Quebec to Offer Newcomers Expanded French Lessons as They Work

Quebec to Offer Newcomers Expanded French Lessons as They WorkQuebec is raising on-the-job lessons fund by $450,000 as it aims to ensure people just entering the province can effortlessly relate and transact in French. Having recorded significant successes in its on-the-job courses which is a part of its multimillion dollars efforts to make immigrants fluent French speakers - a program called “la francisation”, the government of Quebec made the announcement to expand the program in the province. The program, operated by Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, which started with only 30 migrants in 2016 is expected to have at least 500 participants in 2019 fiscal year. Over the years, Quebec's “francisation” programs have been greatly criticized with many tagging it inefficient but the introduction of free courses has been a timely antidote as it offers measurable results. Since the program began, records have shown that at least 80 percent of the participants advanced by a minimum of one level of French at the end of their three-month session.

A City that Seeks Common Linguistic Grounds

Free French lessons in the province of Quebec is welcome news for immigrants moving to a city that often gravitates towards a common linguistic. One of the cornerstones of Quebec's immigration policy has always been to ensure newcomers understand and speak French because language is considered a key part of the province's identity and survival. The current administration in the province cut migration to the province by 20 percent explaining that it is a necessary move to ensure proper integration of immigrants including teaching them the French Language. There is the possibility of being expelled from the province if migrants fail a French and values test after three years of being in the province. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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