Post-Brexit May Allow Free Movement to Foreign Doctors and Nurses

Post-Brexit May Allow Free Movement to Foreign Doctors and NursesNational Health Service (NHS) medics should be allowed free movement in the UK, Matt Hancock, Tory leadership hopeful, said. As Health Secretary Hancock hopes to be the next Prime Minister in the UK, with Theresa May to resign on Friday, 7 June, he is looking to leverage on the restrictions placed on immigration for NHS medics amongst other plans he would execute. Speaking on Monday, Hancock said all qualified doctors and nurses, regardless of nationality, who are part of NHS will move freely in the UK without any restrictions if he becomes the winner of the Prime Minister race. The PM hopeful emphasized the importance of hard-working nurses and doctors from other nations to the success of the UK's NHS. Hence he is an advocate of free movement for all NHS medics post-Brexit.

The best hands for the best health service

Prior to last summer, despite a whopping approximately 10,000 vacancies for doctors in NHS England, UK refused 2,360 visa applications by doctors from outside the EU over a five-month period as reported by FT. This led to serious concerns and outcry from NHS bosses, and the government responded by promising to leave foreign medics out of the international limitation. However, the decision to exclude the physicians from tier 2 visas restrictions was only temporary as revealed by Sajid Javid - Home Secretary. Hancock, on the other hand, believes that right qualification, job offer as well as language proficiency should be the only limitations faced by the medics. He said all medics, regardless of where they are coming from, as far as are qualified, have a job offer and speak English will be allowed to contribute to the country's health services which he called the best in the world. While Hancock was outlining how he intends to renegotiate the political declaration to Tory colleagues, he made it clear no-deal Brexit is not an option. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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