Ontario Has Reopened Popular Immigration Streams

Posted on: 02 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

Ontario Ontario immigrant Nominee Program shortly known as OINP has started accepting online applications from March under three immigrations which are very popular. These three streams are International Ph.D. Graduate Stream, International Masters Graduate Stream, and Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream. A temporary pause was given to these applications since last May as it exceeded the annual quota of 5500 applicants. This year, the quota has been increased to 6000. The online application system has been modernized this year and it will help to improve customer service and also assist the employers to find out their suitable employees quite fast. Government authorities have stated that the application to these three categories will be paused and reopened on a regular basis so that they can get efficient employees quite frequently. The reopening of applications in the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream has been welcomed by the candidates who are applying in the federal Express Entry Pool. Now the Stream will start searching for the right candidates in the pool. The selected candidates will be sent Notifications of Interest. It means they are invited to apply to the said program. After a candidate receives the Express Entry pool, he or she will get 400 CRS Points (Comprehensive Ranking System). If a candidate can get 600 additional CRS points through the stream, only then he or she can get the chance to apply for Canada permanent residence program. In the program for International Ph.D. graduate system, candidates need to complete a Ph.D. program from one of the public funded universities of Ontario. Under this scheme, no job offer to the candidate is needed. It is acclaimed that the international student who has obtained such a degree is well qualified to get a job in the Canadian market. Under International masters graduate stream, candidates who have graduated with a Master’s degree from any one of the public funded universities in Ontario are eligible to apply. A big advantage of applying under this stream is that international candidates residing outside Ontario can also apply. In the current year, candidates can go for the option of choosing an alternate service provider to pass out in the English language test. It will be easier for the students to pass the test using alternative sources. The policies reflect what Minister of Immigration in Canada, Laura Albanese said. Canada lacks skilled workforce and by taking skilled manpower, the economy will grow and help the country remain competitive in the global workplace.  

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