Permanent Canadian Immigration May Get Easier For Students

14788304282_9257e62038_z The Canadian government is seeking for ways to formulate an easier and more straightforward immigration process for international students in Canada. The Immigration Minister John McCallum states that they want to everything to encourage them as they are the best. With the launch of the Express Entry immigration to Canada has seen many international students falter to make their pathway to permanent residence (PR) more doubtful and uncertain. There are more than 300,000 international students studying in Canada, and growing. There are several advantages of studying in Canada Studying in Canada has many advantages like access to a post-graduation work permit in addition to the potential to obtain PR status, as well as the quality of education that is offered. Mr. McCallum intends to reform the Express Entry immigration to Canada after talks with federal-provincial government representatives. There are several ideas floating around for tweaking the Express Entry system so as to assist international students. This includes generously adding points for education and work experience for the graduates. International students Express Entry System is bound to change The Canadian government invites certain individuals from the Express Entry pool of candidates to apply for PR based on the points for immigration to Canada. The Express Entry system necessitates PR, eligible candidates, to express their interest in immigrating to the country. Presently, candidates with a job offer from a Canadian employer are allocated a specific number of points and for the job offer to be official for an Express Entry, Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) must be positive. There is good news for students currently in Canada The present government needs to carry out and re-examine the Express Entry system to make necessary changes. This news will be well received by the international students presently studying in Canada. The department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC, formerly known as CIC) has been positive and down to business since the current government came into office just over four months ago. Currently, International students in Canada, on completion of their studies, are being encouraged to apply for a post-graduation work permit. This process allows the students to enter the Canadian labour market for up to three years, and get priceless work experience. This will allow the current government to work on the mandate, and the student’s pathway to PR is likely to be further uncomplicated and undemanding than at present. Study in Canada can be life changing Immigration to Canada for studying has reasons as it is more qualitative and affordable at renowned universities and colleges in a safe environment, along with employment options during as well as post-study phase.

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