Positive Vibes Regarding Immigration among Canadians

Positive Vibes Regarding Immigration among CanadiansBy breaking all the odds, the news is doing the rounds that Canadians are in favor of the immigration. Eight to Ten percent people in Canada think that Immigration is helping in raising the economy of Canada. As far as safety and security of the country are concerned, a study reveals that Canadians do not find the immigration levels high. In fact, they think that immigration control is fair enough to keep the criminals out of the boundaries.

Canadians do not think that immigration is promoting racism or affecting the politics of Canada severely. The joint efforts of The Environics Institute and Canadian Race Relations Foundations have always been looking for the immigration policies of Canada and its effects. There are still people who think that immigrants cannot adapt the ‘Canadian Values’. However, the ratio of such people was very low.

It is also said that such mentality pops up because of the counter politicians who wants to make their stand rigid in opposition over such matters. The large immigration need to be taken into account to promote the feeling of ‘Canadian Values’ largely among people. One such example is Kellie Leitch and Steven Blaney of The Federal Conservative Party and François Legault of Coalition Avenir Quebec, embarking their position over this issue.

Moreover, it is interesting to know that people are not sharing same thoughts on the immigration policy of government like these political parties. There were still 36% of 2000 people who stated that the numbers of Syrian refugees that Canada is taking in might divert government’s attention on them instead of other crucial projects.

Keeping that in mind there are still some modifications yet to be taken place in the immigration policy of Canada, stated by Immigration Minister John McCallum.  Government advisory group in Canada has also asked for an increase in the migration levels to boost the economy of the country.

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