture and recreation. These sectors had an increase of 5.9 per cent in terms of new job opportunities. In agriculture, employment rose to about 6,000 jobs.

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