More Visas for non-EU Skilled Workers in Switzerland

Posted on: 03 Dec 2016  |   Tags: Switzerland , Switzerland immigration , Work in Switzerland ,

More Visas for non-EU Skilled Workers in SwitzerlandSwitzerland is all set to issue more and more visas to the skilled workers from non EU countries because of the high demand of skilled employees in nation. The government has decided to issue 1,000 more visas for this purpose for the employees from non EU countries. The current number of visas issuing is 6,500 which is going to rise by 7,500 from next year. It was all done by considering the demands of the major companies in Switzerland. They have complained about their visas being exhausted already and they are in need of more visas. However, the people of Switzerland do not think the same way. They voted to decrease the number of immigrants in Switzerland in a survey conducted in 2014. In 2014, the number of visa issued for non EU people were 8,500 which was reduced to 6,500 in order to honor the votes of the people. But now the Switzerland Government is finding it difficult to maintain a balance between the demands of people and needs of companies. The decision of reducing the visas was taken in order to motivate companies to take efficient and full use of the native talent. But later on big companies in Switzerland started making complaints that there was a scarcity of the native talent and they demanded foreign talent for their projects. This reflected on the Cantons of Switzerland as Geneva, Zurich, Vaud and Basel city already dreaded of their visa quotas. However, The Finance Minister of Switzerland Johann Schneider Ammann has promised to urge cabinet to increase the visas to 8,500. In 2016, the limit of Visas for non EU nations were 6,500 from which 2,000 were B permit visas and 4,500 were L permit visas. However, the number is likely to increase in 2017 as it will be 3000 B permit and 4,500 L permit visas. It is expected that this move will help to boost the overall economy of Switzerland.

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